HUSD budget, block schedule meetings

Hayward’s incoming school board members have a full plate of decisions to make after they are sworn in on Dec. 10. Notably, there’s the need to make some serious budget cuts that will undoubtedly affect students, including the possibility of switching away from a block schedule.

There’s a lot of opportunity for public comment. Here’s what’s coming up before the winter break:

Tuesday, Dec. 2, 6:30 p.m.: Parent and community meeting regarding the block schedule, in the Tennyson High School cafeteria, 27035 Whitman St.

Monday, Dec. 8, 6 p.m.: HUSD board budget study session, at the district offices, 24411 Amador St.

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 6:30 p.m.: parent and community meeting regarding the block schdule, in the Hayward High School cafeteria, 1633 East Ave.

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 7 p.m.: regular Mt. Eden High School parent meeting, in the school library, 2300 Panama St.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 6:30 p.m.: regular HUSD board meeting. — new members will be sworn in and block schedule will be discussed. City Hall, Council Chambers, 777 B St.

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 6 p.m.; HUSD board budget advisory meeting, at the district offices, 24411 Amador St.

Eric Kurhi

  • J. W. Kyle

    Good grief ! The post is almost 24 hours old and no comments? Holiday laze?

    I’ll give it another five days befoe I wind up and let loose!

  • monica ruiz

    Here we go again, the block schedule debate.

  • J. W. Kyle

    I’ve touched on this subject here and in e-mail messages direct to Trustees and staff minions on earlier occasions. It is annoying to be ignored on ths subject. It is especially annoying when your employment experience placed you in a position to observe the successful use of the idea at other school distyricts in nearby Cities and Counties.
    The arrival of the new Superintendent just a few short tears ago has intrroduced a level of blyrhe disdain for opinions brought forward and supported by examples of succeess in other districts is very hard to accept.
    Something must be done. It raises the ire of this voter when that idea had been successfully intricuced here in Hayward only to be discarded by the arrogant disdain for IDEAS THAT HAD NOT FOUND THEIR ORIGIN WITHIN THEIR OWN MINDS.

    The needed CONTRA INDICATED action can only occur with concerted PROACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF those folks who read and write well enough to ORALLY express strong ideas that come forward through collective ORAL expression before the Board of Trustees.

    I find particularly annoting is the intial opportunity to speak at public comments is limited to one hour. It has been broken up into two segments. Obviopusly, when the first segement is limited to an hour, we frequently see that all of those folks who yhave not yet spoken, are pushed back on the agenda to item J.

    Tha authors of that conceptm, know full well that by the time item J arrives, the hour is usually very late and many have abandoned the idea of offering public comment. In my opinion that is subversion of the Brown Act.

    The Youngsters who sit upon the Dais as representatives of their respective High Schools are peremitted to go on with their blather for waht seems to be an endless period of time.

    The situation is really an expression of arrogance by Administration which is diasterous when a serious money savings solution, which had been intrduced at least two Superintendencies ago was summarily discarded. Seemingly, anything worthwhile is useless unless it is the idea of the current administration.

    I am especially annoyed at the loss of the well demonstarted, highly useful existence of the “SITE RESIDENT CONCEPT” at Longwood School.

    Had the site resident concept been expanded, the ‘gang problem’ would have been reducedd and the reputed loss of “only about $100-K per year” would have been significantly reduced.

    The “site resident” concept is used in other School Districts. When introduced at Longwood it was a valuable experience which eliminated a combination of socially unacceoptable activities which were a serious detriment to the neighborhood, as well as to the educational activity.

    Laying aside the educational and social benefits….. the concept saved what had been an annual financial loss of $50 K per year at this one site.

    Now we hear that graffiti and vandalism is ‘only costing AROUND $100 K PER YEAR’

    oNLY ‘AROUND $100,000 PER YEAR’…..and teachers dig into their won pocket for classroom supplies of paper?
    When top adminisration thinks like that, it is foolish to fire them and seek replacements?

    In the Case of HUSD it would be foolish, given the nature and detail found in the secretive contracts by which Administration enjoys ‘recession proof’ employment. It woukd cost the district mant hunf=dreds of thousands of dollars to hire those whiose contracts include penalties for contract violation !

    Frankly, had I the volunteers, I would create a line of public speakers at public comments who would drag out the opportunity in such fashion that it would strongly suggest, in polite but lengthy, discussion tantamount to a filibuster. It woukld create an embarassing atmosphere that would attract notice and possibly suggest to the peer group in which they belong, (outside of our community, that would prove so professionally embarassing, to the point that they would give up their employment agreements and thus save us more than just a few dollars in termination penalties.

    Perhaps then, “VOX POPULI” WILL REGAIN STATUS IN HAYWARD! But thaty would need devotion to the idea that Vox Populi is well and active, not just within the Hayward Education Communiy, but in the ranks of those who vote regularly and who recognize the damage done to community business activity and property values by the ceaseless turmoil at HUSD.

  • monica ruiz

    JW I think you should attend all the six mtgs. above and express your concerns.

  • K Rocchio

    That describes how many spent the first 45 minutes of the so-called Open Session of the HUSD Board Meeting last night! It was absolutely ridiculous! Just a word of advice for HUSD … when you are hosting a meeting with topics such as school closures and deep program cuts to OUR schools, please be prepared for the turnout. The crowd that gathered was calm and consisted of everyone from teachers to students. Most managed to wait it. Many spent the time on the phone with the media, others were contacting the Mayor and other City Officials. One even tried to load the webcast, to no avail (it wasn’t available, shocking!).

    Anyway, after a long, cold wait and some persistence, those who hung around long enough finally managed to get permission to use the overflow room and rushed in to take a seat and fill out our speaker cards.

    The rooms were filled with concerned members of the HUSD community and one by one they took the podium. The message was clear … look elsewhere for your $$$$, but don’t take from these students!!! I also attended one of the Block Schedule Meetings and heard the same message there.

    I hope that the Board Members will keep true to their promises and keep the success of each and every Hayward student at the heart of every cut and decision they must make. I know the cuts are coming and that the budget must be worked through. I only ask that we make sure the cuts are something we can all live with and that we keep in mind the long term effects on ADA if we cut some of these programs to save a few dollars.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Ms. Rocchio,

    You only scraoped the lid on the jar, the entire bottle needs a good scraping!

    If you were locked out you did not notice that the ‘students’ who sit on the dais are permitted time to discuss the activities at their respective schools, thy go on endlessly without regard for the time and often take as much as 7 or 8 minutes apiece to impress the only ones really listeneintg, i.e. mom amd dad watching on tv or their friends from the school yard,

    You think that bad? Well when, the Faith Rheinegold Charter School clack, get started they send in a block of speaker cards before the proceedings start….. then each of those youngsters gets first crack at public comments…finally the tax payers have a shot at public comments! ( That assumes that all speak for conclusion of one hour permiited in the intial process, if you stay awake, you might find a steadfast few who speak at the second round of ‘public comments’ under item J. A neat little trick that you understand only when names are finally read out at item J and the intended speaker does not respond, having gone home to bed or a night-cap!

    Better yet, if you missed the entire program, don’ worry, HUSD ingeniously lets the program be run on the following day and again the following Tuesday. The time established for that purpose is 4:00 PM in the afternoon. That helps the tax payer, who if he has a job where the day concludes at 5:00pm, time to get off the freeway, arrive home and catch the closing remarks by Recording Sectretary as to the time and place of the next meeting.

    Unlees they pull a sneaky and change the time FOR NEXT TuESDAY’S re-run ( as a service to the public, you understand ?)…. the length of the meeting will cause cancellation of the City Council Meeting at 8:00 PM on Tuesdays, HUSD re-run might then be interrupted to permit the more interesting meeting to occur.

    However, all is not lost because there is alweys the possibility that sometime in the next two or three months, the meeting will be available for re-run on the website!

    So why don’t cha quit complaining now that I’ve explained how HUSD works and behaves?

    Has anyone got an address or phone number for Luis Reynoso? He is not listed in the phone book as having a Hayward number or address and he is also not listed as a property owner on the Hayward Website Lists.

    He teaches in Fremont and there is a Luis Reynoso listed as living in Fremont phone book but the gentleman there denies knowledge of our new Trustee! I would like to compliment Mr.REYNOSO FOR HIS OBSEVATIOHN, FREELY EXPRESSED IN HIS OPENING REMARKS,as a new trustee, THAT THE SUPERINTENDENT SHOULD NOT BE SEATED AMONGST THE Board Members but should be seated to the left. at the first seat of the separated section of the dais, as is the custum with the Hayward City Manager. I agree, we have had enough whispered tete-a-tete conversations as between the Supt and the Presider over the last four-five years. That is based on the idea that if it is worth saying then say it out loud so to enabloe taxpayesr a true understanding of what transpires at meetings.

  • Conrad

    Gee, John, I thought Kelly did a pretty good job. You should have been there the other night when she asked a VERY relevant question about the effort to replace the Block Schedule, “Would you be making this switch if money wasn’t involved? Is it worth it on an academic basis alone?” Of course, after all that has been committed in this effort, the answer was, “Yes.” Not a surprise.

    There is a very disturbing issue connected with the Block Schedule. The original advantage to switching is the saving of money when we are pressed on budget. But, then, when people mention the advantages to programs afforded by the Block, the answers are always that these needs can be met with an 0 period before regular school and a 7th period after regular school. When pressed, it was admitted that if students take advantage of 0 and 7 to the full extent that the Block is now used, the cost will be the same and there will be no savings! That’s a classic case of talking out of both sides of your mouth. Either give up the “compensating” advantages or give up the cost savings, because you can’t have both.

    I will give you an example from the program that I’ve always been closest to, the Mt. Eden Choir program that is the perennial state championship choir (they are the standing state champion large choir AND women’s choir. They’ve won the women’s choir championship every time they’ve competed, every year but the first year of its existence when they didn’t compete). This choir is performing “by invitation” with the Oakland Symphony Chorus this Sunday. They were one of six choirs nationwide this past year to be invited BY Carnegie Hall to perform there for Easter under the direction of the Conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They have quite obviously thrived under the Block system. Looking at that program, it is clear that the choir would survive elimination of the Block. It just simply would no longer be a CHAMPIONSHIP choir.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Appreciate your blog because it is a lucid explanation of the debate aroubd the ‘block’ matter.

    I sense that you think I was criticizing Kelley….. criticism of Ms. Rocchia was far removed from my mind.
    The ‘lock out'[ of the crowd at Tuesday night’s meeting is typical of HUSD’s foresight when planning
    a meeting.

    It was not the first time that the group occupying the old Markham school has commandeered the premises. As with the discusions revolving around use of the Markham site about a year ago, they deliberately get there earlo, pack the seats with parents and youngsters
    for their own purposes, submit speakers cards which are now arranged (FOR CALL TO THE AMBO) in the sequence in which they are presented. The affect is to control public comments to the extent that not only are adult members of the group we identify as ‘stakeholders’ shoved aside during the first hour of public comment period, but
    if they are NOT physically and mentally able to pursue their topic when item J. appears on the agenda, the typical attendee abandons all hope and seeks rest at home.

    Worse, the early folderol discourages any attempt to review the meetings when re-runs occur. Check the website and tell me when the minutes are available for viewing, let alone the website re-run of the meeting.

    I do not intend to stick pins in what you say about the Mt. Eden misic program. I do however believe that Carnegie Hall does not extend invitations; it is the promotor who wishes to exploit a big show biz name who exytends invitations to various groups for their appearance which from the promotors viewpoint uses groups with good reputations to perform as a ‘[warm up’ to the main event.

    All o0f which is not intended to demean the local choir…. some others might have been chosen and would appear had they beem able to raise the costs of transport. The Mt. Eden parents do a great job of supporting the Mt. Eden Music program…. I just wish that the rest of the population within HUSD Boundaries did as well as the Mt, Eden Parents who support the choir…..


  • Conrad


    Carnegie Hall did indeed extend the invitation. Once a year and they foot the entire bill other than transport and lodging. They were providing the orchestra. All other performances by groups at the Hall are indeed by promotion and as warmups, but this was not. It was going to be overseen by Leontyne Price and the combined 6-school choir was also going to perform at the Apollo Theatre. The big name draw was the program being conducted by the conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    For this event, this is in fact the main event. Mt. Eden was even going to get 20 minutes to perform their own music with Ken Rawdon conducting – which could be seen as the warmup.

    So, I said it just the way it was. This was a once-a-year invitation BY CARNEGIE HALL itself. They made it quite clear what the distinction was.

  • J. W. Kyle

    I am inpressed by Mt. Eden’s unique status amongst the igh Schools of America! My thanks and and congratulations for what ever role you played! We need more like you sitting on HUSD Board!

  • K Rocchio

    There will be a Board Study Session TONIGHT (December 15th) at 24411 Amador to discuss the Budget Planning. The Open Session of this meeting starts at 6:15pm and this meeting will allow time for Public Comments. This meeting is not shown under the upcoming meetings.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Good grief… another conflict with the City’s activity dealing with the environment. Well I’ll skip the City meeting…….

    Maybe I can contribute an idea or two to the budget problem……hang on kiddies , it’s a rough ride!