Peixoto has big lead for Hayward council

peixoto2Looks like it’s  Marvin Peixoto in these returns, which have stood still for the past hour. Check for updates at the AC Registrar’s site.

Members, City Council – Hayward
Vote for no more than Two (2)
Total Precincts:    64  Precincts Reported:    18  Percent Reported:    28.12
Contest  # of Votes  % of Total
Marvin Peixoto  2822 votes  31.10  percent
Mark Salinas  2067 votes  22.78  percent
Sara Lamnin  1831  votes 20.18  percent
Ralph R. Farias Jr.  893  votes 9.84  percent
Lawrence M. Fitzpatrick  716  votes 7.89  percent
Steve Oiwa  706 votes 7.78  percent
Write-in  38 votes 0.42 percent

UPDATE, more numbers in:

Members, City Council – Hayward
Vote for no more than Two (2)
Total Precincts:    64  Precincts Reported:    30  Percent Reported:    46.88
Contest  # of Votes  % of Total
Marvin Peixoto  3270 votes 30.50  percent
Mark Salinas  2587 votes 24.13  percent
Sara Lamnin  2138 votes 19.94  percent
Ralph R. Farias Jr.  1051 votes 9.80  percent
Steve Oiwa  828  votes 7.72  percent
Lawrence M. Fitzpatrick  806  votes 7.52  percent
Write-in  42 votes 0.39 percent

UPDATE: Almost done counting, looks like it’s Marvin and Mark:

Members, City Council – Hayward
Vote for no more than Two (2)
Total Precincts:    64  Precincts Reported:    51  Percent Reported:    79.69
Contest  # of Votes  % of Total
Marvin Peixoto  4034 votes 29.78  percent
Mark Salinas  3404 votes 25.13  percent
Sara Lamnin  2681 votes 19.79  percent
Ralph R. Farias Jr.  1347 votes 9.94  percent
Steve Oiwa  1036 votes 7.65  percent
Lawrence M. Fitzpatrick  988 votes 7.29  percent
Write-in  57 votes 0.42 percent


Members, City Council – Hayward
Vote for no more than Two (2)
Total Precincts:    64 Precincts Reported:    64 Percent Reported:    100.00
Contest # of Votes % of Total
Marvin Peixoto 4375 29.84
Mark Salinas 3717 25.35
Sara Lamnin 2901 19.79
Ralph R. Farias Jr. 1441 9.83
Steve Oiwa 1106 7.54
Lawrence M. Fitzpatrick 1060 7.23

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Okay, people. The election is over. Get out there and pick up those signs. I am so tired of seeing them already. Let’s move on.

  • John W. Kyle

    Concerned citizen..—— and all the ships at sea!

    Sorry, I erred…..City does not have 19 groups but just 10 ‘commissions’ or ad hoc groups. When all seats are filled there are over 100 hundred folk involved in 10 areas of different concern.

    Keep in mind also that it is not just the parents who are concerned with HUSD problems. Folks who initiate a new business or struggle to maintain an existing effort, are concerned about the ‘demographics’ of a community and that includes thorough examination of residential real estate values. Turning then, even more so, to attention involving current commercial value analysis of an existing business.

    I like to recite the comparison of the San Jose School District with the Cupertino school District. As a supervising real property appraiser in a large bank, I was responsible for quality of the work employed in the office at which I supervised appraisals for Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey counties as well as the area involving Hollister.

    The interesting thing about Cupertino schools versus those of San Jose derived in the fact that there was once a large prune orchard involving considerable land area within which the separate school boundaries adjoined each other along the longer length of a rectangle. Generally the yellow line along the ‘collector’ street marked the boundary.

    The land parcel was generally rectangular with the school boundary line almost down the middle. The developer built a large tract of what I call ‘Cookie cutter Houses’ From the front view you observe a left and right appearance. The same plans with variations in bedroom count only. By taking the plans and ‘flopping’ the construction you build identical housing allowing only variations in roof line and trim such as shutters etc.

    In Cupertino, which has a highly rated school district, I found houses, without swim pools, which sold for $25,000 more than the same ‘flopped’ cookie cutter home in the San Jose portion of the same tract built by the one builder. The ‘off the wall’ glaring error in the appraisal I was auditing was that in the case then at hand, was that the San Jose home, being used as a comparable sale, had a nice swim pool while the Cupertino home did not! Yet the Cupertino Home, located in a superior school district sold for $25,000 higher price which the involved appraiser thought was excessive.
    Another hour’s field work, demonstrated to my satisfaction that the young appraiser had erred. Additional ‘comparables’ supported the higher priced sale of the home in Cupertino which lacked the pool. (Loan transaction rescued!)

    The case reflected desirability of a school district which is ranked among the highest in California! Which do you think was the smarter buyer? Assuming of course that you are aware that Cupertino has a school district ranked as being more successful than that of San Jose.

    The point of all above is that it is not just the parents which need to see a successful improvement to HUSD. Why?

    Well in Cupertino folks generally have better paying jobs…. thus more discretionary income available for expenditure at Cupertino stores. Hayward businesses are deeply concerned about the condition of the schools because there is a correlation between the success of the two!

    So here again, I come to the need for a Town Hall Meeting. If you want police protection improvements….. you need to generate sales tax income….. but if people buying homes or selling them here in Hayward lack discretionary income it is because they lacked opportunity for education and thus live in less expensive housing with a visible ( empty store) effect upon retail sales in Hayward.

    In a town hall meeting we will need to address considerable numbers of questions which address problems indirectly related to classroom attendance but which affect that attendance. The attitude that only those neighborhoods with poor performing schools need the attention of the public is erroneous or even worse, that bi-lingual skills or the lack of them, is central to the problem with that being the heart of our troubles.

    Frankly, my own opinion is that Parenting skills need attention!

    It can be complicated and all must come to the realization that much effort will be needed by all who really give a ‘tinkers damn’.

    Think positively and act collectively rather than charging around to neighborhood meetings which are uncoordinated with other neighborhoods. Stop spinning wheels and think large!

    Above all else, bring attention to the fact that Arnold S. is under a court order to ‘release from prison’ a large number, early release, parolees who in many cases have what is in effect unsupervised permanent release! ( Until the next offense of Course.)

    They will come to Hayward and Oakland simply because the older housing is less expensive rent wise. I have some recent data provided me by the Department of Corrections….. we here in the Oakland / Hayward Corridor have a large number of paroled felons living in the older housing. We must do everything we can, for fear of God, ( if nothing else,) so that their children are the beneficiaries of improvement to parenting skills….involving all the parents whose neglect of the ‘unexcused absence problem’ has had a very serious affect upon HUSD’s ABILITY TO REDUCE CLASS SIZES.

    Rant against real or imagined failing of HUSD’s Administration and Trustees accomplishes nothing WE MUST PUT OUR COLLECTIVE SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL!

    Curiously, The RC Diocese of Oakland has in the last issue of it’s twice monthly edition of ‘The Catholic Voice‘, published the names of not all but most of the names of the graduates ot it’s elementary schools. It publishes the name of most of It’s High Schools… which is not germane to our problem except that an astounding number reflect class sizes which are well above 30. I believe their success is due not so much to parental willingness to pay tuition ( over and above parcel taxes) but to intensiveness of parental skills! Or, getting value for their dollars?


    A success with a Town Hall meeting will lead to placing pressure upon Sacramento, thus to stop outrageous inattention to anything but reallocation our local school .funding concepts to ‘other uses‘ !

    Consider that we have laws requiring parents to educate their Children. We have additional laws which enforce that law through imposition of penalty upon inattentive parents. Those laws do not seem to be enforced! Why? Are the politicians in Sacramento so blind that they fail to see the point or have they become victims of their own despairing ambition?

    When do we reach the end of patience?

    Oscar Grant was once a near neighbor of mine! Neglect within that household was monstrous!