That soon-to-be-overused Bay Bridge alternative

Anyone else concerned about how much traffic is going to flow over the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge starting Thursday night? As everyone knows, the Bay Bridge will be closed for the first time on a commute day on Friday (first time closed for the commute during the ongoing retrofit/replacement project. It was closed for much longer than one day following the Loma Prieta earthquake -E.), and it is optimistic to think that everyone who drives over that span will board a ferry or BART.

Any predictions for how bad it’s going to be? It’s always fun to look back on them after the fact.

And yes, the Caltrans-given name for our bridge is the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, but we correct that unfortunate juxtaposition here at the HayWord.

Eric Kurhi

  • isnt parts of highway 92 gonna be closed?

  • J. W. Kyle

    Yes Alex there is a GRINCH.

    92 west bound will narrow to one lane on the old overpass at I-880, while the off ramp at 92 in the south direction, where you turn onto 92 in the westbound directio0n will be widened, temporarili to two lanes. Therefor, helol will break loose on Foothill as it passes over Jackson carrying fol;ks who want to use San Mateo Bridge, while the Nimitz is goona be a bit confusing in the southbound directrion.

    Look alive… pretend you know what is o0ccurrimng and be sure to honk your horn as the duMMies from Pleasanton and LIVERMORE ETC. BANG INTO EACH OTHER AND WANT TO TALK LAWYER TALK BEFORE GETTING BACK INTO THEIR AUTO.

  • TheVoice

    What about a better story…

    Have you taken 238 lately? 3 lanes each way and 2 lanes available for the flyover westbound. Now this is a story. I couldn’t believe the free flow west bound at 4 or 5 pm rush hour. This is a long needed improvement, maybe another lane soon.