Hayward utility tax — what do you think?

We’ve received some phone calls regarding Thursday’s story aboutĀ a possible utility tax to help the city maintain services. One caller who didn’t leave his name was absolutely outraged at the idea. OthersĀ just wanted additional information. Since it would ultimately be up to voters to pass such a tax, we’d like to hear your thoughts on it. More information from the city’s Web site:

Here’s the mailer that was sent out.

Here’s what’s been done so far to cut costs.

Here’s a fact sheet about the fiscal crisis.

Eric Kurhi

  • J. W. Kyle

    I support the idea if anyone gives a damn !

    As the eldest son son of a 28 eight year old widow during depressin era I experienced the ‘trickle down’ problem. As a retired Bank employee employee I grasp- the need to circulate money. Taxes do that task, which is one hell of a lot better than having some gunman do it on your behalf.

    Get with it folks, churning the present limited supply of bucks ($$$) is a needed imposition upon thoes who would deny any need including that of ‘sharing’ those blessings not found found outside the U.S., even in it’s present predicament.

    I have responded favorably to the City’s telephone survey and urge all those whose philosophy or even theology is based on the idea of commumal effort at keeping United States alive and a leader in world afairs. Do it as a ‘thank you’ for the inspired creation of our U.S. Constitution!

  • justwatching

    I have decided that I will not support this Utility Tax. I already have a city council member that campaigned for a seat on the council stating his opposition to the Hayward Loop and now that he is in office he supports the Loop.