Sound off on San Leandro Hospital

If you can’t make Thursday’s community meeting to discuss the future of San Leandro Hospital, then join the conversation here.

No yelp-like reviews please.


  • qodrn

    Is this place still open? I think the county should get out of the medical business. Too expensive. Plus they pick up all the patients no one else will, thus increasing their costs.

  • qodrn

    Did anyone show up to the meeting? You think the 180 employees would….I have two sisters who will be affected by this closing…the situation seems to change daily.

  • More than 300 folks attended, according to sources I interviewed for a recap story I’m turning in shortly. Check insidebayarea.com or twitter.com/Noceda_Reports for the link

  • centerfielddj

    The Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors is entering into mediation with Sutter Health on the future of San Leandro Hospital. Sutter violated the terms of a contractual agreement which obligated them to build rooms appropriate for Rehabilitation patients on the 4th floor of SLH, a former Acute Care Medical nursing floor Sutter closed a few years ago. Hopefully this can prevent Sutter’s quick takeover of the hospital, because Sutter’s wish to have the hospital’s ER and other vital services closed would kill many thousands of County citizens over the next generation.

    The Daily Review reported over 1,300 patients seen in SLH’s ER in 2008 were seen for critical conditions. The 5 to 20 extra minutes of transport time needed to take those patients to the next closest ER not closed to ambulances due to overflow will kill a significant portion of those people, day by day and year by year.

    Whomever eventually takes over operation of the building, if they propose to close SLH’s 24-hour, full service ER, they must be made to answer the question “How many people will die as a result of this closure?”. Alameda County Medical Center has proposed closing the ER and running a limited-hour Urgent Care unit at the hospital; this would be inadequate not just for the critically ill patients, but approximately 10,000 other patients per year too ill for this proposed unit.

  • qodrn

    Eden township was crazy for entering into this agreement with Sutter that let them bail out of the hospital, in turn for building the new Eden hospital.
    This is a real mess. The new hospital will be smaller than the old, and they are closing San Leandro hospital. Hospitals just don’t make money any more. They are going the way of the car industry.