HUSD budget info/input opportunity

UPDATE 2/25: Survey has been updated so that it’s no longer confusing.

The Hayward Unified School District set up a special Web page that has a load of information regarding upcoming budget cuts. It has feedback from the community meetings held in recent months, and links to information about budget timeline, who is on the Budget Advisory Committee, statements from top HUSD officials and a feedback form, where you can rank priorities for cuts.

In addition for a chance to weigh in, it gives a good idea about how much can be saved by doing what. The format is a little confusing, however. From the survey:

cuticonRespond to the following questions by ranking each one on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being most important and 5 being least important.

Q4: Reduce or eliminate staff development for teachers (currently 3 days). Saves $400,000.


So what this means is, you’d rank it 1 if you consider it “most important.” That doesn’t mean you think staff development for teachers is a most important priority, but rather that you think it’s most important for the district to cut said development.

To see other savings, read on: Continue Reading


Ice dancing in Hayward, anyone?

OLY-2010-FSKATE-MEN-SHORTOk, so maybe it’s not suitable for Olympic-style competition (don’t even think about bringing a curling stone) but there will be a 1,200-square-foot synthetic ice rink set up at Hayward City Hall from 1 to 9 p.m. Saturday. If watching Vancouver footage has you all riled up and eager to lace-up, it could be fun for only $2 per 25-minute session, skates included.

BH Skating Parks International is bringing the faux ice. It’s a Canadian company, so if you want to rub in Sunday’s upset hockey win, feel free to chant “U-S-A!” ad infinitum as you slide around. But keep the cross-checking in check — this is a family affair.

While the synthetic ice provided  supposedly not as slick as the real deal, this guy makes it look pretty fun:

Synthetic ice demontration


Gonzales resigns from HUSD board

UPDATE: Councilwoman Anna May announced that she is not running for re-election come June, instead setting her sights on the school board.  She said  she has some running mates but would not divulge names at this time. More in tomorrow’s story.

Sarah Gonzales handed in her letter of resignation today. The school board will begin the process to fill the vacancy by approving the procedure tomorrow at a special 1 p.m. meeting that also includes discussion of board goals and meeting protocol.

Gonzales said the resignation is due to health and family reasons. She and her partner are moving to Southern California to take care of an aging family member, and Gonzales is recovering from shoulder-replacement surgery.

She said the decision has little to do with the state of affairs on the school board, other than that she has a lot of work to do that makes it “impossible to do the hard work” required of a board member.

We’ll have a story in tomorrow’s paper.


Meanwhile, in the supervisor’s race

Here’s an interesting item , from the Inside Bay Area political blog. To those who need more incentive to click, the gist of it is that Nadia Lockyer has a sizable head start in money raised for the upcoming Alameda County District 2 supervisor race. Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling has considerably less cash available, but he’s maintaining that most of his donations come from within the district, while nearly all of Lockyer’s war chest comes from outside the area.


Anyone see the last HUSD meeting?

UPDATE: The video of the meeting is now available online. Recommended viewing times:

33:40 —  Trustee Luis Reynoso’s first objection of the meeting to seating placement of superintendent.

41:20 — Cameo public comment appearance of frequent HayWord poster John Kyle.

1:41:45 — Restructuring item begins.

2:13:12 — Reynoso input begins. Conflict begins about 9 minutes later, ends with item moved over Reynoso objections.

2:42:20 — Reynoso input on next item begins. Conflict begins almost immediately, with request for round robin, rejection of request, accusation of superintendent giving direction. About 15 minutes later it again gets heated and ends in a brief recess before being moved.

There was a fair degree of dysfunction, which is touched on in today’s story about Harder and Longwood elementary schools facing restructuring. The video isn’t available yet on the district’s Web site, but it is recommended viewing for anyone who wants to see how trustees are getting along.

Just curious to hear comment from anyone who might have been at the meeting or seen it on television.


Watch out for this one

Apparently this scam is prevalent, in the Hayward area and beyond. Since the story ran, we’ve received numerous calls from people hearing variations on the same deal. They all said they nearly fell for it. One lady said the only reason she didn’t was because her grandson “was in jail before, so I just told him he can stay there.” A man said his grandson sounded “very distressed, in a panic … I couldn’t recognize his voice and barely could make out what he was saying.” At the last minute, he decided it would be prudent to check with his grandson’s girlfriend, who said that he was at work, like usual. Another woman said the scammers actually tell the victim that they shouldn’t tell Western Union people what the money is being wired for, because “Western Union doesn’t like getting involved with legal matters.”

Here are some tips to avoid being scammed, courtesy of Western Union: Continue Reading


Hayward’s June election

The nomination period has yet to begin, but already some people have announced their intent to run for City Council. With Kevin Dowling running for Alameda County supervisor, there should be considerable interest in this race. We’ll see who starts signing up.

It’s not too early to start thinking about what we want to know from our City Council hopefuls. Here’s a refresher on what was asked last time around.

Crime, the city’s image and retail attraction are fairly obvious major concerns, and remain on the list of city priorities this year, along with land use/sustainability and fiscal stability. Then there are the latest talking points, medical marijuana dispensaries and issues related to Hayward’s homeless population.

Thinking in the four-year long-term, what are the points that you would most like to hear candidates speak about?


HUSD updates

Some recent stories: Hayward was one of two school districts in the East Bay to be appointed a county fiscal adviser. The SRO problem was solved, in no small part due to deal brokering by the interim supe. There’s a special HUSD meeting Tuesday night at which they will talk about the search for a permanent superintendent. HUSD is also a topic at the city’s Economic Development Meeting today, where trustee Paul Frumkin and interim superintendent Janis Duran will talk about API scores. And later this week, the superintendent’s action plan, presented as item H2 at the Jan. 27 board meeting, will be the subject for the Hayward Local Agencies Committee meetins, 5:30 p.m. Thursday  at the H.A.R.D. conference room, 1099 E St.