Q and A from HUSD community meeting

The district has a page up that contains questions that were asked and corresponding responses at the community meeting that was held June 3.

Also, Helen Turner childcare programs are being suspended after tomorrow. Story will run in tomorrow’s paper, read Superintendent Janis Duran’s message after the jump:

July 6, 2010

Dear Hayward Community:

To date, we have no additional information from CDE as to any changes in the proposed budget cuts for the childcare programs.  This means that the last proposal of a reduction of 87% to the general childcare is the projection at this point.  As the Helen Turner Child Development Program has no carryover or reserves to fund a program from July 15 to the time at which the State budget is finalized, the following suspension of the program will be in effect starting July 15, 2010:

  1. The extended childcare program at Helen Turner which currently provides half day childcare services will close on July 15, 2010. 


  1. The school age program (extended day care) at Palma Ceia, Glassbrook, Eldridge, and Longwood serving K-2nd grade students will close on July 15, 2010.  We will be assisting these students in the enrollment into the YEP program. 


  1. The infant child or toddler home day care will end July 15, 2010.

These programs will be suspended.  If the state does decide to continue to fund the generalized childcare programs we will reinstate programs once the final budget has been approved.
The preschool programs are not projected to be affected; however, unlike the childcare programs which allowed us to extend the program to a full day program which operated all year long, preschool programs are only half day and are only offered during the school year. 

We currently have preschool programs at Bowman, Burbank, Cherryland, Muir, Palma Ceia, and Shepherd.  These programs will continue at a half day capacity starting on August 23, 2010.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    The agenda for the HUSD meeting on July 23 is out. It breaks down the warrants that the district paid out in detail. The HUSD paid Cal State East Bay $10,000 to rent facilities. Waste Management receives a hefty amount if this is the monthly payment. And the city of Hayward was paid $5,000. Is this the rental on city hall? The district also purchased mucho school supplies from Office Depot. They paid about $3000 to the Hayward High Parent Teacher Student Association. I hope this was a reimbursement for something. This is interesting reading, at least to me. The list of folks who put in for reimbursement for expenses is also interesting. It will be most curious to see what the board says about these expenditures at this meeting.

  • teachermama

    So, who is Leilani Vigil, because she got $6500 from the district. Any relation to the infamous Dr.?

  • John W. Kyle


    Goof catch… please pursue it!
    Who knows? Was he the hair oil suopplier?

    Let their be no limit to this important investigation, no matter the cost?

  • John W. Kyle

    I’ve seached and searched but found no printed report in the the Daily Review of those names who have filed documentation of intentions to run for school Board trustee position…. one would think that at leats two have filed…..Armas and Frumkin…….. so, catch up with local news Mr. Kurhi””’

    Breathes there a blog so dead…..

  • qodrn

    So far, only Sheila Sims has filed. Eric provided a link on July 12 to figure this out. The filing period closes on Aug 6th. You can also look this up at the Alameda County website I believe.

    What I would like Eric to write on is the Hayward loop project. What is going on there?

  • John W. Kyle


    The loop construction work is under way…. see the SE corner of Mission at D street…. jnow cleared of all structures……. I suspect the initial action will be the excavations necessary to facilitate traffic flow alomg Foothill as ithat traffice is derived from Jackson and northbound JMission….. ” Through traffic from east bound Jackson must routed under Mission if it is to acquire Foothill…… it’s gonna be a mess !

  • qodrn

    It is also a mess on Mission…looks like a demilitarized zone. In fact, the last time I saw a tank practice field, it looked better. Noone is going to move to Hayward after taking a look at that mess, much less drive through it. I feel especially sorry for those folks who will try to drive up to Cal State East Bay. What a mess is right.

  • ConcernedHaywardCitizen

    The biggest mistake is not making a bridge for traffic to flow from Jackson to Foothill. Also, making A ST one way south from Foothill and A. You won’t be able to drive up A ST at all from Mission and you have to drive two blocks out of your way to C St to go further north from Mission. What a waste. It’ll make it easier for folks to go through Hayward, but for those of us who live here, it’ll be a pain.

  • Alex

    downtown Hayward would be more like Oakland and SF with all the one way streets. its gonna be a mess the next few years but it will get even more people to go thru downtown streets. I was not a fan at first but i got used to it. change may be a good thing…

    btw its better to walk through downtown hwd.

  • John W. Kyle

    eVEN A PROMINENT MMEMBER OF the happy HAPA group who supposedly brought forward the idea of ‘the loop’ went to Council meeting at more than ‘a moment too late’ late and asked that it be canceled.

    Maude LaPell was rge member of Hayward Area Planning Association who took credit for that….. if you meet her… give her a big hug!

    As to the bridge idea….. you failed to ‘think it out’! Want to annoy the old folks ar rge Motel turned retierment facility ar corner of E. and Mission…. shame on you! Then too. with the bridge in the way hoe would nortb nound Mission Traffic be able to make a turn onto foothill when the Mission between A and Jackson is one way traffic….

    I wrote a apiece opposing the elction held to support / deny the project.. I signed it as chair of the group named Citizens against Traffic snarls
    ( CATS) and then was accuseed of trying to confuse the public by madame Lapell of trying to confuse the public… she was of course president for life of the group called CATS ( Citizens advocating Traffic Solutions” ….

    The real confusion existed when she went befoe council to suggest that the project be canceled…. I turned the TV off berfor Council gave a reply,,, if any since the thought was expressed at Public Comments by President Of Phony “Cats for Life”

    If you know or bump into her…. tell her about the Bridge idea’!

  • qodrn

    Anything of note happen at the July 21 school board meeting? Did they have it?

  • John W. Kyle

    Yea… THERE WAS A MEETING ON JULKY 21, THE ONLY MEETING SCHEDUKED FOR jULY! tHER IS ANOTHER TO OCCUR IN aHUGUST! view the replay on HUSD Website http://www.husd.k12.ca.us


    Voters, Reynoso is what happens when the guy whose name appears first on the ballot by which that gentlemen gained a seat…. Some Haywared folks must wake up to the fact that being first on the ballot, above all other candidates, is not an indication of quaLitative mind, Talent, SOPHISTICATION or ecperience.

    If things being done in the closed sessions are not to his likiing, Perhaps he ought arrive on time…. on july 21 he was at least a half hour late…….. get it?

    The other thing of truly great inportance ……. Audie Bock spoke against hiring of Ms. Duran on a two year contract, at less than what was psid Her predecessor, with conditins that I thought are reasonable, SUCH AS FEWER ‘PERKS’,…. subject to automatic dismissal if the StaTe takes over.

    Poor, mibdless.aUDIE Bock revealed that she was a substitue teacher at San Lorenzo ( PER HER STATEMENT ON THGE APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMEMNT TO positiojn now occupied by Mr. Armas……) get this…. Ms. Duran tetired with great pRaise from the San Lorenzo school district’ aFTER HER FAILED RECALL ATTEMPT, bOCK, NONE THELSS APPEARS TO BE annoyed wirh Duran over something which happened when both workeD at San Lorenzo?

    Let your mind play with that and when you see She who seeks scholarships for kids to lean horse riding…. …keep in mind that Bock teaches horse riding…… is there a conflict in dual activity?

    my hearing pronblen semt me home to watch the Reynoso show on TV….. missed the Bock public comment but
    I’ll bet she sought firing of Duran. Did you know that Miss Bock once ran for Governor? She had between 3,000 and 4,000 votes… shucks, that was a close call ! What if she had won? See that story on WIKIPEDIA!

  • Will

    Leilani Vigil is the name of Dr. V’s ex; don’t know it it’s the SAME person but…