Meeting recap, and HUSD declares impasse with union

Last night’s community meeting was well attended, I estimated the crowd at a little less than 200. You can get the presentation material here. The Q and A was a mixed bag — some people were there to vent, one to campaign, some asking how they can help, and many with good questions.

One thing that came up a number of times dealt with the feeling that the district is unresponsive to the concerns of parents, or doesn’t adequately let them know what’s going on. Audie Bock was there with a bilingual “Down with Duran” sign, and Jim Drake was there to talk about the lack of fingerprinting of volunteers, as he has done repeatedly at board meetings. According to district staff, his points are misleading — all volunteers are fingerprinted except for when it’s a parent who volunteers in their own child’s classroom, and only when the teacher is present.

District presentation outlined priorities of academic achievement, fiscal solvency and campus safety — it was an abbreviated version of Superintendent Janis Duran’s action plan brought before the board earlier this year. She also said they will be taking a close look at the district’s real estate and its money making potential. And down the line, a parcel tax will be inevitable.

Here’s the superintendent’s recap, with some very important information toward the end. The district has declared an impasse in contract negotiations with the teacher’s union. Union officials say they were given about 15 minutes to look over the proposed contract before the district said they’re at an impasse.

What that means is now the Public Employment Relations Board mediators get involved, first to determine whether they’re truly at an impasse or if they should go back to the table for more talks. If the impasse is valid, they go to the “fact finding” process where they look at what’s going on and make recommendations on a mutual agreement. After that report comes out, the district could impose a contract on the union, as was done in Oakland last April, which in turn led to a teacher strike.

Keep in mind that the district has said they are counting on working with the employee groups to reach a balanced budget and avoid a state takeover.

Duran’s recap:

June 4, 2010 

To Hayward Community,

It was very gratifying and exciting to see the tremendous turnout at the First Community Outreach Meeting last night at Burbank Elementary School .  If you were unable to attend, you will find the Power Point slides I presented here.  We had over 175 persons in attendance.  We had time to respond to 20 questions/comments.  Those that submitted a card with a question will receive a response before the last day of school.   Those persons who submitted a Volunteer card will be contacted as we move through our preparation for the 2010-2011 school year.

One of the topics discussed last night was the state budget crisis and Hayward USD’s particular situation with the fiscal realities of the state of California . 

Districts across the state have been hit by the state budget crisis and reduced funding to schools. Budget cuts are common practice and concessions by unions are making headlines. HUSD needs to reduce it’s budget by $19 million for the 2010-2011 school year. The Board of Education has already taken action on my recommendations for budget reduction equaling $11 million. That still leaves $8 million to be identified for the Board of Education to take action. Additional reductions of $ 5 million will need to be identified for the 2011-12 school year. The 2010-2011 budget will be presented to the Board of Education for their approval on June 23, 2010. Without these reductions, the District will not have a balanced budget. District’s are required to submit their budgets to the County Office of Education. The County Office will not approve a budget that is not balanced.

We have been meeting with our employee groups including Hayward Education Association (HEA) our teachers union. Through the negotiations process, the District has proposed reductions to the current contract (concessions) in order to help bridge the $8 million shortfall for the 2010-2011 school year and the $5 million shortfall for the 2011-2012 school year. At this time we do not have any future dates scheduled for negotiations and have not reached any agreement to help balance the budget. The District has declared that we are at an “impasse” in negotiations. Impasse is the legal process to get support from a mediator to facilitate negotiations to reach agreement. We are hoping that with a mediators help we can reach an agreement that will keep the district fiscally solvent.
These are very difficult times for school districts in the state of California . We must all work together to resolve issues, think outside of the box, and tackle problems head on.

We will be holding  more Community Outreach Meetings during the 2010-2011 school year.  I hope you will be able to attend.  Have a safe and pleasant summer

Eric Kurhi

  • John W. Kyle




  • obama.newage

    Look it here can we all just get along. Why you always so nasty when others think different than you. Stop calling me oldage. I like what Rocchio had to say and was not looking to you to say it was ok for what I say. You all she sounds alot better than Ms. Heredia or Mr. Armas cause she does not sound gheto or dresses gheto. Ok Mr. Armas does not sound like Ms. Heredia and does not need an english enterpreter but Ms. Rochio sounds better on tv than Mr. Armas. Can you please say I’m sorry to Ms. Rocchio for being nasty to her she is not a politician so you cannot talk to her like that she is a private citizen like you and me. Stop being nasty again.

  • K Rocchio

    I have expressed my concerns with an attendance bond in previous posts. I am not only concerned about the families who can not make this deposit, but also guidelines for refund. I think it would be very important for you to investigate what constitutes an “excused” absence in HUSD these days. This type of bond will encourage parents to send sick children into the classrooms. Charging a family financially for a sick child is not something I’m willing to support.

    I do not appreciate speculations about what my “friends” have or have not accomplished. I was at the meeting on June 8th. I consider myself pretty well informed. When there are emails being referenced that I have no knowledge of, I am doubtful that accurate information is being shared. I do not feel I have misled anyone in regards to my position on HUSD. I will always speak up when I think the children are not being served as the number one priority.

    People are often pointing fingers at others and placing blame. I wonder if it is to incite anger and distrust. I am in contact with the Board Members and they are well aware of how I feel on a variety of topics. I do not need anyone here to try and interpret my comments or feelings for others. I am very up-front with how I feel. I will continue to be involved in matters that relate to HUSD, not because of false pride or not getting elected or appointed, but because I have two children in the middle of this crisis. This is about more than the value of my home or what position I hold. My #1 position is PARENT!

  • qodrn

    Does anyone know what it cost the district to hold Tennyson and Hayward High graduations at Cal State Easat Bay? It seems that maybe this year for form if nothing else, they could have held it at the high schools in question….

  • Hugh Lenahan

    Not sure about costs to the district. Tennyson’s graduation will probably be the last held CSUEB for some time. The have installed a new field in the stadium. As far as logistics, we have the space but not the infrastructure to pull it off. Chairs, portable stage, crowd control ( which if you saw last years graduation was an issue).

    Hugh Lenahan
    Tennyson High School

  • obama.newage

    Ms. Rocchio you go girl. Yes is because you are a parent with children in the HUSD that is the point to what you do right. Someone told me that Mr. Armas is on the Moreau high school board and his kids go there and not to public schools is that true? I knows Moreau High is a very expensive private high school. If is true then is wrong to have him in the Moreaue High board and the HUSD board and his wife be the HUSD personel director and now teachers say he too be now the HUSD teacher contracts negotiator now that is way out wrong wrong. How you all can take all this is I think bad and wrong why the teachers don’t complain more to the board on tv.

    You all is a silly idea to make people pay atendance bond when we give so many lunches free to these families that cannot pay it.

  • John W. Kyle

    Ms. Roccio

    Again you disappoint!

    In the first paragraph of you June 15, blog submission you state:

    “ This type of bond will encourage parents to send sick children into the classrooms. Charging a family for a sick child is not something I’m willing to support.”

    How in blazes do you leap to that conclusion? I recall you once stating on the blog that in your experience as volunteer at HUSD school attended by your children that there were plenty being sent there in sick condition.

    In my own experience at Longwood School during a period when I was invited as a ‘reader’ to Kindergarten and 1st Grade children, I observed teachers having to contend with ’pukes’ and a child’s loss of urinary and bowel controls. Some had obviously high temperatures. Mine attended St. Joachim’s at which school, ‘working parents’ had to provide not only their work address and phone numbers but the names of two responsible parties
    ( Grandma (etc) who had agreed to pick up and care for a child who became ill. Injuries were handled in another fashion if the injury was serious.

    I think your statement that the performance bond would encourage bringing a sick child to school is not constructive nor helpful in any form. Lady, that is one hell of a leap into negativity!

    In California there is an annual publication by the State of Calif. Dept of Education which describes the absenteeism at each of our HUSD Schools. What catches the eye, even on first read, is a tabulation for a line item described as “Unexcused Absences” which suggests to me that there must also be, somewhere in Ed. Code. a description on how to recognize ’excused absences’.

    I have been searching through some e-mail, especially the one you sent Lisgen in which you describe my performance bond idea as being stupid for the fact that I had sought a bond of $100. Per child! I resent that interpretation and believe you guilty of resenting any suggestions offered by another!

    That my dear lady is not the path which any of us would openly pursue in any well run “Town Hall Meeting.

    Learn not to pass judgment on honest thoughts of others….. Lest you be judged, purely and simply, as a prideful obstructionist.

    Now, as to the California State Law requiring parents to educate their children…. The obverse side of that ‘coin in the realm’ is that the penalty for failure, whatever that means, is not being enforced!

    Perhaps that is deliberate? Lack of enforcement heightens the problem and thus do I suspect it to be seen as opportunity to use OUR ADA money for other line item uses in the State’s budget woes. An act quite reprehensible in anyone’s book!

    A Town Hall meeting would see amplification of that thought and in that process we would enable ourselves to bring political “HEAT’ down on those responsible for enforcement of parental requirement to educate their children.

    How you became confused over the idea that the performance bond would be laid upon each child, is quite beyond me. I agree many, large families particularly would be hard pressed.

    I disagree that $100 is beyond reach of a family. If you have not observed, a new crime is being reported in our print news. Seems that youngsters walking to schools are being ‘held up’ ,even assaulted by thugs demanding a hand over of all the cell phones etc that we see kids toting by hand or in book bags by those known by ‘spotters’ in neighborhood gangs. If the $100 bond is that hard to come by then be assured parents will want a refund…. Which is obtained by presence in class and avoidance of ‘unexcused’ absences.

    Suggest you use your ‘involvement’ to find that definition of ‘excused’ rules‘. . The last thing…. We need some sharp attendance clerks at each school…. I do not know it for a fact but I understand that they are sometimes attending to that task at more than one location…

  • John W. Kyle




  • K Rocchio

    My last post in this exchange, as I will not engage in a personal battle. Mr. Kyle, you are obviously disappointed, but this forum is for all to speak and share.

    Just to be clear, I am perfectly aware of what qualifies as an “excused” absence in HUSD. Thus, my concerns regarding your proposal. I have done the research and recommend you do the same. And the post you mention re: sick kids was also in response to this bond proposal. This my opinion.

    I also want you to understand that I am very aware of the original email you reference and it might serve you well to revisit before you continue to cite any response from me. The email you are concerned about re: your 3/24 email to HUSD. I did not respond to you or any other party included on this email. Again, do the research before jumping to conclusions. I keep all of my records.

  • Norm D. Plume

    Mr. Kile,

    How dare you! You are always the first to complain that someone doesn’t use their real name on this site but as soon as they do you jump down their throat about everything from their intelligence and motivations to their weight. You, for some unknown reason, seem to feel that you are of superior intelligence to anyone and you dare not be questioned or challenged or that person shall be deemed inferior to you. You also can’t be bothered to spell a persons name correctly when you do address them (note RoccHio).

    In post #8 Cheryl requested you be sensored because you can’t seem to contribute without personal attacks. Does that not make you think perhaps your hostile approaches are ineffective? And by the way, people who hold public offices have opened themselves to criticism of their performance but private citizens who are simply voicing their opinion or exercising their constitutional rights by challenging procedures appear to threaten you and make you feel you need to start slinging your mud.

    Mr Kile you obviously have the time, interest and desire to be involved in the community. Perhaps try to focus on something positive rather than slamming people who don’t exactly agree with your stand. Maybe you should try to broaden your scope of focus and not just hound on the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…………..AGAIN.

  • John W. Kyle


    Good luck… as you lack clarity, it appears you need luck!you need it! Much regret here over suppor6t for your ‘run’ in 2008.

    Read the letter to editor this date!

  • observer

    Well Mr Kyle, as the famous singer fRANK sINATRA once sang ♪~ ♫~ ♪ “Regrets I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention.” ♪~ ♫~ ♪ I’m sure there are many more in the community who regret supporting the current board members. Mrs Rocchio is doing an excellent job of monitoring the board activitiy and keeping her friends informed. As a famous movie character once said “life is like a box of chocolates”. Have a great day Mr. Kyle!

  • John W. Kyle


    Zing! Boy was thgat a good one!

    Have you seen today’s letter to the editor? That ought set you ladies off to still another another ‘back fence’ conversation!

    Much luck in your efforts to solve HUSD problems!

  • observer

    1. I have a job so no “back fence” conversations for me.

    2. I read the same information as your letter to the editor in your post #20 several days ago.

    3. What makes you think I’m a lady? Jumping to conclusions again about who people are?

    4. HUSD problems cannot be solved by name calling and mud slinging but by working as a community to make things better in a fair and honest fashion don’t you think? Remember….♪~ ♫~ ♪ just what makes that little ole ant think he can move that rubber tree plant?

  • John W. Kyle

    Thanks at least for # 4) Will be back in a day or two with follow up.

    In the interim, advise your own opinion on the subject of how best to reduce, if not eliminate, the incredible loss of funding occurring presently with ‘unexcused absences’.

  • observer

    Mr. Kyle –

    Although the issue of attendance is an important one, it doesn’t seem to be as simple as you think. Your proposal would not only target truancy (I assume your definition is the same as mine was prior to learning it’s so much more than just skipping class but anything the ADA considers absent), but cause a great deal of paperwork when considering when to charge a family or not based on ADA. And I believe attendance clerks are not going to be in abundance after all of the budget cuts are over.

    I believe your information about ADA funding not being received by HUSD in such large numbers also includes what you probably consider to be an excused absence (ill child, family funeral, religious holiday) not just the kid who’s parents don’t observe their legal obligation to make sure their child doesn’t “skip” school.

    I was advised by a friend with knowledge of the ADA regulations on the difference between “excused” and “verified” absences and what is paid out according to ADA. Just because an absence is verified does not mean the District receives ADA. What you consider “excused” is really just a verified absence for purposes of ADA calculations. ADA is not received when a child is out ill, even if called in by a parent. ADA is not received when a child is in quarantine, legal appts., or even religious holidays or ceremonies. Even a family funeral does not “excuse” one for ADA purposes.

    Now, I realize that back when you were in school, with your jacket stuffed with newspapers, there wasn’t as much of a truancy problem (at least in the bay area, but children in rural areas had responsibilities that may not have allowed them to attend school regularly which would now be consider “unexcused”)….but when I was in school there was a problem with “skipping school” and it was resolved with suspension and/or expulsion. Now with all the concerns over money, schools don’t want to suspend children with bad and disruptive behavior over fear of losing the ADA money. This creates an extremely difficult environment for the children there to learn and doesn’t ever teach consequences to the kids with behavioral issues or their parents (who when I was in school were required to take the day off work to stay home with the suspended child). Perhaps making the consequences a little more uncomfortable for those being punished would curb issues much larger than the ADA lost by suspending kids.

    Now increase class size significantly and see how that works out. I think there are just so many other areas which you could focus your attention than continuing to beat this dead horse.

    There’s my opinion.

  • obama.newage

    Observer right on. Dead horse is right for the ADA attendance and the Town hall meeting. The town hall meeting at Burbank was a mess and the ADA thing is more to it than that.

    We all need to move on and look at other things which are going on now. Like Ms. Rocchio and many other people like Mr. Drake said on TV about fingerprinting everybody for safety at schools and tuberculosis testing for everyone for health at schools and then the thing about the hiring of the superintendent cause that person has not contract still. Mr. Drake and Ms. Rocchio you all keep going on we support you. The superintendent I found out last week she had lots to do about wasting money on the looking for a superintendent and then canceling the searching. Those things are going on now and whats going on that we can do something we need to do those things.

  • qodrn

    You are right. They don’t pay for absences any more, regardless of the reason. But the school needs to track its students for reasons of safety if nothing else. But they really don’t need to track what kind of absence any more per say. If a child is late, they also lose money after a certain time (I think 20 minutes). So, if your child needs to be absent, they might as well take a whole day as far as money is concerned. Of course, they miss class time. I would suggest doing what a lot of schools do, making attendance 10% of the grade. If you miss more than 2 sessions, you lose 10% unless you get excused for certain reasons. Schools could also award students for attendance, like a special lunch or something. Some schools do this for students who obtain certain grades. It works.

  • John W. Kyle


    You seem possessed by despair! If there are flaws in a process created by humans, other humahns will surely find a path around the obstruction. pURPOSEFUL LOSS of Hope LEADS TO COMPLETE DESPAIR!






    That is immoral as well as act of malfeasance.We most smoke the rascals if this is actually occurring!

    A town hall meeting is effective when properly otganized. Especially whem all attendees produce proper identificatiohn and ‘sign in’ so that when an idea worthwhile is produced, it can be put into the stew of righteopus anger and force a change in the system

    That change in the system is badly needed and if nothing else can be done, change the law to the affect that neglected children are removed from poor conditions…. leading in a great many cases,to eventual enrollment at the University of San Quenton.

    Change is possible….. all we need is the will of people behind the idea who are unaffraid of taking a public posituion when raiseing hell in Sacramento.

    To start on your path of effectivness…. abandon the nom de plume…. stiffen your backs when you face reality!

    Arnold has taken the FederalJudge’s release order to US Supreme Court…. if he losses….. you got 40,000 parolled prisoners on the way…. some without supervision, ( even sex offennders whose offens was ‘light’!

    Hayward now has approximately parollees, Okaland around 2,500 and guess what\… Pleasantom suffers the presence of jusr twelve (12)

    Is their API test score lower than ours?)

    Once, whilke in thew Army, one of tjhe good ol’ sourhern boys assured me that God was a White man
    and when I challenged the thought he took offenbse with mme that since Prof Leaky found ‘LUCY’, tyher emight be a possibility that God created black people first, ‘pm his opwn image’!

    The reply was a real snapper! ” You are a Californis Boy arnh’t cha?

    Yes… and to make things even worse… An Irish Catholic was my snappy reply. A black cook in the Chow line that night brought out an eye popping steak which all the other troops saw as something special… His remark as he dropped that steak on my Tray?….’HE’ speaks Swahili !!

    Apparently that cook was awakened by the discussion… he had been dozing in a supply truck near the conversation.

    I see my path Clearly and will pursue idea of Town Hall meeting until I hit the proverbial Stonwall….. then look for a way around, over or under the damn Thing!

    So there… take that and run with it!

  • John W. Kyle


    Shucks I have poor typing skills as you will observe…. in addition I ommitted the fact that the April 2010 Count of Pariolless in Hayward was 580 +/,, –

  • observer

    So there? Really? I was not attacking you Mr Kyle. Simply replying to your request for my opinion and providing you with what I considered to be valuable information on obstacles you are sure to encounter in your crusade. But as usual all you can do it attack. I am far from possessed by despair. What you call despair I refer to as reality. I do see that you appear to be possessed by anger.

    It doesn’t matter what my real name is – my opinions are still the same. I have no need for people such as yourself to know my identity. If I choose to go to a public meeting where my personal information is deemed to be necessary then I openly provide that information. So thanks for the advice of how I can begin my path of effectiveness but I’m good!

    I can only imagine that you act in person in the same manner you conduct yourself on this blog so if you ever wonder why you lack in community support you may want to take a look back at your “exchanges” on this site. You are not open to exchange of information but only seeking confirmation that you have the only idea worthy of support and that you are the only one who posses the intelligence to communicate with board members or criticize opinions and actions of other people and all other information is worthless. If you notice, you are at the center of all of the conflict and anger on this site. Just an observation on my part.

    I too am very clear about my path in life and very happy with it’s progress in these 50 plus years. I have also learned along the way that bullies such as yourself are never satisfied until everyone agrees with their stand that they are the superior one. So I will not step aside for people like you! For you, unlike the children in the HUSD and everywhere else, are not worth my time so I’ll be running with it and best of luck to you.

  • John W. Kyle

    My mistake! I do not know how I came to expect better from such a source.


  • obama.newage

    Observer you right on him Kyle and I think he has another person using the name “Jeff” here supporting his “free” nasty speech. Is hard to support anyone with such nasty behavior that attacks people with a different view. Anything to be the center of atention. Is just time to drop the townhall nonsense of it did not work so lets do something else cause the Ms. Heredia wants secret spanish meetings to not finger print people and not do TB test and the other people on board Mr. Frumkin and Ms. Simms and mr. Armas wants to do the same thing.

  • John W. Kyle

    O’Bama new age

    You strike me as a friend of children who can rely upon you, only so long as they have no need.

    Was ther a time when you actually played a successful role in HUSD activity?

  • K Rocchio

    It is true that ADA is not received for what most people think of as an excused absence. There are also other reasons HUSD suffers large loss in ADA. One example is when families pull their students to attend to personal matters. Since many of these emergencies are with little or no notice, Independent Study Contracts are typically not completed = No ADA. If the time were taken to complete Independent Study Contracts and complete the required work, ADA would be paid. Many of these cases last for several weeks.

    I also agree that HUSD has lost sight of the purpose for suspensions. It should be inconvenient to the student and parent. I have seen students serving “suspension” on campus while they continue to taunt the student or staff members initially involved in the act leading to their suspension. All in an effort to allow ADA to be collected!

    Regarding the superintendent search, I am very disappointed in the communication timelines between HUSD and Ray & Associates, Inc. HUSD HR notified Ray & Associates 13 days prior to presenting the semi-finalists that they wished to put a hold on the search process. The initial screening and vetting process had already been completed. Then, one day prior to the date set for presenting semi-finalists, HUSD Board sent Ray & Associates a letter stating that on May 12th the BOE had appointed Ms. Duran as Superintendent and thanking them for their support in the search.

    This is an example of the type of fiscally irresponsible decisions we must stop making in HUSD.

  • qodrn

    I don’t think suspensions should be used at all. Why give a kid who doesn’t want to be at school more time off? Sit him by himself and add to his school work. Take his worse two subjects and give him 1/2 day of each until HE or SHE asks to go back to regular class.

  • qodrn

    I remember the fights I to get my son’s HSUD school to draw up an independent contract when I needed to remove him due to family issues. Any thing that is like extra work is not supported by the staff.

  • John W. Kyle

    To all;

    From the top of my soap box, I proclaim:



    There s another flaw, deeply embedded at HUSD……. much time and effort, morale etc is lost by all the constant finger pointing employed by peripheral parties!

    Finally, had there been a hire other Than J. Duran …..how long wopuld the learning curve become a problem of major concern, considering all the advice frely offered by ‘peripheral’ crtics?

    Perhpas y’all ought present your own resume? Ms. A. Bock might guide you?

  • obama.newage

    Ms. Rocchio you are very intelligent I was looking at those Ray Associate leters too that I got that talks bout the search firm for superintendent. That kyle is out of touch with his nonsense of learning curve. That is not the problem the problem is spending money that was not there into searching for a superintendent then leting the superintendent stop the search.

    I am just saying is wrong wrong. It seems like all was done in secret fixed and wrong cause now the people are being force fed someone they do not want to be superintendent. I spent so much time with lots of parents getting ready and going to those meetings to tell the Ray people what kind of superintednt we wants. Why do that to people and waste their time and fool them.?

    You all I want to know how she cut the search with out a board meeting on tv to see. Is not about learning curves but about being straight honest with people and not waste money having secret meetings to keep the superintendent Duran. You all was that secret meeting done in spanish too did anybody get an invitation like the last spanish speaking meeting with Ms. Heredia? That is the problem we all have corrupt politicians when they do stuff like that. Recall Mr. Frumkin and Ms. Heredia they are the president and vicepresident and are not being straight and just playing us and fooling us is so wrong to have corrupt politicians I am so so sorry I voted for both.

  • John W. Kyle





  • PC

    Are we back @ high school with some of these ridiculous comments. Let’s all grow up and look at the big picture, the kids.. We all know it’s a difficult time everywhere with budget cuts, so how are we all going to work together to help all students suceed if you are not happy with the ways things are going what can you do to make the situation better? Let’s all WORK together to help all children. It’s true in every situation that there are quality workers and some that need to go, that means,teachers,district staff, and board members, but all we are doing is making things worse by attacking and showing children that they are not are top priority that everytime anyone is attacking it’s in there best interest not the kids. All parents have the right to get information in there own language even if its not English and about the meeting Maribel held at the district it was open to the public and not anyone was turned away because there was translation. Spanish speaking parents also have a voice and if they understand in there language better they have that right to get meetings in there language and thank you to her for going outside the box. Thanks to ELD I know so many are against this but its to benefit all children and I feel that even if my son is an english only student he still benefits from ELD in the morning.

  • PC

    I make a suggestion for all that say to recall Frumpkin & Maribel you do what you have to do but, when are we going to recall the Teachers. I only wish are children had a strong union protecting them too. For all those great teachers that we do have you should not worry because you are going out of your way to make sure all children suceed even staying after 3. Thank you to those teachers.Remeber the top priority are the kids sorry for all those teachers that are great and received pink slips too bad we have the Union protection good and bad teachers . Lets have a students union wouldnt that be great…It’s not about teachers,parents, district or board members its about the students and everyone need to remember this.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Speaking of superintendent searches,

    Our very own Dale Vigil is one three finalists on San Diego’s search for a new superintendent!

    I was contacted yesterday by an education reporter asking my opinion of his performance at Hayward Unified.

    If you do a quick search and read what is on the internet about it, it sounds like San Diego did actually do what HUSD said they would do before they changed their mind and simply anointed Duran without community participation or input.

  • obama.newage

    Kyle what difference who I am black is beautiful there so don’t change the subject and really look it here the contract and hiring of superintendent Duran is the problem and she is not wanted and we need to recall those board people that want to give her a contract and the way they doing it.

    When are the superintendents that Ray search company found going to be interviewed on TV by the people in the HUSD community? I think instead we all will just get a big fat bill like the letters say and I think the Board people that voted to make Duran a superintendent should pay more than $25,000.00 that Ray company wants to get paid for looking for other superintendents.

    So Ms. Heredia and Mr. Frumkin and Mr. Armas and Ms. Sims I hope you have more than $25,000.00 in your bank account you all need to get recalled and you need to pay for money wasted not just by being irresponsible with money but by being like cockroaches like the newspaper say in making her the superintendent and now want to give her a contract. Is that going to be in secret and in spanish and not on TV for all of us to come and tell you what we really think of you all and your superintendent? You are right Mr. Reynoso they are like cockroaches when they do things in darkness and in secret please keep turning on the light for us.

    You all I’m not against spanish speakers just because I don’t like secret spanish meetings and because I want All people to get fingerprinted and TB tested is like for reals all I want is to protect the children like all caring people. Anyone to say I am against latinos to ask for open public meetings and not in secret and in spanish is wrong. Kyle you must be a very racist anti-latino person to acuse me of being anti-latino I have grandchildren that are part latino and speak spanish. Get off your bully pulpit like someone said here before you are not the only one with an opinion here ok?

  • John W. Kyle

    Obama new age’

    Your ship has slippeed it’s cable and you now drift far out to sea……. Poor Mr. Gellums, no rescue of the man by you? You and other Oakland residents ignore him?

  • Teacher Rose

    This comment is for Obama New Age,

    I would like to clarify for you about the “secret, invite only spanish meeting”. It WAS NOT A SECRET INVITE ONLY SPANISH MEETING! As a bilingual parent and teacher, it was the Spanish speaking parents who wanted a meeting to discuss issues that mainly concerned them, as parents of HUSD. It was an open forum, and parents felt comfortable to voice their concerns and opinions. It was held in Spanish because a Majority of the participants were Spanish speaking parents. However there were audience chairs, and a translator, just like when a majority of the participants are English speakers the meetings are held in English and their are translators for those parents who don’t understand English. What is the crime in that? If I am “secretly” racist, then I would have a problem with meeting the needs of non-English speaking parents.

    I would also like to clarify on the point that HUSD teachers are forced to give ELD. This was not MS. Heredia’s novel idea, this happens to be a STATE LAW! HUSD was not in compliance with the state law, yet they have been receiving thousands of dollars every year to implement ELD. All Ms. Heredia did was make sure that HUSD was finally in compliance with this STATE LAW.

    Obama New Age, if ELD was centered around teaching African American, Asian American, and Pacific Islander ELD, I am pretty sure you along with all the other anti-Spanish community would not have a hard time with “forcing” teachers to be in compliance. You would not see ELD as a bad thing, but it is to you because currently ELD programs are servicing mostly “poor Mexican” children. We all know how most of you feel “they are here illegally anyways, this is America, they should learn English” Well newsflash, with ELD, “they” will learn English! That is what ELD stands for, English Language Development, it is not SLD (Spanish Language Development). Why don’t you open up an ELD book and learn English yourself, maybe then you will understand Ms. Heredia when she speaks.

    This next point is on ALD. This is not a waist of time. Their are teachers and administrators who would like us to think it is, but they have the opportunity to academically develop English for their English only speaking students. Children in affluent communities are exposed to over 40,000 new words every year. Studies have shown that children from poor working class-working middle class families may only be exposed to 5,000-20,000 new English words a year. So ALD time is a perfect opportunity to “catch up” with the rest of the children that our children will be competing with in college and the job market. If teachers are saying it is a waste of time, they are just saying that because they have a personal vendetta against Ms. Heredia. We need to remember that we are here ultimately to teach our students, regardless of what the state or district mandates. Every minute wasted is taken away from our students learning.

  • obama.newage

    All I’m saying secret spanish meetings by invitation ony need to stop by Ms. Heredia and fingerprinting of all people and Tb testing of all people need to happen and just because you speak spanish and are here illegally you all should not get a free ride on those required things. English needs to be the legal national language just like Mexico has spanish as them poeples language is ok for us to have English as ours peoples language here.

  • Rose

    This message is to thank some of the bored members specially Maribel Herdia. She has taken the time to walk down the hallways of schools making sure things go right and if anything came up she’d take care of that. she has scheduled appointments/meetings with concerned parents, answering any questions they have or helping them out in any way possible. There are many students whom parents are concerned that their children aren’t receiving the correct amount education they believe is needed. As-well to the others who are latinos, but thanks to her, Mrs.Heredia Things have changed for the best. She’s fought for her ideal which is education. Mrs.Heredia has said herself it doesn’t matter where the children come from, education is for everyone.

    For the teachers that have taken the time to read and write negative comments, if I may say so myself, thats not such a great move. Join the parents because without the parents theirs no children and with no children attending the schools, their will be no school and without schools their will be no job for you “teachers”. We should all come together with strength, love, and honesty no hypocrisy. The students need you as-well as you need them. And as for Mrs.Heredia please continue with the meetings they are very helpful and informative. I know that your meetings have not been closed they are open. but remember that Latinos are not minority but majority and like a wise one once said “Dogs bar when you come along” In other words you are doing history, do not give up! its time for a change as-long as it involves the education of our children, we are and will support Mrs.Heredia.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Obama.newage, “Them people’s language” “they are here illegally”, Yikes!

    You complain about LED obviously without knowing what you are talking about, since if you knew you would certainly support it.

    Thanks Rose for the clarification about what ELD stands for. But I must say that English Language Development helps not only those whose first language is Spanish, but all of “them people” whose SECOND LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH.

  • K Rocchio

    I agree that ELD supports English Language Skills. It helps students improve language skills and in-turn improves achievement. I don’t believe anyone would argue the benefits in building a strong foundation for ALL of our students who are ELL or those that struggle with the language skills. I do wish the 45 minute ALD was a bit more structured and able to work in some sort of GATE program at the same time, but that is another subject.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the name-calling and saying someone is uninformed. What is important is that we all share information and that can only make our community stronger and more understanding. I think it’s important to point out that what Obama.newage is feeling about this meeting is not so different from other posts. We all need to be included and feel like a part of this District, it’s the only way it will work. We need to stop splintering the community, it will cause us to lose sight of the main goal: Educating the children of Hayward with the limited resources we now face.

  • John W. Kyle


    Well, let us hope that tonight’s meeting will see civil comportment on the part of those attending.

    Fearful of being targetd once again by O”bama new age, I shall remain glued to the TV in the hope that all will project their voice to enable an old guy with a hearing aid to understand what is being said.

    In addition, the ‘lady’ from Oakland is highly critical of the fact that I was asked to lead the ‘Pledge to the Flag’ on two successive occasions,, which puts me in some sort of posirion as an ‘insider’ according to her ‘lghts’.

    If anyone sees that damnable sigh held again by Ms. Bock….. tell her what you think. Perhaps even suggest therapy somewhere?”

    Enjoy the evening… only one meeting in July and anothetr in August!….

    In the meantime, I might find time to put some thoughts to papewr on the subject of “Community Involvment’. In my younger years I was involved fairly heavy with volunteer type fund raising for ‘community purposes’ within the City of Oakland’s group of service clubs. I see no reason why they are not available to that portion opf the community who might desires physical presence in finding solutions to finance Music, Sports, and activity which brings proper overall prospective to HUSD’several problems.

  • Jeff

    So all the “non-English proficient” students have ELD “English language development” for 45 minutes and the remaining “English proficnet” students have ALD “American language development.”

    Did ELD and ALD replace the old fashion reading, writing part of the school day or this is in-additional to it.

    Concerning uninformed, I was on the HUSD website and reading one of the feature story “3rd Annual Lation/Latina Recognition Night.” My concerns is with what about the rest of the student population. Was there a recognition night for African American Students, or White non-lation students, or even Asian American Students. I feel if HUSD hold a recognition night it should be for all students and not for any particular race/ethinic group.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    I do believe I have seen announcements for recognition ceremonies for African American students in the past. I’m not sure about Asian American students.

    I could be mistaken, but I would be very surprised if HUSD did not hold a ceremony to recognize the highest achieving students in the district regardless of race or ethnicity.

    In my opinion, being as it is that both Latino and African American students lag so far behind all other groups, I don’t see anything wrong with giving them a little extra recognition. A little extra pat in the back couldn’t hurt…

    According to my wife, ELD and ALD are taught in addition to the regular language arts program. However, up to recently HUSD did not have ALD curriculum, so many teachers have used that time to teach science or social studies.

    Apparently the curriculum materials for ALD were delivered to the schools three weeks before the end of classes.

  • teachermama

    Rose, we are all on the same team here. After parents, teachers are the ones who care the most about the students. We are with them 7 hours a day, and are not just responsible for teaching reading, writing and math. We stop nosebleeds and tears, help negotiate solutions to problems with peers, offer advice, the list goes on and on . . . The point is, it is your child’s teacher who knows him/her best – not a board member, superintendent, or manager. I was a teacher in this district long before I was a parent, and I would not have put my son in a Hayward Public School if I was not convinced that the teachers are still providing an excellent, well-rounded education despite the challenges to doing so.

    Like you, I wish parents and teachers were more united so we could better protect our students’ welfare. I have noted recently that certain vocal parents – COR members, actually – have been bad-mouthing the HUSD schools in a very public way and have adopted a certain “throw the bums out” attitude toward teachers under the guise of this re-design agenda. This saddens me so much, because it shows that these parents (or this organization) do not see teachers as stakeholders in our community. Our teachers are here for the students 100%. We are used to being scapegoated by the district, the state, even the US Dept. of Ed., but to hear from a PARENT that it would be better to have a school with all new teachers, even though some of the current teachers have deep roots in the neighborhood, well, that really hurts. If we are not working hard to please the parents, then who are working for?

    The current divides between teachers and parents, school board and community are not serving our students at all. Not all districts function this way, either. I have heard that in San Lorenzo and Castro Valley the parents, teachers and administration work together to find resolution to issues that affect them. Why not here?

  • Deisy

    I wonder why not here too

  • Is it ok to let our teachers be assaulted by students.