Shhhh! Sonic is open!

sonicfrankSo maybe it’s already too late — word is out that they did a soft opening Tuesday night. During off peak hours this afternoon, a couple dozen cars were lined up for the drive-thru, about the same for the drive-in, and a walk-up line was rolling about 12 deep.

Still, fast food fans said they were getting served in short order by the inline-skating bellhops.

We will have a story out over the weekend. Frank Leamy, the pictured co-owner, said they didn’t do any advertising and are already swamped.

“It’s all Facebook and Twitter and online word of mouth,” Leamy said. So consider this is the official online heads up for HayWordians.

There’s even OMG it’s a Sonic YouTube video of a car driving by the new Hayward location.

More details on the Sonic are in our earlier HayWord post.

Eric Kurhi

  • Alex

    i wanna go! 🙂 i tried it once in Tracy. and hella of my homies were talkin about it today…

  • obama newage

    Ahhh Sonic !! They make good shakes and the service was great. They actually serve you on roller skates! Nice place, but I can see that it must be a nightmare to get something to eat at peak hours. The lot is not designed for so much traffic.