Cities ready to boogie, if feds download funds

San Leandro and Hayward are early birds in the hunt for federal economic stimulus funds.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors went to Capitol Hill on Monday with 11,391 “ready to go” projects from 427 cities, including ones from the Cherry City (San Leandro) and the Zucchini City (Hayward). The projects total $73 billion, and would jumpstart 847,641 construction and project support jobs nationally in 2009 and 2010.

San Leandro’s $20.5 million proposal would create 155 jobs. The projects, their cost and the numbers of jobs include: citywide handicapped ramp improvements, $600,000, 10; senior center construction, $10 million, 60; water pollution control plan co-generation project construction, $4.6 million, 32; streets reconstruction, $2.5 million, 30; and improvements to the city’s sewer system, $2.8 million, 23.

Hayward, a bigger city, isn’t hesitating to ask for more money. Its $135 million list of projects would create 1,730 jobs. Projects, their cost, and number of jobs are: Hayward Executive Airport hangar construction, $6.5 million, 120; airport underpass roadway, $22 million, 250; pedestrian bridge over Union Pacific Railroad to link homes and Centennial Park in the Burbank cannery area, $2.5 million, 80; new main library, $30 million, 300; replacement of 150 traffic controllers, $1.5 million, 40; street light replacement program, $8 million, 150; improvements to waste-water treatment plant, $8 million, 200; new dispatch and records management system for police and fire departments, $3.5 million, 40; new Fire Station 7, $10 million, 100; street and drainage system improvements, $10 milllion, 100; and citywide road pavement replacement, including reconstruction of some streets, $33 million, 350.