Hayward home values hurting

It’s true that they’re down just about everywhere, but Hayward is being hit especially hard, according to a real estate report released Wednesday by zillow.com. Hayward neighborhoods make up three of the five biggest value losers in the East Bay, with Longwood-Winton Grove leading the pack.

Homes there lost, on average, 44.7 percent of their value compared with this time last year. Jackson Triangle didn’t fare much better, with a 44.5 percent loss, and Whitman-Mocine values down 43.7 percent.

Citywide, the average loss was 37.2 percent, and the current median value is about $335,000. That’s about the same as the San Lorenzo average of a 35.2 percent dip to $334,000. San Leandro homes fell 27.9 percent to $373,000.

The Alameda County average is down 18.9 percent, to $479,000.

Eric Kurhi