Commercial shoot at Hayward City Hall

Going to the third Thursday street party tonight in downtown Hayward? In addition to the exhibited vintage cars, live bands and beer garden, you might notice something going on in the City Hall rotunda.

It’s a commercial shoot for a Radio Shack television spot, and will bring the city $1,200 in rental fees, said City Councilwoman Anna May. May has been working with film industry contacts to bring more such opportunities to town. They’re scheduled to do the shoot sometime after 8 p.m.

“It’s a start!” she wrote in an e-mail. “And as we build our reputation for a viable place to shoot, we will be able to attract more filmmakers with larger budgets.”

The street party runs from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Go downtown, you can’t miss it. There will be another one on Aug. 15.


Russell City, blues and foam lightning-bolt headwear

In case you missed this year’s Russell City Blues Festival, here’s our story. The online version has photos that didn’t make it into print, and it’s worth a look-see.

One interesting thing that didn’t get mentioned in the print version was the fact that not only was Calpine the major sponsor of the event, but they set up a booth to pass out information about the company, as well as crazy lightning-bolt-through-the-ears headpieces.

They looked like those old gag items with the arrow through the ears, but it was a yellow foam lightning bolt instead. I guess it’s better than the finger…


Hayward names new commissioners

ADDENDUM — At its June 23 meeting, the City Council appointed the following new members to the Youth Commission: Dayana Morales, Sarahi Bautista, Alex Harmon, Dulce Andrade, Erika Ramos, Yessenia Sanchez and Claudia Canales. Reappointed were Jessica Bravo, James Dixon, Jeevit Gill, Lawrence McGee and Lauren Quan, with Rachel Rojas, Frances Naguit and Arlene Valencia on the alternate list.

The City Council filled most of the vacancies on various boards and commissions at its meeting last week. A total of 19 new commissioners and six reappointments filled the slots on six different boards.

Here are the appointments:

Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board — Nicole Reams, Cynthia Chang, Meg Shaw (reappointment).

Citizens Advisory Commission — Donna Allen-Thomas, Nicholas Terry, Linda Moore, Cynthia Chiasson and Peggy Guernsey (reappointment).

Economic Development Committee — Jim Wieder, Christopher Lam and Terri Swartz.

Human Services Commission — Lucy Castillo, Todd Davis, Robert Lara. Reappointments: Ben Henderson, Julie LInd, Elizabeth Samayoa.

Library Commission — Stephanie Ayala and Judith Harrison (reappointment).

Keep Hayward Clean and Green Tast Force: Carolyn Grieco, Jennifer Ong, Kevin Thompson, Antonia Elizalde, William McGee, Kelly Doyle-Pasion.

The city received 36 applications and conducted 35 interviews. A vacancy remains on the Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board.

The boards serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council. Congrats to everyone selected!