Here are the proposed HUSD cuts

This is a list of the cuts that the superintendent proposed at yesterday’s special meeting. The board will vote on them next Wednesday. Administrators were clear that if cuts are to be avoided in one area, they have to come from another.

We’ll have a story in tomorrow’s Review, but here are the actions listed in descending order based on how much each will save:

Maximize class sizes to 32 in K-6, 37 at 7-12: $2,600,000

Reduce Hayward Adult School budget to $1.5 million: $2,100,000

Reduce deferred maintenance of sites: $600,000

Eliminate summer school: $500,000

Limit purchase of textbooks: $500,000

Use available unencumbered dollars: $500,000

Cut four psychologists  (keep 8): $400,000

Cut nurses by four FTE (keep 6.25): $400,000

Cut three high school assistant principals (keep six): $375,000

Reduce ROP budget: $320,000

Suspend painting and carpeting operations for a year: $300,000

Cut elementary assistant principals: $300,000

Bus availability distance increase from 1 mile to 1.5 mile: $300,000

Cut four counselors (keep about 20): $300,000

Cut elementary school music programs: $294,000

Across the board 10 percent cut to all departments: $250,000

Cut noon supervisor hours: $250,000

Furloughs for certificated administrative staff: $235,000

Cut attendance clerks by five positions: $215,000

Eliminate associate superintendent position: $205,000

No substitutes for classified absences for up to three days: $200,000

Cut one clerical position at each high school: $200,000

Cut 3.75 FTE campus supervisor positions (keep 21.5): $200,000

Cut two custodial/groundskeeper positions: $150,000

Eliminate director of technology position: $150,000

Furloughs for classified administrative staff: $51,800

Employees pay for own fingerprinting: $50,000

Reduce legal costs: $50,000

Reduce travel and conference costs: $30,000

Cut payment for superintendent and asst. superintendent: $25,000

Use teacher experts instead of consultants: $20,000

Modify curriculum council: $20,000

Eliminate pre-employment physicals: $20,000

No more food or drink served at meetings: $5,000

That adds up to $12,115,800, which means another $5,884,200 still needs to be cut.

Eric Kurhi

  • K Rocchio

    OK, so I’m still trying to understand this document … so listed are the recommendations from Ms. Duran?? They are the first part of the packet. Will the Board now consider items in the second section to supplement the $12million?

    I find it interesting that the Superintendent recommendations seem to include several categories that the community and BAC felt strongly about keeping (smaller class sizes, psychologists, attendance clerks, nurses, counselors, campus supervisors).

    It also appears that some of the items not currently being recommended by the Superintendent might have had support from the community, but not the Board (i.e. reducing the Board stipend, eliminating the position for the Director of Certificated Personnel, closing Faith Ringgold). These items all directly impact Board Members either through their salaries, their children or their spouse!

    Am I deciphering this information correctly?

  • J Ecker

    No mention of sports, that better not be the other $12M.

  • teachermama

    If that is right, K. Rocchio, then that is scandalous! I just want to remind everybody that in our district, raises are proportionate – they are not “across the board”, so cuts should be too. During the strike, the teachers won an 11% raise, but the substitutes have seen a 25% raise and Sr. Mgmt. had already received a 19% raise. Any cuts/reduction in pay should also be proportionate. Don’t forget all the posts on this blog about the 5 day furlough that Sr. Mgmt. already took – the pay reduction was miniscule. That said, if everyone takes their lumps in a fair way, the “mama” part of teachermama would be amenable to a furlough if it meant my kid could have all three specialty classes (preps) and a class size smaller than 32 next year. I have not heard any discussion of that, though it seems like that’s what the district is hinting at. I mean, they already lengthened the school day, so if the district chops days off the year, they are basically getting the teachers to put in all the instructional minutes for less pay. Pretty sneaky. That was probably Vigil’s parting shot before “retiring” on our dime. Anyone know anything?

  • dat

    Don’t forget that while Arnold was handing out COLA’s, the district was keeping most of it and this is why the teachers went on strike. The other districts were getting huge raises while we were getting a small percentage of the money that should have gone to us, especially considering the giant increases in medical coverage that we were forking out. How can this district be in worse shape than others when they’ve been living off of our COLA’s? I’d like to see numbers like the GATE got. The percentage of salaries that are in the classroom. People need to know that the salary money is not all in the classroom. Also, remember, I was told the board members get health care, but we pay for ours! I have asked for detailed budget info for years. No answer yet. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Xochitl

    Ms. Duran and the board need to answer why they gave her, Chien Wu-Fernandez, Letty Salinas, Donna Becnel a $40k increase on their salaries (for each). Now, is this fiscally responsible? These women clearly cannot manage this district. Why are they given this monetary incentive…to continue making bad choices for the children of this community?

  • John W. Kyle


    Well, supose they all left, out of despair, over the needed extra work when attempting to avoid a take over.
    I do belive they are working in excess of 40 hours oer week! something close to 60 hours would not be uncommon for dedicatted employees. I know fior a fact thgat Dr. Schimmel can be rfiound on the premises on Sunday and gets much done when the damn phone is not ringing!

    How did you come by that information. Did someone lapse and violate the rule on confidentality of employee relations ships.? If it came from a disgruntled trustee and can be proven…. we got big trouble brewing!

    This is an example of our big problem….. unfounded, unprovable accusations by the slanderous few!

    why some folks are unfound in proactive,amiable roles of aiding the problem, in a positive, pro-active fashion is hard for me to accept!

    the nom de plume factor again?

  • John W. Kyle

    The only cut I oppose would be the cut to attendence clerks….. we may shho=t ourselves in the foot with that one, given the problem with accurate reports needed to assure the flow of ADA monry……. especially if we require a bond to assur parental involment in reduction of Truancy ( read un excused absences.). we may need more intemnse effort at that job!

  • Watchdog

    Has the District given any thought to renting out available space for events that were held at the now closed Centennial Hall as means of generating revenue? Many of these events are now being held in other locations outside of Hayward, which also hurts our local businesses.

    H.U.S.D should be trying to look at ways other than cuts to solve its financial crisis.

  • John W. Kyle

    Watcdog .

    There you go, A constructive idea. We ought pass that one along….. for example Sunset HS Has a large gym…. Band concerts…tarsh & Trewsure sales etc….. Start writing good ideas such AS THESE AND PTRESENT THEM FOR OP[EN DISCUSION AT tOWN hALL mEEWTING, IF WE CAN GET THAT DONE!

  • watchdog

    Exactly what I had in mind, a large facility that could be utilized for revenue. For example, the Mineral and Gem Show
    was held this year at the Newark Pavillion, and what about the Quilt Fair, just to name a couple. What happened to the Ukelale Festival?

  • John W. Kyle


    There you go tiger… your mind is racing, now what we need is an ad hoc group entitled Sports and Promotions dedicatefd to raisng dollars for both the music program as well as support for sports! ’cause you know those programs are to be cut or axed all together…. take your ideas to Wednesday night meetinb and at publc comments speak to the idea of a Town Hall meeting where other good ideas will pop up!

  • John W. Kyle

    Blog watchers all

    I have reason to hope that the Review’s opinion page will print My recently sub,itted “My Word’ submission. In that writing effort I bring uop the need for a Town Hall Meeting and what I expect top see accomplished.. Subscribe or iof you already have the paper delivered,,, watch for the article and speak to the Trustees about the =need for a twon hall meeting.

    At age 79, soon to turn 80 I may be called to give an accounting…… in other words, I am passing the Baton on this subject in not too far byew and bye…. get smart and prepare to bring your own participatory efforts into play !

    If we do not help the schools in this moment of crisis…. we will have cause to hang our heads in shame when speaking to St. Pete at the Golden gates!!