Eastshore Energy Center denied in final Sacto vote

The California Energy Commission, which has the final say in the construction of new power plants in the state, voted against allowing the Eastshore Energy Center to set up shop with a 115-megawatt facility near the Hayward shoreline.

While¬†a main reason for the denial was its proximity to the Hayward Executive Airport (energy plants release hot plumes that stir up the air for low-flying planes), the decision also took into account that the plant does not fit into Hayward’s general plan for the area.

Local activists hail this as a huge victory, and the presiding commissioner Jeffrey Byron thanked everyone at the end for mounting a very informational, civil campaign. There were a lot of speakers at the Sacramento meeting this morning, and we’ll have more comprehensive coverage in tomorrow’s paper.

Eric Kurhi

  • J. W. Kyle

    I am much pleased, although when I first raised the issue of hot air plumes above a plant where diesel type engines employing natural gas,could reach full power in 3 minutes it was out of concern for the low flying commercial aircraft whose approach to Oakland’s runway 29 took them directly over the plant at Depot and Clawiter. Thhere the proposal for 14 ‘stacks’ could be at full power in 3 minutes per brag of developer!. And, nobody knew how high those plumes rose? That idea never entered the conversations until so courageous local pilot tried to fly through a single plume of a similar type wngine at another California energy plant. At 800 feet his plane really rocked!

    Good deal for Hayward in that decision. Let ’em take the idea to Pleasanton where ‘peek’ hour use of air conditioning caused peek hour demand, which idea caused the former executive officer of Hayward Chamber of Commerce to support the plant here in Hayward

  • monica ruiz

    We’re so happy that the Eastshore was not approved! Finally something to be happy about. Good job to all the activists that opposed this plant. What a victory!!!

  • qodrn

    This sure didn’t have much support despite the energy cost crisis. I think they will find another place, though.
    PS Anyone know what happened to the Mission Blvd Burger King? They did lunch at breakfast and I miss them.