Nov. 2 election filing period opened today

Here’s where to go to see who has turned in papers.

So far all is quiet on the HUSD front, and there isn’t much activity in most of the other races either. Hayward Area Recreation District board President Paul Hodges is re-upping for another term, and former San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young tossed her hat into the ring for a spot on the Oro Loma Sanitary District board.

Aug. 6 is the close of the nomination period.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    So far, Shiela Sims is still the only one running for a full term, Mr. Aramas has applied for the short term school board seat. Interesting…

  • John W. Kyle


    My bet is that Mr. Frumkin will run! The next thing of interest is that Mr. Greg Jones and Ms. Anna May will toss a coin to see which runs…. they have announced plans to marry at or near the end of August. I do not expect to see them oppose each other and as married couple, Mr Reynoso would have a hell of a time dealing with that especially when he ( Reynoso) cries about illegalities occuring and he has not the courage to bring those complaints to a court of law. So there you have it…. Sims, Frumkin, Armas, and the winner of the coin toss as between Anna May and Greg Jones.

    Unless of course, Ms. Audie Bock decides to run….. ever read her history on Wikipedia? Did you know that she ran for Governor in that momemt of time, when about 3,000 signed up to be governor? Remember that fiasco?

  • qodrn

    We will see about the candidates. If I were Mr. Frumpkin the way the meetings have been going lately, I would run far away.

    Anyway, I had a thought. If Hayward gets taken over by the state, and we have a new governor eager to show his/her education reforms, I would guess Hayward could be a prime showcase for these reforms, if Hayward was under state control. Hopefully, the state takeover won’t happen.

  • John W. Kyle

    .Qdrn says;

    Dear contributor;

    One of the problems faced by HUSD Trustees is the restriction placed upon them by the Brown Act, (a state law ) which forbids response to any issue or comment raised by the public at the ‘public comment’ period occurring at the start of the meeting.

    As result of the public’s failed understanding of the Brown Act’s restriction, the typical citizen, exercising their own privilege of addressing the Board of Trustees, often assumes that the Trustees are deliberately indifferent to the speaker’s thoughts.

    Thus do I , (once again,) suggest to all reasonable parties at interest, that the way to properly assist the Trustees, as well as exercising responsibility of citizenship, is to seek a “Town Hall Meeting” organized and conducted by honest citizens desirous of being seen as solving the Brown Act problem as described above.

    Put together by responsible voters, a Town Hall Meeting, an early American custom, (long ago admired by a French statesman, A. de Tocqueville, after his visit to the US.), the meeting would be based upon a three hour time period, which, after a 15 or 20 minute explanation and instruction, would break the attendees up into ‘break out groups’ gathered around separate, reasonably distanced tables at which are seated no more than 20 members of the attending audience.

    To avoid involvement with the Brown Act, it would not be a meeting of the trustees….. they could attend and take notes only so long as they kept their mouths shut but were intent upon listening and observance of the quality of potential leadership needed to organize volunteerism.

    The attendees at each table would ‘sign in’ and understand that the only rule to be enforced is the strict need to avoid slander, recrimination, and accusation often seen spewed into the ears of the trustees at their public meetings, conducted under the rules of the Brown Act.

    Attendees would be encouraged to bring forward pro-active ideas in support of various activities now occurring within HUSD as well as actions needed to support volunteerism in aid of educational processes.

    The current need to encourage volunteerism is basic to solution of the monetary problem at HUSD. Which in truth is the only avenue available to stave off or release us from STATE CONTROL.

    So, the one strictly necessary rule governing a Town Hall meeting is this: No finger pointing accusations especially when delivered in unreasonable, angry vocal tones. Keep the conversations to moderate vocal tones and above all, bring forward those thoughts which are pro-active at face value as determined by the groups of 20 (or less) at a table.

    Each pro-active thought ought be examined in detail ! All at each of the separate tables ought join in pro-active analysis of ideas put forward in that group. Do not eliminate any unless it it is the will of the entire group.

    90 minute period allowed to BREAK OUT tables in the in a Town \Hall meeting would provide ample opportunity to the 20 gathered folks to discuss the various proposals…IF 20 OR FEWER FOLK AT EACH BREAK OUT GROUP ARE UNABLE TO DEVELOP POSITIVE IDEAS IN ONE AND A HALF HOURS,….THEN CALL ME A MONKEY’S UNCLE!

    I have faith in the folks of Hayward, in the sense that they would welcome the opportunity to be heard on the subject of solving HUSD’s varying, numerous problems. ASSUMING OF COURSE NO DISPLAYS OF ANGER OR DISCOURTESY OCCUR.

    The final hour would be spent listening to the group’s chosen spokesperson, as he or she examines the top three ideas, as determined by each group, Of course, all the ideas presented by the group would be saved by use of notes placed upon on easel board paper used to list the varying proposals.

    All spokes persons would be asked to take time to re-assemble, at a scheduled date where that group chose or ranked the more dominate or productive ideas. …

    That would be a start! I look forward to that idea occurring within the foreseeable future. If your mind agrees, say so at the very next meeting of the Board of Trustees Fill out a speaker’s card and if your name does not come up in the ‘first hour of public comments’ go home and return at the next meeting. I do not advise waiting until the second hour of public comments occurs. ( Item J on the agenda.)

    If your mind set agrees with our need for a “Town Hall Meeting” say as much to neighbors or friends AS THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF. EXCEPTING ONLY THE DELIVERY ROOMS IN MATERNITY WARDS or THE TIME SPENT LISTENING TO A SERMON AT Church.

    A TOWN HALL MEETING IS NOT THE ONLY TOOL UISEFUL TO SOLUTION OF HUSD’S PROBLEM. I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND HOW OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM CAN SUCCEED WITHOUT IT’S use and development of proactive interest and involvement of educators, as individuals, at the two higher systems of education as they exist in Hayward, …

    The ‘Town Hall Meeting’ would, of necessity be open to all living within the school district boundaries. We are unable to improve either of the two separate images of City and School District without simultaneous effort to improve both, Their SEPARATE IMAGES are so intertwined by common use of the name ‘Hayward’ that improvement of one without simultaneous improvement to the other simply will not occur.

    The path to success for that last thought lays with your support of the ‘Town Hall Meeting’ concept. One way to assist is ti bring the matter to attention of the varying churches and organization presently involved with FESCO. That contribution of effort seen occurring with FESCO, needs to follow through and assist the education of children thought involved at FESCO. Perhaps an occasional ‘kick in the fanny’ of our mind, derived from a good sermon, will arouse all the help HUSD needs!

  • John W. Kyle


    Mr Frumkin’s name is not spelled with a “p”. Show thw man some respect… spell his name correctly. With the YTrustee;s stipend reduced from $750 per month to $650….. the hourly wagew is below the minimum imposed by law. Will you fault him for that?

  • qodrn

    Sorry, spelling is not my best thing. I have to admit $650 is a lot of money to me, but I don’t know the total hours they put in beyond the meetings..I know they attend many school fuctions…and they must get reams of paperwork and of course lots of helpful hints from citizens like me…

  • John W. Kyle

    To Qdrn saya…


    My contribution dated July 30th seems to have been eliminated from the “recent comments list” at right hand side of page. That is a shame since the item, in paper form has been sent to a considerable numbers of Hayward Churches in the hope of support for The Town Hall meeting Idea.


    So this submission will aid their search when, with this item I suggest they look at the above list at the number foue position….SCROLL UP FOLKS !!!


    We might then get past the more mundane stuff!

  • John W. Kyle

    Has anyone anything to add after reviewing my submission at my discussion on Town Hallmeeting seen above seen above