• whats up with everybody making the move to Twitter? whats it about?

  • qodrn

    I think you nailed it Alex. I suspect Twitter is cheaper. If the newspaper is not going to use this site more, it is kind of worthless. Please don’t tell me the most exciting thing is Hayward is a two headed snake.

  • Kim Santos

    We don’t make money off the blog and we don’t make money off Twitter. They’re just things we use as services/conveniences for our readers. Sometimes the blog doesn’t get updated for a while because we’re busy. There are only 4 reporters and 1 editor covering an area of 300,000 people. Kris can Tweet from his phone because it’s fast (there’s a 140-word limit per Tweet) and he always has his phone with him. That’s a little harder for the blog. And things we post up on the blog are things we think people might find interesting or talk about. It doesn’t mean they’re the “most exciting” things we have to offer…just things we think you might want to know about, or sometimes they’re quirky. All that said, we do want to blog more, so that it provides a forum for you to discuss your opinions with other readers. It’s just a matter of time, resources and what’s going on in any given day/week…

  • Watchdog

    So is the purpose of tweet’n just another attempt to hide information and opinions that is shared to the taxpayers and general community? I fail to see very little information on the total local interests of Hayward’s school’s and city government in our so-called local “Hayward Daily Review.” If I wanted to know about local schools and goverment in Union City, Fremont or Newark, wouldn’t it make sense to subscribe to the Argus. Is the Daily review trying to hide something at times?

    The Hayword at least gives local community members a chance to relay information and opinions that are not always caught by reporters.

    We are the reporters of the community and are stronger in numbers than a few employees of the ANG, all we ask for is a bulletin board such as the Hayword for posting information and public comments.

    I’m sure many would agree.

  • Kim Santos

    Perhaps I can shed some light. Kristofer’s foray into Twitter is not intended to replace the blog, print coverage or anything else. It’s merely there for people who like Twitter and want to follow him on it. Twitter is rapidly gaining in popularity, so Kris saw a need to have a Daily Review presence there for anyone who might want to avail themselves of it.

    As for the increased Union City, Fremont and Newark coverage…we have always run Union City coverage. But the additional Fremont and Newark stories are because the papers are so understaffed, most days we are required to combine with the news section of the Argus. The Argus editor and I work together to pick story placement, etc. It’s not an ideal situation, I am well aware (and so is the Argus), but with the industry in the state it’s in, and with staffing the way it is, we have to do this until the economy starts to improve. I realize this will invite criticism, but I think most people have some knowledge as to the difficult state of the journalism industry…mostly because of the downturn in the economy, which has reduced advertising dollars because retail and real estate (two of our biggest sources of advertising) are taking a big hit.

    Do we have few employees? Yes. We have 4 reporters working for the local news section of the Review. Is there a way I can fix that? No…not right now. We’re in a hiring freeze. Are we doing the best we can with what we’ve got? Absolutely. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that the average Joe doesn’t see and/or understand. I have to grant vacations and give days off to my reporters, so I’m sure you can see where we run into problems when people are gone. Is this a “poor me”-type of post expected to evoke sympathy? No. Just merely trying to shed some light on things so that you know we are not just sitting on our hackles doing nothing. We don’t always have time to blog (posting a blog item at the Review entails almost the same process as developing a story for print), so sometimes things don’t show up for a while. Our main focus is the print product and meeting deadlines.

    Just trying to be as honest with you as I can, folks…

  • qodrn

    Gosh. Maybe you all should intern some students from the Journelism dept at Cal Esat Bay or something to fill out some of the local stories….

  • Kim Santos

    We are working on getting a CSUEB student bureau going…our company already has something similar going with SF State and UC Berkeley (the students earn credits towards their journalism degrees). It’s just a matter of who’s going to run/oversee it, and coordinating with the university.

  • cwbyht

    All of you who do not yet have a Twitter account yet, should try it. Its a quick easy way to get information, from all over the world.

    I very much appreciate the Noceda Report.

  • qodrn

    Thanks for the response. I have also noted that Leadership High School Hayward’s Class of 09 graduates were not listed in your paper. We wouldn’t want to not celebrate these 82 students, would we?

  • Kim Santos

    Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, HUSD has not sent me the list.

  • qodrn

    Interesting. I don’t think they are associated with HUSD. Try calling them at 300-1340. They are a charter school with great scholars.

    And most of the HUSD is now closed.

  • qodrn

    Aw heck, I am not official, but from the program:

    All members of this class are going to college:

    Victor Aguilar
    Noelle Alcomendras
    Christine Alfonso
    Alberto Anguiano
    Sandy Acre
    Giancarlo Arechiga
    Tanya Brady
    Auzerais Bellamy
    Crishaun Bradford
    Phoebe Burgos
    Janneth Caldera
    Lyniece Catalan
    Sabrina Catalano
    Thomas Conti
    Geanna Cooper-Smith
    Stephanie Cornejo
    Rebecca Ellington
    Tenia Ellis
    Evan Espanola
    Jeffrey Faasisila
    Breann Ferguson
    Brianna Ford
    George Francis
    Arion Guillory
    Elizabeth Gutierrez
    Channel Hardesty
    Charlisa Hunter
    Tony Huynh (valedictorian)
    Alvaro Ibarra
    Rudy Jerez
    Jazzlyn Kaleohano
    Arshdeep Kaur
    Janice Lacsina
    Kevin Lieu
    Lan Ma
    Christina Mason
    Nicholas Mathas
    Mellisa Mayp
    Dontarius McCroey
    Micheal McDunn
    Carlos Mendoza
    Kevin Metcalf
    Jessica Miranda
    Daniel Morales
    Navedika Nair
    Jennifer Nava
    Martin Nocum
    Denielle Obelton
    Bianca Parra
    Micheal Patrick
    Emily Perez
    Nicole Perez
    Tony Pinto
    Steven Pleitez
    Nikia Pringle
    Cynthia Ramirez
    Eric Raygoza
    Emmett Richardson
    Ashley Rits
    Vennessa Rubio
    Frankie Schell
    Imrangeet Swaich
    Mynor Tejada
    Natalie Thacher
    Cherita Turner
    Carina Valdez
    Marcelo Velador
    Enrique Villegas
    Danielle Walton
    Aleishia Walsh
    Demonica Wilson
    Richard Wranitz
    William Zuniga

    That’s all folks!