Hayward board and commission interviews this week

UPDATE #2: The official appointment and swearing-in ceremony for selected members will take place at the Sept. 14 City Council meeting.

UPDATE: Selections for the Planning Commission are Mariellen Faria, Sara Lamnin, Diane McDermott. For Personnel/Aff Action it’s Satinder Pal Singh and Gurjit Kaur. For Library, Kari McAllister. Keep Hayward Clean and Green, Monica Ruiz, Frances Sagapolu, Seleacia Taylor, Carol Baks Pecil and Werner Heisserer. Human Services, Diana Fagalde. Council Economic Development Committee, Terry Swartz, Chris Lam, Waseem Khan, Kanti Patel. DT Biz Improvement Area Advisory Board, Katherine Kelley, Beneba Thomas, Elie Goldstein, Benjamin Schweng. Citizen’s Advisory Committee: Rowena Gilmore, Ray Bonilla Jr., Flo Samuels, Allison McManus, Robert Leppert, Jim Todd and Julius Willis, Jr.

Hayward-City-Hall-2Hayward has a total of 44 applicants for posts on various boards and commissions. There are three vacancies on the Planning Commission, seven on the Citizen’s Advisory Commission, three on the Economic Development Committee, four on the Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board, seven on the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force and one each on the Human Services Commission, Library Commission and Personnel And Affirmative Action Commission. Applicants for the Planning Commission:┬áLandon Baines, Roberta Cooper, Mariellen Faria, Ralph Farias Jr., Werner Heisserer, Tonya Katsir, Tom Kersten, Sara Lamnin, Dianne McDermott, Satish Narayan, Eric Nilsson, Laura Oliva, Robert Perry, Barbara Sacks, Frances Sagapolu, Jim Todd and Julius Willis Jr.

Applicants for other boards: Avinta Madhukansh, Ryan Belden, Ray Bonilla Jr., Susan Bunting, Coralia Camacho, Marc Anthony Campos, Diane Fagalde, Rowena Gilmore, Elie Goldstein, Kevi Grier, Gurjit Kaur, Katherine Kelley, Waseem Khan, Robert Leppert, Diane Balloue, Kari McAllister, Allison McManus, Laura Oliva, Kanti Patel, Bruce Roberts, Monica Ruiz, Flo Samuels, Marion Sanchez, Satinder Pal Singh, Benjamin Schweng, Saleacia Taylor, Beneba Thomas and Dennis Wheeler.

Applicants can put in for more than one board, ranking them in order of preference.

The interviews will be conducted at a public meeting that starts at 2 p.m. Tuesday. City Clerk Miriam Lens said she expects it to last until about 10 p.m., and will announce appointees on Wednesday.

Eric Kurhi