Missing the point on I-880?

Something has vanished along the Interstate 880 corridor. It used to serve as an unofficial road sign for southbound commuters — if you want to take 238 to 580, why, you’d better start moseying over to the right lanes.

According to the new tenants of 3199 Alvarado St. in San Leandro, they took down the landmark (albeit dilapidated) Levitz spike n’ sign about three weeks ago. It has been replaced with their own Dependable Logistics Services sign, which is about half as high as its predecessor. Dependable, a warehousing and trucking company, signed a 13-year-lease for the 260,000-square-foot space nearly a year ago.

Luke Sims, San Leandro’s director of community development, said current zoning would never allow for something as tall as the Levitz sign. He did acknowledge that it was an unusual piece of the skyline.

“The Levitz Needle,” he said. “Yeah, that was kind of a skewered, ’60s-looking thing.”

Dependable general manager Trevor Schirmer said the surrounding community had wanted the big sign taken down, and they were happy to oblige. It has been dismantled and scrapped.

“Now you can look at our sign and make it your landmark,” he said.

Photo is of the Levitz sign in happier discount furniture days, taken by Studio H on flikr one morning in 2005.


Eric Kurhi

  • sad end for a cool landmark. 🙁

  • qodrn

    I was hoping you were talking about the big newer sign by the same area that used to come on just at the time I was driving husband to work and blind me. Never had any problems with the Levitz sign. Miss Levitz too.

  • qodrn

    Speaking of freeways, I would like to remind people that the area around Highway 92 at the Hayward end of the bridge is a a construction zone with alot of changes going on and not a NASCAR race. Slow down! A lot of people going through here still don’t know about the changes yet.

  • monica ruiz

    Beautiful sunset. And Alex I was at the library yesterday and I saw some of your photography. You’re an awesome photographer. Keep up the good work!