Centennial Hall update, and Hayward’s letter to Arizona governor

There’s some significant items of interest on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting. It looks like the Mika group has lost interest in turning Centennial Hall and Tower into a office tower/convention center/hotel/ housing development. The city is poised to break out of the exclusive negotiating agreement and start the process to demolish the current convention center. The tower, well, that’s another story. It’s estimated that it would cost about $1,870,000 to tear it down, and it’s owned by Mika.

Another item on the consent calendar has created a buzz. It’s a resolution to send a letter to the Arizona governor regarding the recent immigration law passed by that state. Had some e-mails in the inbox this morning about it — here’s an excerpt from one addressed to the mayor and council:

Are you OUT OF YOUR MINDS?  How DARE you take it upon yourselves to speak on my behalf regarding Arizona’s new and WISE immigration law!  Face it, folks.  The fed’s aren’t fixing the problem (obama is hoping to grant amnesty for the ILLEGAL aliens just in time for the November 2 election – prove me wrong) so therefore, Jan Brewer did the State of Arizona a FAVOR by passing this law.  I’d like a show of hands on just HOW MANY OF YOU ACTUALLY READ THE ENTIRE BILL!  Probably just as many as have read the health care monstrosity, right? …

What you SHOULD be focusing on, instead, are the issues that concern the City of Hayward – NOT Arizona!  Eleven murders this year?  Rampant burglaries?  How about balancing the school budget?  THESE issues are what you should be focusing on – not Arizona’s issues!  What a waste of your time!

Eric Kurhi