Mural, mural, on the wall


Artist and teacher Andrew Kong Knight — the guy who did the detailed nature-scene “Gateway Mural” on Foothill Boulevard at City Center — has been commissioned by the city to do some more pieces around the downtown movie theater.

These are Knight’s renderings of what will be going up. The above mural will be on Foothill Boulevard, facing the hills. This one will be on C Street, and the last one will be in the alley off of C.

It’s part of the city’s Mural Program, as are the other new murals that have popped up around town as well as the decorated utility boxes. Such artworks are apparently a good deterrent to vandalism, and they just kind of make the area look a little livelier, to boot. 

The latest murals are expected to be finished by November, weather permitting. There will be a mural tour on July 10 for anyone who wants to learn more and meet the artists. Sign up here.

Eric Kurhi

  • John W. Kyle

    Cool! Great stuff! Momey well spent!

    It oight aid an awakening in our social fabric leading to success of HUSD.

  • Alex Harmon

    awesome! i knew those walls on the garage will be covered soon. 🙂

    im glad to see all the new murals popping up in downtown Hayward. Check out the “Diversity Mural” at the CRIL buliding on A Street. painted by local high school students (including me), CSUEB students, and local artists.

    I also like the Gateway Mural, the one on the Yogurt Sugar Shack, and the electric boxes.

  • obama.newage

    I took my grandkids to see twilight and i saw the murals again in the alley of b and c street and they are very nice maybe we can get more murals like that everywhere.

  • teachermama

    I love the utility boxes! They bring a much-needed touch of whimsy when you least expect it. My favorite one is the one on the corner of B and Grand, near the BART station.

  • qodrn

    Looking forward to the new murals. Is the redo on Foothill going to start soon? Those signs are big, kind of ugly and are getting full of grafetti. Not a great introduction for Hayward.