Eric Kurhi

  • TheVoice

    Here is something to thinkabout NOW, with the exodus of some dealerships along Mission blvd. along the west side.

    Lets get the city to think about purchasing or planning to obtain some of those parcels to widen Mission blvd in preparation of groundfloor retail with condos on the upper levels.

    Must be proactive and plan ahead with vision for the FUTURE.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Great idea by the Voice……… but before geting the city involoved, this matter oight be passed by thje happt ;cats’ and HAPA IRGanizations, ( hayward’s shadow Gov’t. Then having the approval of our shadow gov’t trot it by the City to see where 1.) the money from the widening will be found; 2.) where would the ‘choke point occur…. if not Harder then Tennyson and what would be the affect upon the newly approved Transit oriented village.

    If the widening occurred as far as Industrial Pkwy, that is where it would need to stop. The water kine from Geytch Hetchy passes under the ‘lineal park’ on the west side of Mission from Industrial to Union City niles area…… big bucks bsedies opposition from the Ladies of Fairway Park who chiose a 9 hole golf vcourse over re-placement of Treeview school. Treevioew sits on the fault line and intrerestingly enough, was not included in the recenyt bond measure, or even discussed by HUSD Trustees and the Chamber of Commerce Bond enthusaiasts.
    You do understand that this is Hayward and that the next big beef will be over the sufggested removal of Bret Harte to the ‘old quarry site immediately north of Carlos bee, 1,ooo feet ot so east of mISSUIO. tHE HIGH MUCKY MUCK OF hapa WANTS TO BUILD 1,000 UNITS ON 23 ACRES WITH PARKING LIMITED TO JUST 300 CARS…. SO, THAT DENSE POPULATION JUST DOSN’T GAVE THE LEGS TO BRIING ‘STRIP’ COMMERCIAL TO THE ENVISIONED SUCCESS OF THE PROPOSAL BY “the voice” despite her good intentions.

    Is it possible that ‘the voice’ is the individual known as the “President of CATS, for life)