HUSD 7/21: 2 year contract for Duran, AlCo wields power

Superintendent Janis Duran was given a two-year contract at the Hayward Unified meeting this week. It’s for less money than her predescessor was making, includes no benefits and has a 30-day termination clause, which means either Duran or HUSD can end the deal with a month’s notice. No buyouts.

Those are valuable provisions, especially given the fiscal uncertainty the district is facing, and the contract was called  “unprecedented” by Trustee Maribel Heredia. However, Trustee Luis Reynoso objected to the road taken to arrive at the contract, which led to some of the same contention previously seen at board meetings, and a two-minute timeout. More on that matter is in the link.

Alameda County Superintendent Sheila Jordan was there, along with fiscal advisers. The reason? The board was poised to approve a 186-day school year calendar, which included the 180 instructional days plus three days for teacher development and three teacher work days.

Jordan’s camp said that such a calendar could hinder cost-cutting efforts.

“It seems like a small thing, but it restricts the district and the union in the ability to be flexible in dealing with cuts,” she said.

Union President Mercedes Faraj said they feel “tricked” because they bargained for the 186-day calendar, just to have it summarily taken away. She said the district should have contacted them as soon as the possibility of a change arose.

Board voted to approve the 186-day deal, with the provision that if it is rescinded they accept the 180-day calendar. It was immediately rescinded.

“This is the ninth time I’ve assigned fiscal advisers to a district, and the first time I’ve had to use the power of stay and rescind,” Jordan said.

Eric Kurhi