Plans for, and notes about, Big Mike

bigmikeOk, so the main reason for this post is to show off our HayWord host Big Mike’s profile shot. But we did have a story about how consultants and city officials hope to use the privately-owned fiberglass statue as the centerpiece for a future park on Mission Boulevard, as part of the Mission Boulevard Specific Plan that is in the works.

But there’s a host of information about Big Mike and his Muffler Man brethren at this website. Take a look at the various incarnations seen around the country — it’s a hoot. I like Spaceman Mike and creepy raised-eyebrow Big Ben.

Eric Kurhi

  • I can’t be the only one who thinks he should be placed somewhere visible (my yard?) and allowed to carry a rainbow flag every June.

  • Name

    good idea! Other months he can hold a us flag in july and a pumpkin in october and etc

  • Mimi

    They should bring back the Doggie Diner Wiener Dog, too!

  • obama.newage

    That’s right I remember the Doggie dinner but I think that was by Gemco which is where Walmart is and that is San Lorenzo.

  • cwbyht

    It should be noted that the owners are not intrested in surrendering Big Mike.

    Whats the council going to do? Exercise eminent domain?