• monica ruiz

    My condolences to the family & friends of Oscar Grant. It’s an awful & shocking experience. I can’t imagine your pain. Believe.

  • TheVoice

    The media should be liable for inciting a riot, to stir up the racial overtones of white and black is disgusting to create news to cover. This song you posted preaches racial tones and onesided anger. To post this is a sign of the misguided direction of this organization.

    Lets not take this out of context; one cop fired his weapon not all 8 or so in the videos. Next this would be manslaughter not murder, look up the difference(state of mind). Whites were out their in the protests marching alongside blacks, Civil rights and justice takes all nationalities to band together to win the good fight. Can’t be done by just one race or ethnic group. Look at the 60’s.

    When the police want to detain a person they should not resist or fight, handle it with a level head and sort the confusion out calmly. To break and destroy businesses and personal property is unjust and criminally wrong too. The courts will find the BART event facts before them and decide the outcome, not to be done in the streets, against businesses, personal property, or violence against innocent people.

    The media needs to be responsible for what they print, air, and post as it stirs the public and leads the masses on in a certain direction sometimes for the benifit of the media and its sales or ratings. Be a good caretaker and citizen. Please.

  • obama_factor

    From what I saw on the video it was murder. Granted we are not the jury, but it is telling enough to see that murder is the killing of a human. I don’t know if the charge will be manslaughter through negligence or just murder 1 or 2—Can you tell I am not a lawyer? I am just so disappointed for the racial overtones in songs these days and the media which promotes that type of music. Maybe that’s why the riots in Oakland went so violent after the murder in BART.