LWV forum notes on Hayward city candidates, Part 1

LWV_logoThe League of Women Voters held a fairly well-attended forum for Hayward City Council candidates last night at City Hall. It wasn’t a debate, and candidates were instructed to avoid negative speak against each other. All in all, a very civil affair where the most outrage was generated by the moderator’s repeated mistake of thinking she was in Fremont (to her defense, she is from the southerly chapter of the LWV and said she was falling victim to habit).

These have been cleaned up a bit in transcription, but I tried to include as much information as possible. Here are introductions and answers to the first question. Next three questions and concluding comments will be in a post-to-come.

Candidate Steve Oiwa did not attend. He has said he is running a “different kind of campaign,” doesn’t want to make promises before he knows what’s going on in city government and will not accept any contributions or spend any money on his campaign. “All money comes with strings attached, and at some point, those strings will pull back,” he said. He has agreed to an interview with the Review in coming weeks, more on him later.

Also, the League flier for the event said the forum will be televised at some point, will advise when more specifics are given. Continue Reading