The Tweets are now a three-man cacophony

twitter_logoIt’s been nearly a year to the day since intrepid reporter Kris Noceda announced he joined the world of Twitter.

That was a good call. After waiting and watching to see if Twitter wasn’t some kind of online flash-in-the-pan, the other Review reporters have joined him. Follow Eric Kurhi at www.twitter.com/erickurhi and Jason Sweeney at www.twitter.com/Jason_Sweeney .

Twitter serves a different function than either┬ástories or this blog. It’s an instant-information mechanism, good for short bursts. For example, when someone’s out in the field chasing down fire or crime information, or as-it-happens reports from school board or City Council meetings. Expect information to be in very short form and more informal than you’d see in a story or even on a blog.

You can also find links to other Tweeters, such as the City of Hayward or the Hayward Public Library.

You don’t have to be on Twitter to read the entries — just visit the sites to see what’s been posted.

Eric Kurhi