North Face vs. South Butt

San Leandro-based apparel company The North Face  is unhappy with Jimmy Winkelmann, a 19-year-old St. Louis college student who founded his own apparel company, called The South Butt. Earlier this month, The North Face sued The South Butt for trademark infringement.

NPR, USA Today, AP, newspapers and television news have covered the case. Winkelmann says the ensuing publicity is driving traffic, and sales, to his Web site.  (That’s Winkelmann above.)

“If you are unable to discern the difference between a face and a butt, we encourage you to buy North Face products,” Winkelmann says on his site.

Jason Sweeney

  • TheVoice

    Why do you have this garbage even posted on here? This shows alot about your organization when we have a violation of our constitution about to be passed by politicians.

    Freedom from mandatory ins coverage resulting in fines and/or jail. Where is the FREEDOM in this country. God save us all.

  • John Kyle

    Sounds a bit like some ””criticism”’ FDR faced with Bank Holiday, Social Security, FHA financing, CCC end of course his move on ‘Packing the Court….’,lend lease, etc…..

    Then after dumping on an incomplete political/practical move to exrend freedom to all. (in the process of gaining insurance denied to many) a thoughtless call upon the almighty for removing what is aeen as a mere annoyance to all!

    God might be prompted to deny access to his presence when the comp[lainers do not yet know what they are complaining about……. or did we see the House vote since yesterday?

    And frankly, the young man who is the focus of all this is pretty dog gone creative…… a human interest story to relieve anxiety!!!

  • junsz

    I support the North Face,I have two The North Face down jacket, great quality,and cool appearanc!

  • obama newage

    Let the guy make some money with his North But. Get a sense of humor people. I think we should have more parodies in commerce.