HUSD meeting, 6/23

Here’s the story from last night’s meeting.

One thing that’s been kinda bugging me is Jim Drake’s relentless, and often misnomered, accusations about the fingerprinting program. He says that HUSD’s is flawed — it leaves open a loophole that could potentially let molesters into classrooms. District policy has a single exception to the fingerprinting rule: Parents who have a child in a class can volunteer their services in that class and only when the teacher is present. HUSD is adamant that they are stringent with fingerprinting policy, with only that exception.

But I suppose on the other hand that any such loophole is scary. Why that exception? I don’t know. I’ll ask and let you know.

Eric Kurhi

  • John W. Kyle


    Understand that Mr. Drake is well intended ! Mr. Drake has been appearing at City Council meetings for years…..his arm waving form of self expression is charateristice form of expression…

    Mr. Drake has only recently started presenting him self to School Board meetings…… it is ‘fun’ for a lonely guy.
    If you follow HUSD closely, as you should, you will note that I usually manage to arrive early, fill out a speakers card and confine myself to a few words at ‘public comments’ then leave for the simple reason that I run home to ‘watch’ as well as enable a better listening position. I have become hard of hearing and the typical speaker is unaware that their failuure to project their voice into the ‘microphone’ becomes difficult…. all of which is to say that I find myself answering questions of Mr. Drake prior to meeting commencement.

    His latest complaint nvolved the failure of the City to pay down the debt on our new City hall…. which should have occurred with the proceeds gained from the sale of the ‘toaster’

    I attempted to explain that perhaps the consideration was that the sale proceeds were put to use in a situation where the earnings in investment might have been higher than what was being paid out in interest on the City Hall Debt…….. it took 10 or 12 minutes for him to grasop the idea………. nice guy, just suffering the harm of a poor education which apparently saw him in a life of low skill construction labor.

    I suspect divorce and separation may be involved also.

    He is harml;ess, not mean spirited and I surmise in need of companionship…. be nice say hello to him once in a while!! The cost is slight1

  • qodrn

    Mr. Drake is correct. Many child molesters are ordinary type people with kids and know the kids they molest. It is easy for one of these types to use class service time to see which kids walk home alone, or find out which kids are home alone. Everyone should be fingerprinted, and if the district can’t afford to pay, then the parents need to pay if they want to be in the class when students are present.

  • qodrn

    To put this another way, every parent with children in the district does not have to be fingerprinted. That’s a lot of parents not fingerprinted. I have no doubt that some of these parents have criminal records, etc. Fingerprint ’em all.

  • K Rocchio

    I admire Mr. Drake for continuing the dialogue regarding the Fingerprinting Policies in HUSD. The problems are that they are not “stringent” with these policies and another concern is that parents are exempt from this rule.

    According to studies, the typical child molester is married, educated, working, and religious. For those who say parents should be exempt from this policy, explain why it is that 19% of all reported victims are molested by their own biological parent and another 30% are stepchildren or adopted or foster children. Pedophiles work hard to be close to children and have hands-on experience with them. They would jump at having a position of authority with children. There may be teachers in the classroom, but what about after school when the child sees that person again. The relationship is already established.

    I’m not saying there aren’t more good people than bad working with our children. But do you want to be the one to pick the bad ones out of a line-up? We are making an assumption that just because someone is a relative that they are someone we want to expose to our children. We don’t make that assumption of our paid staff.

    There will be those that say fingerprinting volunteers does not really give us any safety from these issues, it is a violation of privacy and we shouldn’t turn away any volunteer, especially a parent. I ask them, is it worth the risk? Do you want to place an adult in a position of authority with children without doing your homework? Do you wait until there is an instance of this trust being violated before you change the policy? There are more things to consider than just pedophiles. Do you want to invite a convicted arsonist onto campus? I’m guessing that when someone is screened for volunteering, there are more offenses that will eliminate them from helping out in our schools. I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

    Keep up the fight Mr. Drake!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Let me clarify — when I wrote that Jim’s crusade has been “bugging me,” I didn’t mean his statements were causing me grief, but rather that he has a valid, albeit disturbing, point. It’s just not being presented very well. More on this later.

  • observer

    Mr. Kurhi,
    Can you find out what happens to the custodial staff at the schools that are being redesigned? For the last two weeks I have seen custodians standing outside, drinking coffee, walking around neighborhoods and smoking while the schools they are “working” at are being packed up and torn down. If I figure this correctly, that is 2 custodians X $25/hr X 2 weeks = $4,000 so far that we have paid at one location for nothing. Is that how a district gets into the trouble we are in? Shouldn’t someone have noticed that these people have no work right now and moved them? I see this happening and it is insulting to me with all of the cuts happening. Doesn’t anyone want to know what we are paying for?

  • qodrn

    Frankly, if the state takes over, I think we should recall the school board and some others in the administration for not doing their job. Mr. Armas is probably an exception, but as for the rest, it would be interesting for them to justify their decisions, including the unions. How sad the so-called help professions are clearly out just for themselves these days.

  • John W. Kyle

    Qdrn Says, Am startled at the lack of anything which might pass as logical thought in yours of June 25th.

    Think !
    F1st: lack of cash would hinder the ‘recall’ election which you suggest.above. Where do you get the idea that a recall is cost free either in the monetary sense or in the expense, in terms of norale, encountered by those who seem to give up hope for HUSD…. such as with folks like you?

    Sewcond…. how do you pass rational judgement uupon the trustees…. when it is so obvious that you are uninformed?

    tHIRD. Abe Lincoln was quoted to the effect..” it is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than it is to speak up and remove all doubt!”

  • qodrn

    Sorry, did some research and since 3 of the board positions are up for election soon, revise my opinion to just recalling the member who is not, Mr. Reynoso. I understand he has some support, but as a group the leaders of this district have failed those who elected them.

  • John W. Kyle

    Qodrn…. you sikjmply amaze me with your ‘logic (?)

    Now youwant entirely new faces except for Mr. Reynoso. You imaguine all the =three incumbents facubf re0-election are going to lose… but you want Heredia out!

    So yiou are willing to mount a recall in order to ‘dump’ Heredia ? You appear certain that Sims, Armas and Frunkin will lose!

    to get rid of the one you are willing to spend over $100,000. in recall money then pay the cost of the November election?

    You win the grand Prize……… will send Check in the amount of $ 0.02…. advise address!

  • qodrn

    Please direct your check to your favorite charity..I am ok with the recall being concurrent with the next election to save money…My point is I think IF the district goes over to the state, the board should answer to the voters as soon as possible. Your right, the board could get reelected. I would still like to see the board members justify their performance to the residents of Hayward. I think they would kind of owe the residents of Hayward at that at that point. Who knows, maybe the board will keep us from that point, which would be best…

  • haywardteacher

    I never have understood why my husband has to be security passed to do a one hour presentation in my classroom with me there, but any parent, any parent, can come into my room as often as they wish with only signing in, even if they are a convicted child molester. I have had multiple instances where I have been screamed at by parents and called on the rug by my former principal for asking parents whether they’ve signed in at the office, which they hadn’t or they’d have had a name tag on.There have also been instances of district employees walking around with no ID because “I forgot it”. Fine, then go to the office, sign in and get a name tag. No teacher should have to feel uncomfortable questioning adults on campus. Our number one job is the safety of the children.