HUSD’s Jeff Cook on Proposition 8

Hayward school board incumbent candidate Jeff Cook wanted to get this “My Word” piece into The Daily Review this weekend, but because of the way these things are planned and laid out, it’s a bit too late for that. Never too late for The HayWord, though.


Yes on 8—For the Children


Marriage is either a sacred institution ordained of God between a man and a woman—or it is not.  For many of us, it is really that simple.  Have you thought to pray about it?  However, even for you non-believers, or “secular believers,” there are compelling reasons to preserve traditional marriage—and those reasons are about children, not adults.


The fatal flaw in all the arguments in support of same-sex “marriage,” and against Proposition 8, is that they are all about the wants and needs of adults.  The historical anthropology of marriage shows that its primary purpose has always been to conceive, raise and protect children.  The overwhelming body of research demonstrates that children have the best chance for success with a father and a mother in a low-conflict home.  (The one third of children that grow up without a father in the home accounts for about 80% of all negative youth statistics.)


Opponents of Prop 8 claim that it is “unfair and “discriminatory,”  which appeals to people of good will who don’t want to be unfair, but it only has validity if you have already redefined marriage as merely a relationship between adults primarily for adults.  The “sexual revolution,” easy divorce, and the media have all contributed to the cultural weakening of the traditional marriage and its transformation into something primarily for the needs of adults.  Same sex marriage may be the final nail in the coffin.


Thus, the assertion that Prop 8 has nothing to do with schools is ludicrous.  If Prop 8 does not pass, the legalization of same-sex marriages will undermine the ability of traditional parents to teach their children the meaning and importance of marriage.  If you wish to teach your children that marriage is a sacred relationship between a man and a woman sanctioned by God or society as the best way to organize families and rear children, your children will be taught in schools that this is not so—that there is nothing special about the marriage of their mother and father, and that all family configurations are just as good as any other (and therefore the sex of the husband is irrelevant to the role he plays as husband and father).


You doubt this?  As a school board member, I assure you that it is already happening in our schools.  But it goes beyond that.  Just last week here in Hayward there was a publicized example of a kindergarten teacher exposing her students to the concepts of “gay, lesbian and transgender.”  These concepts are routinely discussed under the guise of “anti-bias” or “anti-bullying” curriculum.  For example, the book, “King and King” is used for little children, which depicts two princes marrying and kissing.  Can’t we teach children not to bully or mistreat others without indoctrinating them with adult agendas and sexualizing them at inappropriate ages?  Teachers have actually been trained that they do not need to notify parents of such discussions.  This “curricula” is more pervasive than has been acknowledged by the school district. 


Why are we spending time and resources on this kind of social engineering in our schools when less than half of our students can even read at grade-level proficiency? 


I have been warned that publicly breaking ranks from the school district on this issue will likely ensure my defeat for re-election.  Then so be it.  Parents need to know what is really happening in schools, and that it will become more pervasive if Prop 8 fails.  The preservation of marriage and the protection of our children are far more important than whether I continue serving on a local school board.  Vote Yes on 8—for the children.


Jeff Cook


Member, Board of Education

Hayward Unified School District

Eric Kurhi