Got picket?

We did, last Thursday. A small group of demonstrators came down to stand in front of The Daily Review building on Foothill Boulevard. They were protesting this editorial.

They stuck around for about an hour, and got their fair share of cars that honked in support. They were friendly enough, and explained that they usually carry the same signs at a nearby corner for greater visibility, but came to the Review on account of the paper running the Bay Area News Group editorial.

Photo by Mike Lucia, staff photographer.

Eric Kurhi

  • J. W. Kyle

    Oddly, we did not have the experience of anyone protesting the use of rockets by Hamas. Their often expressed open hatred of Israel and Jews does not gain much sympathy from this old Irushman who grandparents fled religious hatred in Ireland and thus enjoyed the peace and prosperity of the US, California style.
    Yet I have not seen a single instance where expression by a US Muslim group might give pause to Hamas,

  • obama_factor

    Good point! I too am very disappointed in these protesters. Where are they when in past times Hamas was lobbing rockets to Israel. Can you imagine what we would do if we had a country continuously launching rockets to our cities. We would not be so patient. Remember what happen to Iraq and Afgahnistan, whether that was justified or not it is of no discussion. We would not be as merciful as Israel. I would like to see a Muslim leader admonish Hamas on the world press.