Do you remember this place?

Anyone remember the Baptist Theological Seminary of Hayward? Is it still around?


  • cwbyht

    I remember walking past it on Foothill, about a block from Mattox Road, on my way home from work. It was in a medical office building I believe. Not sure where it is now.

  • Kim Santos

    Thanks! Do you remember how long ago that was?

  • cwbyht

    I’m pretty sure it was the late 80’s. In point of fact, I remember walking past there when the Loma Prieta Quake hit. So that would be in 1989.

  • cwbyht


    Thinking further about it, I beleve the name of it was Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. You might speak with the current pastor of Palma Ceia Baptist Church. He is an alumnus.

  • churck

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    I assume you want to know about this “Baptist Theological Seminary of Hayward” mentioned on the Clove Road Baptist Church website http://www.clover-road-baptist-church.com/index.htm where Pastor Lane Lawless serves as pastor. He is also the grandfather of Melissa Huckaby through his son Brian Lawless. Melissa is accused of murdering Sandra Cantu of Tracy CA. I became very curious also, so I spent several hours searching, but I cannot afford any more time on this. As you may expect, Pastor Lawless did not answer the office phone.

    FYI, Pastor Paul McKery no longer serves as pastor of Palma Ceia Baptist Church.

    In 1990, I left Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley and began serving as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Hayward. I knew our seminary began in Berkeley which is confirmed by their web site, but there is no record of any facility ever in Hayward http://ggbts.edu/about/factsheet.aspx
    Therefore, I assume the reference to a “Baptist seminary in Hayward” was not GGBTS.

    Years ago, there was a sign “San Francisco Bible College and Seminary” at the Crossway Church, 21313 Foothill Blvd., two blocks from Mattox Rd. That Korean congregation has remodeled their facilities and the sign is no longer there. Their website is in Korean http://www.mycrossway.org and the link to English http://www.xwaychurch.net is inactive. There was no answer to their phone 510-581-5514 and their voice mail is full.
    I found no answer to this phone 510-247-1286 for Young Chi on this site http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_d7qzs2

    This obituary says Claude Crawford also attended “a Baptist seminary in Hayward, Calif.”

    Baptist congregations and agencies are strictly autonomous in polity, resulting in few (largest) mainstream Baptist denominations and many smaller affiliations. So, I am not surprised by the lack of information on an agency with the name Baptist in it, which may have had a very short life.

    I also frequently find misnomers where people see “Bible” and remember “Baptist” or vice versa.

    If I find something later, I will post it. I have a few other possibilities to check.
    Chuck Horner 510-589-9677 churck@comcast.net

  • wolfgang mittelstadt

    I remember taking nite classes at Elmhurst Baptist Church in Hayward in 1978-1979 that were extension classes of GGBTS

  • Paul

    Hey, I stumbled upon this website as I was googling my own church, Crossway Church of Hayward. Churck if you have any questions I might be of some assistance. But yes I’ve attended my church for about 9 years now and yes I remember the sign we used to have for “San Francisco Bible College and Seminary”.