Hayward planners split on Club Me

With one commissioner recusing herself from the vote, there was a deadlock among planners over what to do with an application for a restaurant and nightclub in downtown Hayward.

Club Me would set up shop at 926 B St., next to Newman Park. It would serve as a restaurant for lunch and dinner most days, and a nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights.

Some planners expressed concerns that police are already stretched thin and urged the applicant to pursue the restaurant without the club, citing a history of problems with downtown nightclubs. But others expressed confidence in the applicant, and said they should be given a chance to help revitalize downtown. Commissioners Mary Lavelle, Marvin Peixoto and Christopher Thnay voted against the club; Rodney Loche, Julie McKillop and Al Mendall for it. Elisa Marquez recused herself from the vote.

The item is slated to go before the City Council at its Dec. 15 meeting.

Police Lt. Reid Lindblom was at the meeting, and acknowledged that resources are thin, particularly after a 2 a.m. shift change. But he said the outcome of a bar or nightclub is ultimately dependent on its management.

“There are several bars downtown that have a very minimal impact on police resources,” he said. “That’s a credit to how the bar is run. But there’s another that’s off the chart.”

That bar, the Funky Monkey, is going before the Planning Commission at its next meeting, seeking a conditional use permit, per the city’s planning project list:

Funky Monkey – Request to operate a night club. A cover charge would be charged on Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights and special events. Special events include DJs, live music, fundraisers, etc.., daily am/pm.

Eric Kurhi

  • souldogdave

    Downtown Hayward has the new theater, the Bistro , Buffalo Bills, it doesn’t need a new bar! Thank god “Uncle Roy’s” is over, and the Monkey attracts violent out-of-towners at night. Full-scale brawls are a matter of record. Lots of little alleyways all over that area where criminal activity occurs. Hip-Hop bar? I will never go downtown at night again, kiss my money goodbye.