An unexpected election twist?

There’s no love lost between the San Leandro Teachers’ Association and district Superintendent Christine Lim, whom the association now and in the past has accused of trying to influence elections in favor of “rubber stamp” trustees who will endorse Lim’s programs and budgets.

But, this tactic — in support of two challengers running against two incumbents on Nov. 4 — could fizzle with an off-the-record tip that Lim is among six finalists for the job of New Haven school district superintendent.

Reportedly, Lim has informed her staff and San Leandro trustees that she is a finalist for the top post in the 13,000-student New Haven school district serving Union City and south Hayward. On Wednesday, New Haven representatives are visiting San Leandro to learn about Lim’s leadership. On Saturday, two finalists are expected to meet with the New Haven board, and an appointment could precede November’s election.

Lim has headed the 8,700-student San Leandro district since 2003.


  • falynn

    Lim’s decision to publicly look for another job is indicative of the change about to come – she knows her days are numbered in San Leandro. I can’t believe a district so close would be dumb enough to hire her, but God willing if they want to – lets tell them how great she is and hope they’ll take her off our hands!

    The tactic of pointing out that Rick Richards and Ray Davis have been unengaged, rubber stampers of Lim, just demonstrates their ineptitude and being unfit for a position of such responsibility. Regardless of who our next superintendent is, school boards are supposed to exercise their own judgement and perform due dilligence. Mike Katz and Stephen Cassidy are the only ones who have done this on the school board.

    God bless us, wholesale change is coming to San Leandro schools, and it might just happen sooner than we expect!

  • penoyte

    Apparently she is no longer a finalist.