Hayward nightclub approved, Council adopts earlier meetings

City Council gave a downtown restaurant and night club the go ahead in a fairly extended meeting last night. I’ll have a longer story in tomorrow’s Review.

Speaking of long meetings, the Council also approved changing the time they meet. Starting next year, Tuesday night meetings will begin at 7 instead of 8 p.m.

That 8 p.m. start time was definitely on the late side of things. The earlier start puts Hayward in line with Fremont, San Leandro, Union City, Oakland and Berkeley, to name some other 7 o’clockers. Newark remains a regional anomaly that splits the difference, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Eric Kurhi

  • John Kyle

    Good! Now we are going to be able to have more time for meetings which will drag on…. especially when City and HUSD put their heads together on the joint need to reduce classroom transiency rates….. which are the basic problem involved with low test scores…. at least, that is so in my opinion.

    Now we have to find a Superintendent who works more closely with that portion of the elctorate who do not have children in the system but who have direct and/or indirect,( as with concience) need to be involved.

    There are among us, Senior Citizen types as well as childless couples, individuals who have talent and time ready for use by the school district.

    It has been the case in the recent past where volunteers were chewed up and spit out. Creating some dismay, to say the least about that subject….. use volunteers respectfully and listen to the advice they render, as result of knowledge gained in the ‘outside’ and which is offered in good conscience!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Just what we need (per the article) more people from Oakland, tearing up our town…

  • John Kyle

    Well, the oreceding seems to have a racist tone…… but then we have enough charcters of our own, within the ‘diversity’ to suggest that we be concerned with our ample supply of watering holes. Perhaps if was a joint where some poetry readings occurred, it might take on a welcome change….. poetry in Hayward? With our school drop out rate?

    Hire an off duty ‘parole officer’ to observe the ‘scene’ ?? He could have a book of mug shots available for customers to browse and perhaps the customers would then gather a small remuneration for the recidivist types that are on a hot list for current warrants? A social good might possibly occur?

    Then out 0f town characters would avoid us? Name it ‘Snitch Club’ or ‘Club Fink’ ?

    Heck, the fuzz has used the concept to catch theives with hot merchandise for sale. Have they not?

  • obama newage

    Another night time business to sell alcohol??? What is Hayward coming to. What is our city council thinking? Do we need money that bad?