HUSD elex update: 6 for 4, 3 for 2

UPDATE #2: May, Jones NOT running. New post to come.

UPDATE: Becerra, Jimenez have withdrawn. Will update after 5 p.m. with final list of candidates.

According to the Registrar’s list, we have a field of three for the two year term, six so far for the four. Deadline is up for the shorter term race, but because incumbent Paul Frumkin III did not file for the four the period  is extended until 5 p.m. Wednesday. Here’s that field right now:

Hayward Unified School District VOTE FOR: 2
Filing Agency: Alameda County
1 SABRINA BECERRA  Filing Completed
2 AUDIE BOCK  Filing Completed
3 LISA G. BRUNNER, Papers filed
4 GABRIEL A. JIMENEZ Filing Completed
5 WILLIAM L. MCGEE, Papers filed
6 SHEILA SIMS Incumbent, Filing Completed

For the two year term, vote for one:
1 JESUS ARMAS Incumbent  Filing Completed
3 ANNETTE WALKER, Papers filed

At this point, there is no sign of the Anna May-Greg Jones “MayJo” bill. And remember, they were talking about getting a third person on that slate. Suspense, you end on Wednesday.

Eric Kurhi

  • teachermama

    Lucy’s mom (and all of us): That federal money is supposed to go to rehire laid off teachers. Let’s make sure that it does not get stuck in Sacramento somewhere nor in the D.O. We should all keep reading the papers, check the CDE (CA dept. of Ed) website, the HUSD website and find other ways to stay informed. Call your state senators and assembly members at the first sign of trouble (or before). Let’s make sure that money gets to Hayward! Then we can “help” the school board and district spend it right. Lower class size, secure music/P.E./etc., bring back the middle school counselors, hire back the nurses, restore instrumental music, more electives for high schoolers . . . plenty of good ways to spend those funds in ways that directly benefit the KIDS!

  • Teachermama,

    My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!

  • John W. Kyle

    Ms. Booth.

    Annoying as it may seem. it is not my purpose to refute your every purpos, but in view of your being a lawyer, in your disputatious best, you make a comment suggesting that HUSD has a work atmosphere in which employees seem to elevate themselves to possession of status of superiority in social position,,,, how else are we to interpret your own remark that we are ‘commoners‘? Does the latter renark apply yo teachers?

    Well, I respect lawyers just as I do Doctors or others in professional’ employment endeavor..however, I never tremble in their presence! That you are an attorney requires my respect for that accomplishment. However, I do not place you on a pedestal! Gee whiz, you use a non-existent word in the first sentence of your 8:00 pm post of the 13th. You used ‘proclude’ not preclude in your very first sentence.

    Legalistically, you may be correct in stating that the ’five’ intended meetings at middle schools are open to all…. However, the intent is to bring as many of the ‘parents’ as possible into those meetings as well as those childless or empty nest souls who have a vested interest in seeing the public schools of Hayward succeed. Real estate values are heavily dependent on good schools.

    The meetings are intended to gather those folks into an opportunity to speak to Trustees about any negative or pro-active concerns as they see them to exist. One of the considerations is that the all purpose rooms may not hold all those folk interested in attending as result of your apparent urgency, to do what? Impede solutions?

    Under health and fire code regulation some ‘locals ‘ might be turned away! So when you bring up the right of all District wide parties at interest, to attend each of the five meetings and appear to make that an issue, are you not then seen as being an obstructionist and part of the overall problem faced by the District?

    As to Ms. Bock and her rights as a citizen, consider that the woman offers nothing than the pursuit of a vendetta directed at Ms. Duran.
    At the Burbank school meeting, she held up a sign which read
    “Fire Duran” nothing more, nothing less. Will she pursue an opportunity to do that at each of the five meetings? Frankly, since she includes in her personal history, the fact of being a substitute teacher in the same district from which Duran retired with highly favorable comments of the San Lorenzo trustees and citizenry, then I suspect, reservedly, that Bock holds a grudge for which there is no solution outside her own mind. Yes, I oppose her candidacy to HUSD, and as a longtime admirer of Paul Hodges’ contributions to community, I will also oppose Bock’s effort to unseat him from his position on the Board of Directors at HARD. She runs for two seats in different areas of administration and interests?

    That lady juggles a lot of balls in the air, too bad the political wind blows against the activity. You might have thought that after her defeat, when running for Governor, if you remember the event when about three thousand souls took the same opportunity in a laughable but never the less, harmful event in California’s history.

    Funny, I do not think Armas would advance the idea if he were not confident of the vote to proceed. As manager of the City, he did not bring forward any of his actions which required a vote unless he was sure that there was genuine interest expressed by the majority at the City’s publicly open ‘Work sessions’. The HUSD Board meetings are in effect a ‘work session’ as that is described when they adjourn at 5:00 pm on meeting days it too is a requirement of the Brown act when salaries and job dismissals are on the table… (modified to the advantage of CTA around 1994 by the State legislature to prevent open discussion of the amounts given to teachers ‘perks’) ‘You could maybe ‘look it up’ in your law library !

    It is nice that you acknowledge that in the instance of HUSD, ad hoc groups have not succeeded as well as they might have done if they were not under direct supervision of staff or HEA Representatives. One of which … the ’Concordia Project’ conducted on the premises of Glad Tidings Church, …. never really got of the ground….invited to be part of that, my first indication of failure, was the incredible numbers of name tags that were never picked up. A major part of those active in Chamber of Commerce, Service clubs and entrepreneurial types just never attended. I dropped out after about two months ( 4 or 5 meetings)!

    Much to my annoyance, a small group of Fairway Park Ladies, living in New Haven School district were vesting the Concordia meetings and seen as attempting to ’capture’ HUSD’s Bidwell School Campus…. They had resurrected a long held ’story’ emanating from the days when that area was being developed, to the effect that they had been promised a Community center…. By God only knows whom. I’d give ’em Treeview since in my opinion it is in danger of being damaged or destroyed by the ’Big One’ if as and when that occurs.

    So in a large sense you are correct, ad hoc groups sponsored by HUSD have not been too successful. On the other hand, the City has successfully used them as in the case of Stonebrae Develop- ment. I spent over 100 hours spread out over something in excess of a year working with that group….. On the day of the dedication, the celebration was ’handled’ by HUSD Staff, HEA Members etc… I did not even receive a name tag while Sarah Gonzales advised her annoyance that her name, written in bronze, on the dedication plaque was spelled wrong. School district contribution in achieving that school was pretty limited. Kathy the HEA President was deeply involved in contributions of design for interior of classroom amenity. Other than that HUSD was not seen involved.

    So in essence, I agree that HUSD has some major administrative problems and I perceive that Mr. Armas’s management experience will be soon felt provided that takeover by State is postponed.

    To wrap up this my response to your first presently unanswered communiqué dated Aug 13th

    Another is response to that of August 14th will follow…my gosh 65 years from date of Japan’s surrender and 96 years since ‘official;’ start of WW I. If my memory serves me well!.

  • Mr. Kyle,

    Try as I might I cannot ignore your verbose postings. Be careful that you are not calling the kettle black here. If I tried to count the number of times that I find mispellings in your postings I would lose count. I do believe that whether I mistyped a word or whether it was a non-existant one you still understood what I was saying.

    By the way, I don’t think at anytime I stated I was a lawyer..hmmm..another one of your assumptions. One need not attend law school with the soul desire to become an attorney. Some of us pursue interests for the sake of LEARNING and expanding our knowledge. Six yers of law gave me a keen understanding of how to make the law work for people who cannot access the very costly legal system.

    You fail to understand that Mr. Armas, your golden boy, is but one of 5 on the board. While he may have a majority supporting him at this time, remember there is no guarantee that will be the case come November. In addition, having exprience as a city manager does not automatically prepare him for the institution of education. Municipalities and school districts are very different entities.

    So nice to read a posting that does not give out information that I have not already shared. Must be difficult for you, since you so enjoy exposing personal information that you have gathered.

  • Lucy’s Mom


    Definitely! Somehow, we must make them accountable. It is time for us parents ( I know teacher have been trying to do this for years) to start asking for a VERY TRANSPARENT DISCLOSURE OF HOW THE DO SPENDS OUR CHILDREN’ MONEY! If some of us were a bit involved before, NOW is the time to sit down with our principals and look at the budget. How much of our dollars stay at the DO for adm., how much actually get to the kids. We need all the programs that they are trying to take away from them. From k-12 as you stated.
    We need to have conversations with other parents, encourage them to vote this November. We need three new people on that board, well four, but she will be gone in two years, maybe earlier, we can only hope.
    Mrs. Booth, are you an advocate for children and their families in educational issues? You will be great resource to many families.
    Regarding the Community Outreach meetings that may take place in the future, I recalled during 2008-2009 Vigil had those meeting taken place at the old school by Tyrrell School. He made sure the principals were there to greet their parents and they had to sit with them. I noticed parents were intimidated by this, others were upset. How could they state their concerns? What if they felt the principal was at fault?, At the last meeting parents couldn’t speak; they had to write their questions in a card. The DO had so many staff members, again parents felt intimidated.
    As parents, we need to let the DO know that none of the former settings have worked as far as Community Meetings go. Maybe the golden boy will come up with a friendly and productive setting.

  • Dear Teachermama,

    Yes I have assisted many students and families throughout the years. I will answer any questions and provide information to anyone who needs assistance. Far be it from me to set myself up as the expert, but I think that the work in have done for others has resulted in positive outcomes for all concerned.

    All of the tactics that the DO uses during “community meetings” is designed to do just what you felt…to intimidate and to control input. Parents are unfortunately correct when they fear some sort of retalliation. HUSD DO administration are the biggest set of bullies this community has ever seen. Unfortunately, their tactics generally work..Might does not make it right.

  • OOPs sorry, that was meant for Lucy’s Mom. My brain is a little sluggish, after reading and responding to Mr. Kyle.

  • So sorry this was meant to respond to another posting. I suppose that I will become more efficient in my entries with time.

  • John W. Kyle

    As I said good morning.

  • Foam Somot

    This is for John Kyle
    In regards to Ms Sims great intellect and quiet demeanor does that include her quiet ability to sleep during board meetings.

  • Foam Somot

    Mr. Kyle;
    You keep telling us how impressive Armas is, all the while Duran sits on the board but the only time a super sits on the board is when the board is without direction and are week. The only member who objects is Reynosa it would imply that you support a weak and inefficient board. And your support of Armas says you support a weak and inefficient candidate.

  • John W. Kyle

    First off, I would like to apologize to Kathi Booth, Annie Wilkes, Obama NewAge, Qodrn and others for my condescending, side-swiping comments. I have become self-aware.

    Ms. Booth, you are 100% correct- I should not be so enamored with Mr. Armas. I am beginning to think the critics might be correct that his appointment to the board is questionable. It needs to be examined whether it really is LEGAL because of the possible CONFLICT OF INTEREST of his wife currently working as the HR director at HUSD.

    As far as town hall meetings, all of you are absolutely correct. They would be a COMPLETE waste of time. Instead, we need people to be more involved at board meetings.

    I appreciate the constructive criticism of all bloggers in response to my numerous, obsessive attacks I have directed on people. Sometimes I ask and tell things that are none of my business or should be private. I realize I sound very crabby in my responses, and I need to stop projecting my anger onto innocent bystanders that just want to contribute.

    Again, I appreciate everyone’s input. I want to apologize for being so judgmental towards everyone when instead I should have been working to unite everyone as a team to improve HUSD.

  • John W. Kyle

    To my fellow critics and bloggers. In the future I will be a much more pleasant person to the blogging community and my postings will not be so verbose. Of course I will have my own opinion and you will have one too, but respect will be practiced and attacks on your person or trying to find out where you live will no longer be a practice or priority. Let us all continue to blog just on issues and have differences respectfully and peacefully.

  • John W. Kyle

    Dear Foam Somot, you might be right and you are entitled to you opinion and I respect that.

  • John W. Kyle

    Ooops! I almost forgot that I will no longer spitefully attack Audie Bock for I realize that it is very irrational to do so and I am looking forward to have any accomplished scholars like Ms. Kathi Booth and Ms. Audie Bock to participate on intellectual discussion in this blog for all of us to read. I apologize to all if I had offended anyone for now on there will be only honorable debatable discourse.

  • Mr. Kyle,

    I certainly hope your postings are truly a result of what you have come to realize, and not just a new version of your caustic and sarcastic commentary. I would like to say hooray this is a red letter day!!!

    I welcome heartfelt discourse and disagreement, simply minus the personal attacks on one’s character and motives.

    I look forward to reading your next entry.

  • qodrn

    The LA Times latimes.com has an interesting article on teacher effectiveness. In a nutshell, the idea is to base a teacher’s effectiveness on the level that their students perform at. For example, if they entered a grade testing at the 80 percent level, they ought to at least leave the grade at that level or better. The times found someone to grade a bunch of elementary teachers, so now you can look up these teachers and get an idea how they do with their students over a period of years. The idea is that its the teacher that is most critical to a child’s learning, not the school or other stuff. What do you all think about this?

  • WhoCaresJustTellTheTruth

    Who’s posing as John Kyle?

  • John W. Kyle

    Kathy Booth followers and devotees;

    Wow ! Too bad I do not possess an abacus to aid count of blog submissions by Kathy Booth. That lady has submitted, as of 8:30 pm August 15, something like 32 separate items since the 2nd or 3rd day of this month. If that isn’t an example of verbosity, show me another! 32 out of a count of 61 since about August 3. (52.5 %) Keep in mind she is a newcomer to this thing!

    Ms. Booth. With reference to yours dated Aug 14th, ( blog item #51 under Kurhi’s lead about HUSD elections,) I say to you and those who have not yet caught on to shortcomings, displayed by many previous occupants of seats on the Board of Trustees going back as far as the time of the hire of Ms. Kohl, is their inability to adopt actions which level the playing field for all intended public comment speakers, preceding actual move to the business of the day. ( your opportunity to deal with a ‘run on’ sentence ! .)

    On May 10,2006, there were no public comment speakers thought by me to be in support of whatever little was known of Board’s intent relative to the Charquin’ project. It would seem to me that the proper time to address any action taken by the board, would be more properly supported or opposed at the time the item was actually on an evening’s agenda.

    Two things occurred within the first of public comments, on the date above.

    1.) The charquin kids were given a lesson in self defeating experiences, far from that lesson in civics as you maintain. Those adults, used kids to completely monopolize the total time allocated to the initial period of public comments.

    2.) Those members of the audience, involving an unknown count, who had thought to speak about unrelated, subjects, were rudely ‘cut off’ from that opportunity; thus compelled to wait several hours; if intent on using ‘their three minutes’ they were probably deeply offended, as I was. That second period of public speaking time often does not come under item ‘J’ until a very late moment of the meeting. Hardly a recommended technique to gain substantive support for any particular cause.

    Basically, the representatives of the Charquin project were either poorly led or just plain lacking in manners. Worse yet, the children were taught nothing in that particular experience especially during the ‘rant’ by the lady teacher whose attempts ‘to advise’ trustees were so ill conceived that I failed to understand that it was, as you put it., ‘common practice’ to allow students to speak so that they experience participation in public affairs and in addition, could return home to accommodate early bedtime hours.

    Contrary to your opinion, Mr. Peterson was not correct; that poor old gentleman failed to recognize a technique, frequently urged upon him and other members of the board, to follow the rules laid down by the City Council when ‘hot topics’ are being approached. In their case, the Council is observing proper procedures, permitted by the Brown Act, so as to hear ‘others’ speak. An accommodation to ‘others’ to exercise the rights of citizenship has been well met by the public!. Had they, the members of the Board followed my frequent suggestion to them, that when a group arrives to speak on hot topics, they must first select from their ranks a leader who is provided five ( 5 ) minutes of speaking time which can be followed by two more from that same group, who are allotted 3 minutes each. If the subject is not well presented within an 11 minute period, then find solution in another form of communication but whatever is the result of that practice, do not deny others the right to address the board at the moments when public comments occur prior to taking up the formal agenda items.

    On May 10, 2006, the children of Charquin were taught nothing but boorish manners and behaviors which are frequently self defeating. Yes, they should have gone home early, especially after about an hour’s worth of ‘demonstrations’ in front of City hall, prior to that meeting. Your surly remarks about my own scribbles are ignored….. Which is the best insult afforded to those who are resentful of opinions I hold. I wonder why you have not either run for the Board yourself, or at least come up with some pro-active ideas.

    So, you are not actually a lawyer in the sense that you did not take the bar exam. Well do not feel alone, I had a classmate who failed the exam six or seven times.

    There was once an occasion when I found myself in Superior Court of Alameda County which resulted in a fabulous pay check amounting to aggregated total of $495.00 (or $5,00 per day in that era).

    Some of the antics displayed by trial lawyers would be amusing if not so sadly displayed under serious conditions. One of the things I experienced with some pleasure were the oral skills possessed by some lawyers having minds and tongues with ‘rapier’ like qualities.

    I do not see that in your writings! Perhaps if you appeared at public comments, we might see something to change an opinion, or two? Surely you have at least one proactive idea!

    Not having a positive suggestion of your own to offer the Board of Trustees, you attack my suggestion revolving around the Town Hall meeting idea. I offer the following in support of the Town Hall concept.

    It would become a highly useful device by which to enroll folks who are either empty nest types or new arrivals seeking opportunity to develop contacts and friends as a means of maintaining mental acuity or ‘settling in’ with the community. If we had a group of older adults wishing, for whatever reason, to make a contribution of time, why not employ them in fund raising activity as support for athletic for music programs. I used the term ‘ad hoc’ groups; which set you off on one of your tangents about success of ad hoc groups within HUSD. Geez lady, I do not imagine my self ever again involved with an ad hoc group set up by HUSD. Volunteers directly appointed within the system are abused!

    For the lack of a better term my favorite idea is an ’ad hoc’ group dedicated to the use of sports activity, such as a hole in one contest which alone, on an annual basis would probably see $10,000 raised for HUSD Sports or even music programs.

    I once put on a ‘junktique’ at St Joachim’s school… it raised $4500. In two days of sales of discards. Clever me… I offered folks opportunity to attend the largest rummage sale west of Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire. The ad which appeared in Daily Review offered opportunity to haggle with our little old ladies in tennis shoes and then spring the ad upon them for an additional 10% in price reduction after the haggle had been completed. Use of the name, in bold type, “Lake Wiinipesauke , New Hampshire” set the jovial tone leading to success of the ‘Junktique’ activity. $4.500 profit earned in about 12 hours, spread over two days was no small achievement..

    It is through use of a Town Hall meeting that funds can enually be raised in meaningful ways for HUSD. Get it?

    Your repugnance to use of the words ‘ad hoc’ is not something you should continue. It is counter productive

    Limiting your self to defense of lesser minds who are simply disparaging the reputations of others, is not worthy of your intellect.

    Apparently you are unaware of the qualities of Mr. Armas whose management experience saw oversight of the City’s 900 plus employees, including police and fire departments. The man is no slouch… he has the respect of a great many throughout the whole community, not just the Latino segment. Let me ask this, is your opposition based on the Latino factor? Frankly, I think that to be the case with O’Bama new age! She has a subliminal fear of surrendering ‘a piece of the pie’ to Latinos at the expense of Afro Americans. Her slanderous remarks are absurd and might easily be attributed to what I just described.

    While I am at it, the question of Mr. Armas’conflict of interest was covered by an attorney representing HUSD. That lady stated unequivocally, during the ’appointment process’ that Armas would be in conflict with the law, ONLY if he voted upon a contractual relationship between his spouse and HUSD. Armas knew that and as I recall touched on the subject without being asked. It is characteristic of the man to ‘BE PREPARED’!

    Poor Reynoso, my memory suggests that the conflict of interest topic had also been reviewed by the County Supt. of Schools.

    When might we see your pro-active appearance at public meetings of the Trustees ? Are you able to induce Obama new age to make an apperance, in pro-active stance?

  • John W. Kyle

    Dear ‘Who cares, just tell the truth !”

    Your introdustory rematks appearin immediately above my most recent post….. are truly enlightening! Keep up the good work,,,,,

    Are you a graduate of USD schools? If so, how do we measure the deoth of our problem?

  • qodrn

    The Charquin folks could be quite pushy. They had become a school unto themselves with quite different rules including one that parents had to donate a set amount of money each quarter, and students attended school when they felt like it. Parents were in the classrooms all the time, many doing the teaching instead of the paid teacher. All of these folks were nice until you disagreed with them. Unfortunately, this and other things Charquin did violated state laws.

    Nice to have Mr. Kyle back. Your messages of yesterday sent me to double check my depression meds.

  • K Rocchio

    Lucy’s Mom: I agree that parents need to get involved in their site funding. A great way to know what is happening at your school is to attend the School Site Council meetings. Ask your principal.

    There is also some discussion above regarding Public Comments at the Board Meetings. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Board has recently appointed an employee to sit behind the Board and “organize” the comment cards received. They are separated by items on the agenda and also “bundled” by topic. This process now means that speakers will not always be called by the order cards were submitted. I know this is a difficult change for those used to arriving early to ensure being called early. It is also seen by some as a means to move the more undesirable topics to the late hours of the meeting in hopes those speakers will retire for the night. Which way did you like best? Speakers called in order cards received or “bundled” by topic?

    I have also noticed that the late hours of the recent meetings have caused people to be creative in filling out their comment cards to be allowed to speak during Public Comments rather than wait until agenda item finally comes up. Again, can we move topics of big interest to early on the agenda for the sake of the community??

  • To all who have read or posted on this blog:

    After reading Mr. Kyle’s postings 63-66 last evening, I was tempted to say that it was an imposter, however, I live by the rule that all should receive a second chance and that there is some good in each and every one of us. How foolish I now feel!!!

    Mr. Kyle,
    Again you make assumptions based upon no factual data regarding me or anyone else you choose to malign and attack in your postings.

    1.You have no idea whether I did or did not take the bar, for that matter it is none of your business what my motives were for studying the law.

    2.If you want to know how familiar I am with Mr. Armas and his time as city manager, I suggest you go straight to the source. But, for your edification, I am fully aware of his abilities and if you ask him I am sure that he will tell you that I stronly urged him to apply for the position of superintendent. It is in that position that I feel he could have made many positive strides for the students and employees of HUSD. Surprise, Surprise…Mr. Armas and I have actually spoken to one another.

    I care not how many postings I have placed on this blog, as long as I am able to reach just one individual with factual information that may help them to understand the workings of HUSD.

    By the way Mr. Kyle, perhaps we can make a deal, since I am relatively good at editing copy. Maybe before you post your rambling, viscious, diatribes I could help you with spelling and sentence construction.

    To Qodrn,

    I had a very positive experience in the Charquin Program and while each and every parent and teacher had free will and the guarantee of free speech, my grandson’s academic life was enriched and made stronger by the Charquin Program. If you truly understood the philosophy of Charquin you would know that having parents contribute, in what were at that time called “Centers” you would understand that the philosophy encouraged all adults to share knowledge with children. The Charquin Program stimulated many adults to return to school and obtain thier credentials so that they could contribute to public education.

    Obviously Charquin was not for everybody but, it did instill in the students a sense of tolerance for those who were “different”, a love for learning, and an understandting of community spirit. Was it perfect? Certainly not, but it was a much better environment for my grandson to grow and blossom as a person and a life long learner.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Ms. Rocchio,
    It’s very important to attend those meeting for sure, to inquire about funds. It is important to ask for a copy of the school budget and become familiar with it. We should all be concern about the four schools that will be receiving School Improvement Grants. These funds belong to all students at these schools. Lately it seems that only one subgroup benefits from everything; parent centers, services, conferences, private meetings with a board member, etc. The School Improvement Grant is not Title I money, right?
    It seems that in the last 3 months we not only have an additional employee sitting behind board members (overtime money?), we have lawyers, (airfare, hotel, fees, more money out?) and many administration staff sitting all over the place. It seems to many of us parents that this tactic is designed to intimidate the community.
    I think the purpose of the employee sitting behind is to take care of the speaker cards. It is a way to control the situation, somebody needs to, I guess. Some of our board members are engaged in private conversations, arguments or just waiting for the prompts from Ms. Duran. Prior to Ms. Duran’s arrival we had the speakers called in order of cards, that should continue. It is only fair to those that arrive early.

    I agree with you that the most important topics should be early on the agenda. The agenda is developed by the President and Vice president. I have respected Mr. Frumkin for a very long time, but I don’t see him there anymore. It seems we have already being taken over; not by the state, but by an employee of the district.
    I am becoming a cynic and my daughter has not finish elementary school yet. I appreciate your optimism, continue working for our community.

  • Dear Lucy’s Mom,

    Again I believe yours and Ms. Rocchio’s postings hit the nail on the head. Both of you are inciteful persons who seem to understand the underlying problems facing this communit. Keep up your monitoring of the district and the board. It is comments and observations such as yours that spur others to examine what is happening in HUSD.

  • John W. Kyle


    Thanks for the defense!

    At my entry numbered as #59 above, I revealed some horrific statistics taken from a report prepared by HUSD and submitted to a small obscure section within the Calif. Dept of Education, operating out of Sacramento.

    I recited some pretty horrible statistics at #59 above which are horribly poor unto themselves and supposedly relative to truancy rate occurring at our separate schools and broken down into revelation of experience at K-6, Middle schools and High Schools.

    At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees I brought those statistical matters forward in a fashion which should have, by now, resulted in the matter being brought to their agenda pretty darn soon.

    Questions should be asked of the State, both as to the methodology as well as the purpose of the report. Especially when that report indicates an over all truancy rate of 48.94% of the total enrollment established on October 1, 2009. I question that methodology which revealed such a staggering statistic. Methodology as well as the purpose of the report ought be fully revealed. It does unjust damage to the public image of this community.

    To describe or imply that 74% of our High school students are ‘Truants’ requires enquiry! I think it to be a measure which fails to recognize that the accumulated number of absences exceeding three or more days might easily be confused with ’transience’ as well as existence of a hard core number of youngsters enamored of opportunity to join in at the ‘cash flash’ corners where illicit sales of flesh and ill advised substances are occurring.. Why go to school when considerable money is garnered at ‘cash flash’ corners located at or near troubled arterials?

    I attempted use of humor at #59 so that the ’Kathy’s of the world
    WOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO DISPUTE ACCURACY OF WHAT I derived and brought forward from that report. Frankly, I think the report to be a joke in whatever use of methodology was employed. It is especially damaging when recognizing that the data will be circulated on a broad basis outside this school district. Do we purposely limit use of expulsion as an action against hard core truants?

    I suspect that the accumulated numbers of student absences might easily be laid at the feet of our potential ‘dropouts’ who escape their duty to themselves as well as their parents and the community….. To attend to those matters, which I heard described at a meeting of those interested in the Mentor – Mentee discussions at Palma Ceia Baptist church, last March 13th, requires community wide effort of individuals representing all races and religious faiths existent within the district.

    The lure of quick cash , is appealing and apparently out weighs and thus defeats any notion of getting a formal education with potential for a better future. The threat of trips to the penitentiary seems lost in the thought processes of children who lack comfortable housing and are subjected to parenting by those whose own education is lost in similar experience at truancy, especially when combined with transience.

    Kathy is not really a bully but.. Kathy in my opinion is attempting domination by what she describes as superior experience in all matters, in the world of blog discussion, involving HUSD.

    I did not reveal personal information matters about the woman. What Mr. Kurhi revealed to me was that she took offense when I had I very briefly wrote of a person, who I thought to be close to the woman. I thought I had expressed admiration for the individual in question, who in my mind set was dealing heroically with a serious health matter. How that was interpreted as disclosure of personal matters is still a mystery to me. Note also, that I revealed no names.

    Again, I wonder if she thought I was telling an untruth about a contributor, ( Obama new age) whose once frequent long, irrational, poorly expressed thoughts and who was not justified in frequent acts of slander directed at Mr. Armas. That individual did not and does not yet understand the difference between license and freedom of speech ! Her accusations directed at the moral character of Mr. Armas were totally untrue and unacceptable.

    To my knowledge none indicated recognition or acceptance of that which was submitted by that venomous individual. Yet Kathy and others defended her right to say it! I dispute that on the basis of the moral fact that there is huge difference between exercise of free speech and exercise of licentious slander. I even attempted to see Obama new age accept a suggestion that she seek counseling from her religious counselor, deacon or Pastor.

    The last of her many contributions that I bothered reading saw her expressing the fact that she was going to vote against Mr. Armas. The right to vote, in her case, is a bit confusing in view of the fact that she had moved to Oakland as a means of escaping, (whatever she was fleeing from,) that which caused her dissatisfaction in Hayward.

    Ms. Booth also has objections to my effort, as seen introduced on the editorial page of the Daily Review issue of June 3, 2010; The article referred to my belief that Hayward needs a Town Hall meeting which would be conducted beyond the purview of both City and School District.

    The ‘My word’ article called for a town hall meeting to be held outside the procedural controls employed by HUSD or the City. It would start without an agenda, thus no compliance or need to observe the Brown act, under any stretch of imagination by those who oppose the thought. A town hall meeting would see use of ’break out groups’ which do not exceed 20 individuals seated at one table. The single biggest rule governing a Town Hall meeting would be that worthwhile ideas are sought but that all negative references, finger pointing or negative, muddy aspersions cast upon HUSD Administration or trustees would be forbidden.

    What is desired is a free flow of ideas intended to aid HUSD without direct involvement of staff. Trustees would be invited solely for the purpose or permitting them opportunity to observe and perhaps measure strengths of the community.

    Booth’s announced objection to Town Hall concept seems to center on my use of those two little words…‘ad hoc’! Her aversion appears to be based upon experiences she said she had when involved within groups organized by HUSD Staff or Trustees.
    I think she and I agree that some of those large scale groups have spent energy as well as monetary reserves …. with no results occurring after much time investment.

    If ad hoc groups or task forces employed within HUSD ’s historical attempts to cure it’s continuing problems have left a bad taste in Ms. Booth’s mouth (as well as my own) why is that sufficient reason to abandon the Town Hall Concept? Surely we are all smart enough to recognize that the so called ‘Town Hall Meetings’ used and displayed in the political games of the last election, are not the reason we must abandon the idea! Or are we not sufficiently endowed with knowledge about their use in the early history of this nation?

    I suggest that what we ought attempt is the creation of opportunity for older folk, empty nesters, retirees, new comers to the community, (regardless of age), as well as those who are just plain interested in expanding their contacts within the community, to come together and organize themselves in groups involved with common interests.

    It is my observation that parents of public school children are in need of examples of community support beyond passing a bond issue or parcel tax.


    If we had a separate ad hoc group, involving senior citizens, working at what I describe as fund raising activities WE MIGHT, easily see results that bring in as much as $100,000 PER YEAR DEDICATED TO BE USED FOR SUPPORT OF MUSIC AND SPORTS PROGRAMS !

    Call that one the ‘ad hoc’ group for sports and promotions involving ‘Hole in One’ contests, rummage/flea market gatherings or Christmas tree sales occurring on unused or lightly used High School parking lots such as that at the Mt. Eden HS lot facing Hesperian Blvd.

    I could go on…. But why would be the point if Ms. Booth, a well established ‘community leader’ is determined to oppose constructive thought….

    Good luck to you Ms. Booth… JUST STOP KNOCKING the honest efforts of others..

  • Mr. Kile,

    Once and for all you did reveal where I lived and you did reveal information about a member of my family. YOu know it and so do I and so does anybody who read your entry before Mr. Kurhi removed it. Don’t deny what you have done you are dishonest to do so.

    I have simply stated that I have much knowledge about the history of HUSD and much experience dealing with the roadblocks placed in the paths of so many of its students and families. I related my years of direct volunteering in the classroom, school office and at various other venues within HUSD. It was done simply to assure people that I had some foundation to allow me to critique the district and its current administrators.

    I really should be honored that you, on your own, have given me so much power of persuasion over those who post on this blog. Is that really what you are afraid of Mr. Kyle, that some other voice may be listened to and appreciated? I do not oppose constructive thought, I simply reserve the right not to fall lock step into what you believe is the one and only way to resolve a problem.

    TTFN Mr. Kiiile

  • annie wilkes

    I agree with Kathi Booth; I was so disgusted by Mr. Kyle’s last posting to me, accusing me of being irrational just because I had my own opinion, that I completely avoided this website. It’s inappropriate to hound out other people’s addresses and their family, and it is time to speak up against this practice.

    Cheryl in your post criticizing Ms. Kathi Booth. Where were you Cheryl when Mr. John Kyle was telling us where Ms. Booth lives and ridiculing her husband’s illness just because Ms. Booth had a different opinion? Cheryl you need to read the posts of Mr. Kyle before you come to his defense.

    This Mr. Armas that Mr. Kyle supports so blindly is in over his head. He is not qualified for this board position, and in my mind, he is a puppet of those in power. Is Mr. Kyle going to marry him since he adores him so much. Do not vote for incompetent board trustees.

    We should all be entitled to have opinions without someone ridiculing us and stalking us. I just hope Mr. Kyle and those that support him do not know where I live or where my kids go to school. By the way Mr. Kyle I do not care where you live or your scribbles about your childhood. Ms. Kathi Booth you go girl!!

  • Dear Ms. Wilkes,

    Thank you for letting all who read this blog for telling the truth. I have never had a problem with anyone disagreeing with my opinions or suggestions. My only beef is when there are uncalled for personal attacks.

    My purpose for posting on this site is to let folks know that sometimes it is important to understand the history of HUSD, because so many time history repeats itself. Since I have “worked” during the time of approximately 8 superintendents and their various administrations, I have seen and experienced many different styles, educational “visions”, open and closed door policies and have assisted parents and students during each of them, I just felt that there may be some value in sharing my own lessons and observations.

    If there are folks out there who wish to pick my brain or actually need assistance in walking thru the muck and mire I am only a question or request away.

  • Cheryl

    I’m not going to get into a back and forth defending myself. That’s what leads us down this unproductive path. You can read my past posts if you want to know what I’ve said previously. Let’s focus on the issues and not on personalities. Please don’t leave the blog. Please contribute. We have a very important election coming up with a lot at stake.