Measure I update: So far, so good


Things are going as planned with funds from Measure I, $205 million earmarked for school renovations and rebuilds. We’ll have a story early next week, but in a nutshell, the design work is complete for all involved campuses: Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School,  Schafer Park Elementary, Tyrrell Elementary, Fairview Elementary and East Avenue Elementary.

There are even 3D virtual tours of each campus, along with more traditional artist renderings.

An extensive security camera system has been installed, now covering all schools in HUSD.

Next step is construction, which will begin with fencing going up at some sites in April, with heavy-duty stuff starting in summer. All five schools are expected to be completed in 2012, and facilities manager Dave Gallaher said they’re going to be something to be proud of.

“We took all the best ideas out there, from the staff, from the community and from the architects, and blended them together,” he said. “We were looking forward, incorporating things like technology in classrooms, energy efficiency, and sustainability in buildings and grounds. The best of new ideas.”

Eric Kurhi