Carlos Bee slippery when wet

Carlos Bee Boulevard is Hayward’s asphalt equivalent of a Slip ‘N Slide, so it shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone that the road was closed down this morning around 7:30 after several vehicles had mishaps on that particular avenue into the hills. According to Hayward police, cars going up the hill couldn’t get enough traction to make headway, and those coming down the hill were slipping out of control. As of 12:15 p.m., the road remained closed to Hayward Boulevard, and students and others were using alternate routes such as Harder Road.

A fix is in the works for Carlos Bee, but drivers will have to make it through this rainy season without it. So drive careful in them thar hills!

In other windy, wet news, no one was injured when two trees fell into a Goodwin Street home, and a pole-fire on Main Street closed the road near downtown for about an hour. We’re keeping an ear on the scanner and will have a roundup in tomorrow’s paper.

Eric Kurhi

  • The is a mini lake on E Street by Hayward High. Mission Blvd was closed by Fairway Park and I saw Carlos Bee closed too.

    I’m trying to stay dry on this wet rainy 16th birthday.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Happy B-Day, fellow Libra! Have a good one, despite the weather.

  • Happy birthday Alex!

  • thanks.