Bulk shoppers, mark your calendars

The new south Hayward Costco Wholesale warehouse store is scheduled to arrive in the nick of time for those planning huge Thanksgiving feasts –Costco reps say they plan to open on Nov. 24. It’s going to be the biggest Costco around, and they plan to have an opening day celebration including numerous “roadshows” — that’s what Costco calls it when they bring in goods not normally carried, which could be anything from fine art to specialized mattresses to pool tables to solar panels to grand pianos.

As for what else is coming to the area around Hesperian and Industrial boulevards, that’s more ambiguous. 24 Hour Fitness has yet to apply for a building permit, although a large facility was approved at the same time as the Costco. We’ll have a story in the Review about it this weekend.

Eric Kurhi