Fraud case may bring Willie Brown to town

UPDATE: Organizers said about 200 people showed up. It was the third such demonstration at the courthouse. Here’s a couple of photos from the event, from staff photographer Jim Stevens. There was no sign of Willie Brown, at least not outside the courthouse.


Anyone near the Hayward Hall of Justice next Monday around 1 p.m. might notice more than the usual number of people outside, some with signs, possibly chanting. They’re demonstrators, in town for the third time for a court appearance by Monica Ung, owner of NBC Contractors, accused of bilking workers out of $3.6 million through paycheck fraud. She’s scheduled to enter a plea regarding the criminal charges.

She also may bring a Bay Area celebrity to town. She has reportedly hired Willie Brown as her defense attorney. Yep, former S.F. mayor Willie Brown.

In case you forgot Brown was once an attorney, an online biography helps jog the memory: “After earning a degree in political science, Willie Brown went to Hastings law school, where he was elected president of his class. There were few African American attorneys practicing in San Francisco at the time, and Brown made a name for himself in the community by taking on cases other attorneys would have dismissed as hopeless.”

If there’s a paper trail connected to the alleged fraud, this one could be pretty tough, too. Let’s see if Brown can work some silver-tongued magic in Hayward.

Eric Kurhi

  • J. W. Kyle

    Oh my gosh. Willie Brown in Hayward! We are on the map now folks. Plus…. Council Memeber Anna May has arranged another ‘Shoot’ here in Hayward. Watch closely for the advertising by Radio Shack… it was done inside City Hall…

  • wheres the next fliming gonna be at?

  • J. W. Kyle


    Contact City Council woman Anna May! Maybe she can get you into a scene?

    Contact her at theis website: anna.may@hayward-ca.gov