Night Owl hoots on Bijou

The Night Owl has posted an entry on Bijou, downtown Hayward’s newest attempt at a hot spot. Will it be successful? Have you visited and developed an opinion? Head over to the Night Owl and leave a comment. Or leave it here. We love comments.

On a related note, there’s said to be a lot of available empty space in the new Century Theatres complex. What would you like to see move in? What would be a good neighbor for the karaoke yogurt bar…


  • A Little Ceasers and a 7-Eleven would be cool next to the Century 12 At Hayward.

    They are putting a Wing Stop and a Yogurt bar.

    I was there on the Grand Opening after school with some friends. I like the new Century 12 At Hayward and they had Wild 949 there and some protesters that got me mad. I even got a free t-shirt because I got a large drink!

    It’s better than BayFair, Union City, and Castro Valley Theatres!

    And It’s only a few blocks from my house!

  • What happened to those Protesters? They were saying negitive things about me because I’m Catholic.