Q and A from HUSD community meeting

The district has a page up that contains questions that were asked and corresponding responses at the community meeting that was held June 3.

Also, Helen Turner childcare programs are being suspended after tomorrow. Story will run in tomorrow’s paper, read Superintendent Janis Duran’s message after the jump:

July 6, 2010

Dear Hayward Community:

To date, we have no additional information from CDE as to any changes in the proposed budget cuts for the childcare programs.  This means that the last proposal of a reduction of 87% to the general childcare is the projection at this point.  As the Helen Turner Child Development Program has no carryover or reserves to fund a program from July 15 to the time at which the State budget is finalized, the following suspension of the program will be in effect starting July 15, 2010:

  1. The extended childcare program at Helen Turner which currently provides half day childcare services will close on July 15, 2010. 


  1. The school age program (extended day care) at Palma Ceia, Glassbrook, Eldridge, and Longwood serving K-2nd grade students will close on July 15, 2010.  We will be assisting these students in the enrollment into the YEP program. 


  1. The infant child or toddler home day care will end July 15, 2010.

These programs will be suspended.  If the state does decide to continue to fund the generalized childcare programs we will reinstate programs once the final budget has been approved.
The preschool programs are not projected to be affected; however, unlike the childcare programs which allowed us to extend the program to a full day program which operated all year long, preschool programs are only half day and are only offered during the school year. 

We currently have preschool programs at Bowman, Burbank, Cherryland, Muir, Palma Ceia, and Shepherd.  These programs will continue at a half day capacity starting on August 23, 2010.

Eric Kurhi