A look inside the Review

Some of you are probably aware that there have been beat changes at the Review (as was mentioned in one of the blog comments). In late August, the Review and the Argus in Fremont adopted a structure in which reporters comprehensively cover everything in their towns — city government, education, crime and other various subjects that fall under the heading of that city (unless otherwise noted). Here’s a breakdown of who’s covering what at the Review:

    HAYWARD: Eric Kurhi
    SAN LEANDRO: Karen Holzmeister

Some of the more county-oriented governmental stuff is being taken care of by our county reporter at the Oakland Tribune, Chris Metinko. However, we are putting less emphasis on some of the more mundane governmental items and more emphasis on larger issues.

The restructuring was part of an effort to more effectively use the resources we have available. So please take note of who to contact when you have a story idea. It may not be who you were dealing with before. Everyone still has the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

And, as always, I’m at 510-293-2468 or ksantos@bayareanewsgroup.com.


  • J. W. Kyle

    Well! Sonething new by Review? Let us test the fella assigned to Hayward.

    Try this!

    The City of Hayward and The hayward Unifioed School District share the name Hayward. The public perception or,”image” of each is dependent upon the “image” of the other. One is dependent upon the other for creating an acceptable image which enhahncxes community desireability.

    Despite incredible effort by the City (including leadership of the new Burbank Sdchool) The City is presently stuck with a less than admirable image of the school district, even though the boundaries of the two ARE NOT CONGRUENT. In fact, HUSD encompasees a larger land area than does the City. Add the fact that the entire area of the City is not served by the School District. ( Fairway Park is largely served by Uniohn City’s New Haven School District).

    I have been advised but am not in a position to provide personal kmnowledge of the story beng circulated gby mouth that one school (Sreobridge) has a parents group who, incredibly unaware of the complexity of law in the case, wants to move Strobridge School into control of Castro Valley. Even if that were possible I think that Castro Valley would refuse the offer!

    So here is the basis or purpose of this writing.

    Given the fact that Review co9vered the School Board election in San Leandro, my memory advises that coverage occurred week or more ago!

    Absentee Ballots were delivered to my Household late last week ( Thursday). We here are prone to ‘getting the vote done ASAP and I assume that others think and act in the same fashiohn. How many absentee ballota are already returned without benefit of the Review’s attempts at imput of a foundation of fact?

    So where in hell is the Review’s review of HUSD School Board Candidates? What has “review’ done to promote or even sustain the image of either the school district or the City?

    One more hike in subscriptions as hinted by the recently published ‘disclosures of circulation’ as suggested in their published annual price and I’ll bite the bullet and limit my daily delivery to the S.F,. Chronicle! My wife’s daily research of the obits can be acheived elsewhere!

    When will Review be ‘proactive’ with suggestion on how to improve the image of HUSD? I’s welcome my personal opportunity for input along those lines.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Please see item 15 under “Hayward School Board Forum.

  • Lawrence Fitzpatrick

    I would like to thank
    Dianne McDermott, Jeff Cook
    Araceli Orozco, Rick Bartholomew, Simon Eduardar Flores, Chuck Horner,
    Loretta R. Robertson, Kelly Rocchio, Willie Lee Anderson,
    James P Farley, Conrad Hake
    For running for school Board of Hayward

    Also I would like congratulate those who won the election
    Luis Reynoso, Sarah Gonzales, Maribel Heredia, Sheila R Simms
    May our new school board develop new policies that will replace the
    failing policies of the last school board .

  • Conrad


    Thank you for the gracious entry. Having run for an office like this really puts you into a family with experience unlike anything else, doesn’t it?

    Encourage your fellow slate members to likewise mend some fences. They succeeded in “throwing the bums out” and now look what it got them. They are the bums!

    They will face many of us across the divide in the School Board chamber and find that when we are able to focus on specific causes, we can be worthy advocates. And we will have the freedom of expression that they once had – and no longer have. They have the burden of performance and responsibility coupled with the restrictions of law and decorum.

    I hope they do well, because this school district really needs a stellar performance.

    Again, Lawrence, thanks for your kind comments and I wish you well.

    Conrad Hake

  • Lawrence Fitzpatrick

    I wasn’t going to say anything but after trying to read what you wrote
    and,knowing how little you want it to read like code from a child’s book,
    I can’t keep quite. Please buy any good word processing program and learn
    how to cut and paste. Microsoft word works real well.

  • J. W. Kyle

    The campaign is over chum.

  • Lawrence Fitzpatrick

    The campaign may be over but you should take the advice.