Cuts approved at HUSD

UPDATE: Regarding the votes, Sims said she “felt we were between a rock and a hard place, and the only place given in the recomendations where we could cut more from was the adult school.” She said she didn’t feel that was fair, and didn’t feel comfortable voting yes, particularly when more cuts are still going to be necessary and they’re not being given more alternatives. Thus her vote to abstain.

Reynoso was more direct in his “no” vote. He said the district is in such shambles that state takeover would be beneficial, calling it a “leap of faith” that they should take.

“At least it would be a set of fresh eyes making the cuts, andĀ not biased,” he said. “They could look at the people you need to cut, and not play politics.”

Armas said it’s more like a “leap off a cliff,” and Frumkin said Oakland schools have just recently gotten out of receivership and their board had been a lame duck panel for eight years. “The fact is, it’s ugly when the state takes over.”

Here’s the early version of the story. More on thisĀ  to come.

Eric Kurhi