AYCE Japanese coming to downtown

In case you haven’t taken a look at the storefronts surrounding the downtown Century Theater on B Street, here’s the latest poster advertising a new tenant. According to the city’s economic development manager Sean Brooks, a lease has been signed for the upper floor of the corner retail location — that’s prime real estate.

“After they move in, (the storefronts) will be about 50 percent occupied,” said Brooks, who added that the business has “piqued a lot of interest.”

Brooks said the all-you-can-eat buffet will open in early 2010. It will join frozen-yogurt vendor Zuckersuss and Wingstop, with three more storefronts yet to be rented.

Eric Kurhi

  • looking forward to this new buffet. i hope it will be a great additom to Cinema Place.

  • J. W. Kyle

    One can only wonder the result of a foreign film or two each week at the new theater. Bollywood or some of the better films from south of the border, with english subtitles ought draw a business or two which would create an additional reason for those employing two languaages, to open a business or two along ‘B’ Street.
    A Street fair or two each year, stretching along ‘B’ street, from the vacant lot at ‘B’ and Montgomery, to Foothill. As presently promoted, street fairs by C of C hasn’t really done the trick. If as and when the forclosure disaster ever comes to an end, the ANG’S Review will suffer the loss of income from the pages devoted to foreclosure notices……. a more viable business climate along ‘B’ street would aid in the production of Advertising income to the benefit of the Review and coffers at City Hall. as would be acheived by ‘promotion’ of professionally produced ‘international’ street fairs which would offer display of products produced other than that which exists in downtown ( C of C ? ) businesses…. in the fashion of that which is seen in upscale communities……but then I’ve pretty much exp[osed those ideas before without arousing interest.

    We have a large presence of Hayward residents who hail from other areas of the world…. use some imagination and promote businees’ which cater to their need for produccts reminiscent of ‘back home’ …… when….

    It may produce the synergism needed by the present ‘down’town area.