More Hayward council candidate info

The City of Hayward Web site has a section for election infomation that includes official candidate statements as well as a link to .pdf files of the first campaigh expenditure statements for the four candidates who turned said materials in. The statements, links and highlights of Form 460 information are also available after the jump. They are in the official order set by the Secretary of State’s random drawing.

Ralph-Farias-JrName of Candidate: Ralph R. Farias Jr.
Occupation: Businessman
Age: 28
My education and qualifications are:
I have lived in Hayward practically my entire life; I graduated from Hayward High, and attended Tennyson High school, La Vista, and Harder School. As you may see I am as Hayward Home Grown as it gets. Though I may be young in age, I bring a true residents point of view. I understand I am not a career politician but I have seen my City turn into a ghost town with all of the closures of many of the businesses throughout Hayward. If Elected I will strive to bring back business into Hayward, Also I will focus my time on bridging the gap between the city government and the Unified school district. The only way you can fight poverty is with education. During my father’s youth there were many leaders in society from Martin Luther King, and JFK, and I feel many people do not want to step up and become a leader, I vow that I will stand up and represent the people and will work hard to keep Hayward the Heart of the bay. I will bring solidarity back to our community. Please Visit www.wewantralph.com and thank you for your time.

Here is his Form 460. It is nearly blank, and states that he received $157 through March 17.

Mark-SalinasSMName of Candidate: Mark Salinas
Occupation: Educator
Age: 39
My education and qualifications are:
I was born, raised and educated in Hayward. My wife and I are proud to call Downtown Hayward our home. A professor at Chabot College, I also serve our community as Executive Director of The Kids’ Breakfast Club, a group that has provided over 100,000 free meals to deserving Hayward kids and their families while teaching them about health and nutrition. I helped found Hayward’s Latino Business Roundtable to promote and assist local businesses and encourage their involvement in our community. I now serve on the Measure I Bond Oversight Committee, ensuring your tax dollars are spent appropriately. I am concerned about what’s happened to Hayward since I was a kid, and have set myself four goals as your Councilmember: Make sure Fire and Police are fully funded – Continue investing in cleaning up our neighborhoods and parks and keeping them safe – Focus on economic development to bring jobs to our city – Build a stronger partnership with our schools and integrate the University into the community. I am proud to have the support of law enforcement, seniors, teachers, students and community leaders, and would be honored to have your vote. Together we can make a difference for Hayward! www.salinasforhayward.com.

Here is his Form 460. He has collected $4,332 and spent $1,874. Notable donors include former Councilwoman Doris Rodriguez, business owner George Pacheco, consultant/school board member/former city manager Jesus Armas and Councilman Francisco Zermeno.

Sara-LamninName of Candidate: Sara Lamnin
Occupation: Program Director
Age: 39
My education and qualifications are: I have the experience and commitment to provide responsible oversight of our city budget, to ensure efficient, consistent delivery of public safety and services, and to develop innovative solutions for revitalizing our commercial districts. Through chairing Hayward’s Citizen’s Advisory Commission, leading programs like Hayward Community Action Network and Kinship Services, and founding local efforts like Tools 4 School and South Hayward Stroll, I have developed a deep respect for our city. As a manager, I lead by listening, promote transparency, and consistently involve people in the decisions that affect their lives. My endorsements from Council and School Board members, business owners, and non-profit and faith leaders demonstrate the collaborations I can facilitate as your Councilwoman. I will work to attract employers and prioritize local hiring, ensuring that Hayward dollars stay in Hayward. My vision for Hayward includes government that supports the businesses and families that built this city and establishes policies that are both ecologically responsible and fiscally sound. I will fight for a city in which our children are healthy and successful, where community involvement is the standard, and where people of all ages feel secure and are proud to call Hayward home. Please visit: www.saralamnin.com. Thank You.

Here is her Form 460. She has collected $3,820 in donations and loaned herself $10,000, with additional nonmonetary contributions for a war chest of $15,185. So far, $14,184 has been spent. Notable donors include former CSUEB president Norma Rees, school board member Paul Frumkin, former Councilwoman Doris Rodriguez, professor and car-free village proponent Sherman Lewis, former state legislator and supervisor candidate Liz Figueroa, and council members Barbara Halliday and Francisco Zermeno. She has hired consultant Erwin and Muir Public Affairs and Political Counseling.

Marvin-PeixotoName of Candidate: Marvin Peixoto
Occupation: Hayward Planning Commissioner
My education and qualifications are: The City of Hayward stands at a crossroads – our safety and quality of life are at stake. I’m running for City Council because I fundamentally believe Hayward can be better. I was born in Hayward. I’ve lived here for 38 years. I received my Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Cal State Hayward. Community service is important in my life. Currently I serve on the Hayward Planning Commission. I’m a past Chairperson of the Hayward Citizens Advisory Commission, and past Vice President of the Woodland Estates Community Association. I will work for solutions to Hayward’s most urgent problems—crime, blight, illegal dumping and littering, struggling neighborhoods, improving our schools, traffic and the need for jobs and economic development to stimulate our local economy. As a former Budget Analyst, I’m deeply concerned that the State continues taking money away from Hayward, which rightfully belongs to our city. I will provide leadership to fight this disturbing trend. Working together we can achieve a safer, cleaner, greener, more prosperous Hayward. I welcome your suggestions. Contact me at 510-538-2516. I will respond. I am endorsed by hundreds of citizens across Hayward. I would appreciate your support on Election Day too. Learn more at www.marvinpeixoto.com. Thank you.

Here is his Form 460. He has collected $6,693 and loaned himself $5,000, for a total of $11,693. He also has $30,700 left over from a loan he gave to his 2008 council campaign. So far he has spent $9,681. Notable donors include former school board member John Ostarello, Palace Poker Casino owner Katherine Bousson, executive director of the Stonebrae Country Club Steve Miller, former sheriff Charles Plummer, lawyer Cynthia Birmingham, planner Al Mendall, Councilman Bill Quirk and supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer. He has hired consultant Larry Tramutola.

Steve Oiwa and Lawrence Fitzpatrick do not have any information available on the site, but here are their pics:

Lawrence-FitzpatrickLawrence Fitzpatrick




Steve-OiwaSteven Oiwa

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