Mt. Eden band back from successful Carnegie appearance

The Mt. Eden High School Wind Ensemble has returned from its trip to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Director Kevin Cato said it was the band’s “best performance” at the hall, and the first time it was recorded. Listen to it here. And if you want to see more photos from the trip, click here.

The recording includes two pieces written specifically for the Carnegie appearance: “Casus Belli” (a song about the struggles of war, composed by woodwind instructor and Mt. Eden orchestra director Ronnie Cato) and Kevin Cato’s “Train,” which he says is self-explanatory.

The Mt. Eden music program will receive state accolades on May 8, with a resolution presented by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and state Sen. Ellen Corbett, honoring the program and the success that has been realized on band and individual levels.

Eric Kurhi

  • jamessblaoww


    Please come to our Steak and Fish Dinner on May 8th iat the Mt. Eden High School Cafetria at 2300 Panama Street in West Hayward when we’ll be receiving our state resolution from assemblywoman Mary Hayashi! Tickets are $25 thru any band member or parent, and tickets are not being sold at the door so buy them well they’re still available! The Mt. Eden Wind Ensemble, the same group that performed at CARNEGIE HALL will be performing music from the past, present, and new repetoire.

    for more info contact: mehsband@yahoo.com

    please help these under priveledged, low income students and keep music alive and well in Hayward =)

  • monica ruiz

    Congratulations Mt. Eden School Wind Ensemble! The music and the photos are wonderful. Keep up the good work. We’re proud of all of you:)

  • Doxie

    Congratulations to everyone involved. What a great accomplishment. This is the type of thing that should be appreciated and celebrated by HUSD. Unfortunately, the decision to eliminate the block schedule sends the opposite message.

  • jamessblaoww

    exactly! now reynoso [whom was the biggest opponents of the blocks] wants to bring it back, but ms. heredia i guess flip flopped too and wants the periods :[ FML!. this whole block schedule thing is turning into a soap opera or some loony political campaign.

    and to also have had our MT. EDEN CHOIR go to New York two weeks prior just makes this whole thing bigger. ive srsly never heard a school in which its BOTH of its performing arts programs tour that far and performed at prestigious venues like lincoln center and carnegie hall, ever. i hate how the music program at mt. eden is still like, ‘haywards best kept secret’ still. we need more genuine advocates for the arts in our public schools.