And your new HUSD interim trustee is…

JARMAS… Jesus Armas. Here’s the brief for tomorrow’s paper, will have more on this later.




Former City Manager Jesus Armas was appointed to serve as an interim Hayward school board member Wednesday, and said he intends to seek a permanent seat in the November election.

That will pit him against outgoing City Manager Greg Jones and Councilwoman Anna May, who each are leaving their positions to run as a slate for two of the three slots available on the board.

School board members chose Armas from a field of 10 candidates in a 3-1 vote, with Luis Reynoso dissenting.

Reynoso was wary of the appointment because he felt district staff members were “less than transparent” in divulging the fact that Armas’ wife works as a human resources manager in the district, which he said creates potential for a conflict of interest.

In other news, today was the filing deadline for June’s election. All six of the City Council contenders mentioned in this story filed.



Eric Kurhi

  • Chris

    Well it looks like politics are going on in our district and our students are going to suffer.

  • Justwatching

    I tend to agree with Mr. Reynoso on his decision to vote no. I also believe this is a conflict of interest. Oh well, here we go.

    This is interesting, 3 folks from the City of Hayward, current and past are going to run for HUSD School Board.

  • John Kyle

    Dear just watching….. were you there this afternoon?

    The Lawyer representing HUSD cited the law which said there is no conflict of interest unlees the District signed Mrs Armas to a sepatate wage agreement. in Case. ARMAS SHOULD RECUSE HIMSELF……


  • Justwatching

    So I guess its only a conflict of interest if it involves Mrs Armas. Interesting. I still have the right to my opinion and to some degree it is a conflict of interest

  • qodrn

    I think there were several good candidates; I like the choice so far. Certainly, Mr. Armas could excuse himself for things directly related to his wife. However, as she participates in hiring decisions, and one would assume layoff and terminations, I am curious about what the lawyer said about this. She will certainly have the opportunity for very direct input to a board member, and layoffs are a very big part of the boards job right now. I could see Ms. Armas having direct influence in other issues beside her own contract.

  • Justwatching

    Qodrin, I agree.

    An individual as the Director of Certificated Personnel has a lot of personnel issue that come before the school board all the time and that individual is usually the HUSD staff member presenting those action items to the School Board. There was a time in the not so distant past that the Director of Certificated Personnel position was left vacant and the duties were performed by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources to save money.

  • John Kyle

    Had it not ben for Mr. Armas, the Burbank School would not have come to fruituion.
    That was a very complicated transactrtion as between the school District, The City’s resdelopment agency, the developer, Hard Area Recreation District, and the fazed demolition of warehouse buildings as the leases expired.

    The typicall bank real estae loan department would not have touched iT…. too complicated and time consuming for many! Note the new low income housing ayt the corner of C StreTt AND GRAND….. ART OF THE DEAL !


  • Justwatching

    Let’s look that beautiful redeveloped area. The real estate debacle sure left us with a lot of vacant undeveloped land. Now one to build or buy homes with children that were planned to attend the new Burbank School. Oh well, maybe some day.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I have to agree with Mr. Kyle on this issue. Mr. Armas has already brought calm, professionalism, and maturity to what has become a circus. We are very fortunate to have his leadership and guidance in these troubled times. Our board meetings lately have seemed more like Jerry Springer shows.

    Mr. Reynoso has a personal agenda. He is trying to destroy the district from within. He is bitter about being a non re-elect teacher. He is causing chaos and confusion. Unfortunately people are buying into his “community” act. He is just stalling the process and causing angst because of his own old personal resentments. Where he could be part of the solution, he is just throwing up roadblocks and being vengeful.

  • John Kyle

    An interesting expression of concern by Conerned Citizen.

    I wholly concur with the first paragraph of his/her contribution. I provide insight into the second area of the expressed concern.

    Mr. Reynoso is a man to be admired; raised in an orphanage he camne to the US at age 11, without a word of english in his vocabulary. His zeal for a true observation of ‘the process’ is to be commended.

    What apparently has ‘set him off’ is something which I had pointed out to him prior to his election.

    I have been an observer of HUSD almost from the day I retired. In that period of time (1991) I have observed no fewer than four indivuals dismissed from the ‘role’ as Superintendent. The immediate predecessor to Dr. Foxworth, Dr. M. Foxworth, ‘Lady Kohl, and finally the suave Supt.. “I’ll get back to you later” ,,, Vigil!

    It was Dr. Vigil who from day one, took up the practice of sitting on the immediatre right of the Presider, Mr. Peterson who at age 80 was obviously well past his preime…. he needed help and vIGIL WAS MORE THAN WILLING TO WHISPER IN THE MAN’S EAR….. A PRACTICE HE CONTINUED WITH MR. SAENZ WHO TOOK OVER THE ROLE AS PRESIDER IMMEDIATELY UPON HIS APPOINTMENT (AFTER THE RESIGNATION OF Ms Truhill.)

    I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SAENZ WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD IMMEDIATELY UPON APPOINTMENT. was it the influence of Vigil over a board needing help in it’s own experience?

    The whispering continued and I was very annoyed personally, on the premise that Vigil was exceeding the parameters of his job description. Who was running the meeting ?

    My annoyance was conveyed to Mr. Reynoso and we both believe that the Supt. when contributing to the progress of the meeting, ought to speak up and be heard… no whispers… if it is worth saying.. SAY IT OUT LOUD!

    Frankly, the Supt is to speak only when asked by the Presider. Reynoso’s objection to the name of the Supt, appewaring upon the overhead projection of the roll call when voting occurs, is valid for the same reason. The Supt. is guided by the votes and is not a participant in voting on matters by which Supt. is guided.


    No ‘tete a tete’ business! If it is worth discussing do it outloud so that all can hear…. that is why it is called a ‘public’ work session!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I hear you Mr. Kyle. I appreciate your perspective.

    I just wish that Mr. Reynoso would use his powers in a constructive way. It seems that he is just trying to disrupt business now because of his frustration. He consistently expresses his lack of faith in the district and the board, and votes against progress; example the parcel tax measure. Why would a board member vote against a measure that would bring more funding into classrooms? If he is unhappy with the state of things, why not offer solutions instead of being a filabuster? He is impeding progress.

    I do not see that the superintendent’s seating position, nor name on board is impeding progress. Vigil is gone. Let that go.

    I actually see Ms. Duran as quite knowledgeable and helpful when she speaks. She is not intrusive nor disruptive in the board’s business and does not speak when it is not appropriate. I cannot say the same of Mr. Reynoso.

    He seems to me to be losing control, and has quite certainly lost all decorum and any speck of tact or professionalism. It is embarrassing to watch the way he goes on and on, belabors his points, interrupts people, delays the meetings, causes disorder, and makes personal attacks on people.

    He obviouly does not prepare for the meetings. I continually ask myself, doesn’t he read his notes? Why is he asking these questions? Shouldn’t he know this stuff? It feels like he is manipulating the audience, and getting a charge out of the applause. It is not constructive. It is not leading to anything positive. He is not helping our kids. He is not resolving our budget issues. He is not resolving anything. He is simply stirring the pot, fanning flames, and creating more ill feelings for everyone involved. He has no solutions. What is his reason for being there?

    If you don’t have the people skills, and the emotional fortitude to work collegially in a group like that, and keep your emotions in check, you shouldn’t do it. If he can’t harness his passion, and channel it into something for the GOOD of our students, he should step down and let someone else step up. There is enough negative. We need more positive.