Jones, May decline to run for school board

Find a preview of tomorrow’s story below for the nitty-gritty on all the elections with extended filing periods.

Both former city officials said they have a lot of other community service opportunities, as well as professional and personal goals.

“I definitely believe in Hayward, and schools are a priority,” said Greg Jones. “I’m certainly interested in using leadership however I can. I thought this would be a good way to serve but it did not turn into that in my mind.”

Jones added that he is a flexible man, and has no regrets about leaving the city to pursue other goals. May said the same about her departure from the City Council, adding that the atmosphere could be “stifling.”

She quoted a line from her Facebook page: “The right team can make the most mundane task worthwhile. Similarly, the wrong team can make the most meaningful endeavor a complete waste of time.”

Here is the election update story:

 By Eric Kurhi and Jason Sweeney
Staff writers
ALAMEDA COUNTY — An anticipated run for the Hayward school board by former City Councilwoman Anna May and her fiance, former City Manager Greg Jones, did not materialize as the Wednesday deadline passed and they decided not to file.
In addition, two candidates for Hayward Unified — Sabrina Becerra and Gabriel Jimenez — withdrew from the race, leaving a field of Audie Bock, Lisa Brunner, Sue Lafferty, William McGee and incumbent Sheila Sims seeking two available seats.
“There are several jagged reasons we could articulate for why we’re not running,” wrote May in an e-mail. “But in the interest of keeping it more positive, we’ll refrain (for now).”
May said that “a lot has transpired in the last few months,” particularly with the issue of the district’s unbalanced budget.
The district faces the threat of a state takeover if it cannot submit a balanced budget by a Sept. 8 deadline, and negotiations with the teachers union last week did not yield results. A takeover would mean the board would serve only in an advisory capacity.
“I hope to heck they get the budged balanced, I haven’t seen enough happening to give me confidence that it will get done,” Jones said. “I’m not interested in sitting on a board with no power.”
In the San Leandro Unified School District, no one filed for the Trustee Area 6 seat, so that position will be filled by the school board after the Nov. 2 election.
Area 6 incumbent Lisa Hague decided not to run for re-election because of a work promotion that demanded more of her time. Only Herlinda Morales took out nomination papers for that seat, but she did not complete the required paperwork to file.
In Trustee Area 2, Lance James will be running against Victoria Wang. Incumbent Pauline Cutter is leaving the board to run for a seat on the City Council.
In the Eden Township Healthcare District race, three seats are up for grabs: Les Friedman, Susan Reisz and incumbents Carole Rogers and William West will be on the Nov. 2 ballot. Jeff Rosier took out nomination papers but didn’t complete his filing. Incumbent Harry Dvorsky will not seek re-election.
In the AC Transit Ward 4 race, in which board President Rocky Fernandez decided not to seek re-election, Mark Williams and Gavin Wilgus will be the only candidates.
For the long-term seat on the Fairview Fire Protection, incumbent Angelo Costanzo is joined by newcomers Mike Miraglia and Jeff Rosier for two available seats. Mike Preston is running unchallenged for the short-term slot.
Contact Eric Kurhi at 510-293-2473. Contact Jason Sweeney at 510-293-2469.

Eric Kurhi

  • K Rocchio

    I will not be able to attend tonight due to a Back-to-School Picnic. I agree with Kathi on speaking from the heart. I have sent an email to the Board and Superintendent Duran expressing some concerns I have. One is described above regarding the ASES/21st Century $$ and the other is regarding a recent post on the HUSD website regarding combo classes. In that post Supt. Duran states that combos are “becoming an alternative solution to displacing students who would otherwise need to be sent to other school sites within the school district.” I believe if you look at East Avenue, you will find that by creating the combination classes, they had the exact opposite outcome. Classes were packed to capacity and now any new students must be redirected. Existing students were placed in combo classes and now there is no opportunity to go back to straight classes because any new students will be sent to other sites.

    I will be interested to see how many of the candidates (the original topic of this thread) show up at the meeting tonight and speak on topics of interest to the community. Mr. Armas attended our Back-to-School night. I hope some of the other candidates start reaching out and showing interest to the community soon. I did visit the website for Mr. McGee and was very impressed with him during the interview process for the appointment to the Board. I would really like to hear him speak on some of the agenda items tonight.

  • John W. Kyle

    Ms. Booth

    Thank you for reduciong the expense of payments to the trustees for their presence..

    Mr. Reynoso has done some calculations and says that Mr. Frumkin neds to pay back all the he recieved in nearlt 10 yeaRS ON THE bOARD. sOMETHING LIKE $37,000 FOR fRUNKIN THEN THERE WAS ADVICE THAT WE NEED TO CONTAV=CT mR.sAQEWMZ, mR, pETERSON, sAEAH gONZALEZ AND ANY THAT ARE STILL ALIVE AND Can be contacted.

    That must mean Mr./ Larry Booth, soes it not let see 350 per month x 12 months x four (4) years ?

    Can you cover that?

  • Observer

    I assure you Mr Kyle if you ever receive any extra pennies in your social security check, they will definitely require that you repay that amount (i.e. if you worked a paying job that exceeded the amount allowed). I believe the point is that is was the responsibility of the board member is to know the laws of California education code. If they had done so, they would have known the stipend they were receiving exceeded the stipend allowed based on the number of enrolled students in the district. So how is this Ms Booth’s fault???

    By the way, it is my understanding the budget gap for HUSD is somewhere on the order of $18M. Just as your pet project of truancy recovering $4M-$5M will not bridge that gap, neither will the $1000/month of overpaid stipend to board members but that doesn’t make it any less important. $1000month can be used in any number of ways to assist with programs for the children that have been canceled due to lack of funds. Rather than wanting to recreate the wheel (because if you haven’t noticed, nobody is jumping on your bandwagon) you may want to look into how truancy is being handled in Richmond where the problem is 10 fold . Your $100 bond is never going to fly but there are other programs (I believe Ms Booth refers to SARB in case you missed that in her previous posts) that you could channel your energy toward.

  • qodrn

    If Social Security finds out about it, they will indeed recover from you extra payments. This is part of what my husband does. However, SS will take even a five dollar payment per month until it is paid off.
    Otherwise, they will sic the IRS after you.

    Good luck with the school meeting. I wish I could get this on television. Can I pick it up on my computer some way? It seems I used to be able to view the meetings through the city website, but now I don’t see how. If someone can help me with this, I would be very grateful.

  • To Jon Kile:

    Once again you just can’t resist sniping at me or my family. So glad that you found something to “tickle” your nasty bone.

    To All:
    The board/superintendent violated Roberts Rules of Order regarding the placement of the controversy of the board stipend on the Consent Calendar. If you aren’t aware, the Consent Calendar items are Action Items, requiring a vote of the board. The stipend reduction was ordered by the STATE DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION and was could not be challenged by the board. It was an informational item that, by parliamentary procedure was required to be a separate Agenda item.
    Placing this on the consent calendar was an effort by the superintendent and the board to avoid any comment by members of the audience and to prevent any board member from asking for discussion. Unfortunately, the majority of the board did not expect members of the audience to speak to it.

    Since we are talking about over payment and how monies could be better spent, last night, very late and with virtually no one in the the audience, HUSD administrators admitted that for the past school year the Garcia Law firm was paid between $600 and $900 THOUSAND dollars for legal fees.
    How many programs or teachers could have been saved with this money? Are you aware that with a contract paying “billable” hours HUSD pays the Garcia firm to sit in on ALL closed sessions? This by the way is a violation of the Brown Act; it is very clear who and why anyone other than the board and superintendent may sit in closed session. So to circumvent the Brown Act, Ms. Duran has appointed the attorney to take minutes of the closed session. Minute taking of closed session is the job of the superintendent.

    Ms. Rocchio:

    I don’t know if you watched the board meeting last night but the item regarding the ASES grant was conviently “bundled” with the renewal of the attorney contract, and the changes of the Adult School calendar for a single vote. It was done late in the evening, there was no discussion prior to the vote, no board members could ask questions, there was no deliberation and no opportunity for the few left in the audience to question the ASES grant. Convienient wasn’t it?

    To Qodrn:

    If you receive basic cable service from comcast you can view the board meetings on channel 15 here in Hayward. The next best thing is to watch the “edited” video of the meeting via HUSD’s website later in the week.

  • To All Regarding Repayment of Board Stipends:

    I’m sorry but the history buff in me has taken over…so here goes.

    In 1999 and for several years prior, the board stipend was $420.00 per month, reflecting that the enrollment of HUSD was below 25,000 students. I believe for the 2000.01 school year the enrolment rose above. How do I know this Mr. Kuyle will ask? Well because I KNOW HUSD!!!!

    With respect to re-embursement: The Education Code provides for a three(3) year period to collect retroactive monies. Such money, if owed, can be paid on a mutually agreed schedule. How do I know this Mr.Kiule? Because I research Education Codes and the law.

  • K Rocchio

    On the subject of truancy in HUSD: I don’t believe it is fair to look at this problem without looking at what is being done to encourage our students to attend our schools.

    Am I the only one who thinks that teachers and counselors with manageable workloads, electives of interest to teens, and invigorating arts, music and science programs are some things that might help with the truancy problem. If we continue to eliminate programs that engage our young people, they will continue to let us know! One of the most important steps to reducing truancy is to notify a parent/guardian immediately (not an answering machine) that their student was absent. We don’t have the staff for this. Our classrooms are so large that attendance is simply a report. Our teachers rarely have the luxury of talking to individual students about why they were absent.

    There are other things the community can help with. Businesses can request attendance information from teens when applying for jobs. Fast food and movie theaters could refuse to serve or admit students during school days (we would need to have some sort of identification for home schooling). However, I believe that until we can bring our kids back into our schools, these things will only chase them to our neighboring communities.

  • K Rocchio

    Hugh, thank you for the link. The site contained some great information re: 21st CCLCs.

    Kathi & Qodrn, I plan to watch the re-run on the cable today at 4pm. I have also tried the link through the City of Hayward website without success for some time. Did any of the candidates make a showing?

    Observer, you make a good point regarding the money situation in HUSD. We can’t afford to look away from the lesser amounts. Any savings equals funding for the students (ohhh, I wish it was that easy). We would never walk away from a $21,000 annual donation (that’s $350/mo. per Trustee). Imagine if the Board only cut programs that would save $1,000,000 or more. We would still have music, GATE, counselors, etc. Every dollar counts. And if it makes the people worried about the Trustees feel any better, notice on the presentation materials it stated that the Board Members were the people that questioned the stipend amount. Hmmmm … I can’t believe that a fiscal advisor doesn’t spend every well-paid minute looking for discrepancies just like this! Instead we are questioning schools ordering supplies and materials.

    I look forward to watching the meeting and hope to see our two incumbent candidates showing us what our future holds if re-elected. Every question they ask and every vote they make speaks volumes more than any campaign speech they could ever make!

  • John W. Kyle


    If you read my #102 as well as the one at around #57 dealing with statistical data on truancy, be sure to read slowly so as to be accurate in your next response.

    You will then note that Ms. Booth was so successful, due to her superior research activity, that the district will now save $350 per month from the amount paid to Trustees for their service to community.. Now down from the $750.MONTHLY STIPEND. which was until recently, the monthly stipend paid to Trustees. On Mr. Armas’ recent motion, the amount was reduced but that was insufficient to meet the problem resulting from Ms. Booth’s research.

    Now the ‘legal‘ limit is $400. per month..

    Then, last night, Mr. Reynoso brought up the subject of restitution, which by his calculation saw a need for Mr. Frumkin to return around $37,000 of illicit payments calculated at $350 per month x 12 months x 9 + years that Mr. Frumkin served on the board, and the excess, if any that might be paid between the first day of September and the end of the year when the new ‘winners’ are sworn in!

    Always on the alert, Mr. Reynoso , thoughtful as he is, suggested that we go on the hunt for the ‘payback’ from Sarah Gonzales, and all the others, found alive as far back as possible, so to recoup those illicit $350 overpayments.

    So, quite legitimately, I suggested that MS. Booth, our model of political correctness, prepare to repay all of those sums of overpayment that her Husband owes as result of his presence on the Board when Ms. Kohl was hired to be our replacement Supt. Why stop at regaining the overpayment from Ms. Sara Gonzales…? Why not go after Mr. Petersen, Mr. Saenz, Ms. Truhill, Mr. Cook , Mr. Booth etc. etc. etc .

    The ‘performance bond’ idea is valid despite your opinion to the contrary. And if you accept the latest truancy data which states that 49% of our students have missed class for 3 successive days. Why do you protest the loss of your own money which may occur with the proposal; the Trustees have almost with certainty,to impose a $200. annual ‘parcel tax’ on top of the coming ‘added incremental’ increases of the School bond ( eventually reaching four times the original amount,,,, as the re-construction / modernization plans progress,)

    Frankly, I do not believe the truancy data which was placed in my hands; I think the data is skewed for the simple reason that HUSD, in it’s penny pinching frame of mind, decided to reduce the number of attendance clerks so that two or more schools would share a single employee…..

    What is also obvious is that the data submission which reflects the 49% Truancy rate might easily include “Transience”…. those two factors ought be segregated.

    If a family with kids enrolled at HUSD, moves away because of the foreclosure problem, do you think that they remain thoughtful enough, under those highly emotional conditions, to phone the school district AND ADVISE DEPARTURE FOR PLACES UNKNOWN ? When does HUSD realize that problem?

    Please advise your well considered opinion, only when you and your opinions are well considered. Thus do I suggest that you might wish to become a bit more accurate in your estimate of the budget problem..

    For example: The $18 million was the beginning point…. From that amount about $10 million has been slashed; that sees a remaining sum of about $ 8,000.000 to be cut in order to satisfy the State of California, which by the way is again going to be tardy in supply of cash……until it balances it’s own budget…??.

    If we crack down on truancy…. how much of the ADA money will we recover.

    If folks resent the thought of a performance bond… limited to $100 per family, ( about the sum needed to attend 7 or 8 movies ?), will we see parents who are moving away, neglect to tell HUSD, in order to regain that $100. Will Dad give up a couple of weeks of beer money to assure his kid will be present at the roll call? You can be sure he will kick some fanny of he loses those beer bucks! How in blazes would he ever again enjoy TV ?

    When kids are frequently absent at the moment when the roll call is conducted, what recourse do we have for that parental neglect?

    We have a right to a free education but what right do we exercise when we fail to hold up our end of the plank?

    You might want to read my # 59 contribution, (scroll up for about half a minute )!
    No word from Booth? She must be weighed down by the affects of Reynoso’s comments on return of stipend overpayments.

    If you choose to ignore the need to correct the problem of lost ‘average daily attendance’ (ADA) money the think about this:

    The Board of Trustees will soon be asking for a ’parcel Tax’ of at least $200. Per property. That sum is above and beyond the Maintenance Assessment District tax of just $28 per year, which caused a disgruntled former school principal to get mad at MAD and the trustees. He organized the other two zanies active in his LANGIA group to ATTEMPT A RECALL IN 1994, which I picketed thus causing his defeat. At my present age I am to old to attempt defeat of another recall attempt should it develop.

    The zany part of that recall attempt was that had it been successful, the recall election would have occurred about three or four months prior to the fall election at which two of the three would need re-election. One of those three was a much admired gentleman on staff at Cal State Hayward, ( as it was then known). That gent was a cousin of the wife of the man who attempted the trecall….. They had all traveled together to attend San Jose State, sharing their autos down that old two lane highway through Milpitas in the 1946-50 period of time.

    Now we are faced with the high probability of a $200 dollar parcel tax which the district will present to the voters in about 12 months.

    Guess what? The second of four strtched out Measure I bond installments will appear on your tax nill in year 2011-2012 and the third such ’add on will occur in 2016 and the fourth will rise up to bite in year 2020. Cheer uip, that $60 per assessed valuation will start dropping off, in four year intervals in year 2033 and the final installment will be paid off in 2045.

    So, if your home was assessed on the basis of $300,000 value in 2008 your $180 bill will jump up by a similar amount in 2012 etc. etc. Then add the $200 per year needed by HUSD for budget purposes.

    Having succeeded in absorbing all that above, you might want to do something about reducing ADA l;osses… at age 80 with a list of medical problems of my own, I probably will not see final solutions to the truancy, transience and parolee problems, as well as the disproportionate numbers of Section 8 beneficiaries living in Hayward ( Disproportionate on basis of per capita count of recipients per report developed by ANNA MAY earlier this year!.

    Near my 80th Birthday and battling deafness, glaucoma, emphysema, diabetes and prostrate cancer,. I will be able to meet my maker with my only defense for poor behaviors, : “At least I tried“.

    I sincerely hope that your own use of that thought will be of service to you!

    Now, when you have addressed Truancy, Transience and ADA problems, give some thought to the planned release of parolees into Alameda County. I have some limited data which SUGGESTS that about 13% of those numbers will be released to Alameda County which already has about 3700 of which about 2,900 live either in Oakland or Hayward. Some will not be supervised since the State does not have the money to hire more parole agents…… and we must not overload those guys….. Their efforts are ineffective when trying to keep up with 125 or 150 parolees per each!.

    A very few of the current blog folk will jump on the band wagon to effectively aid HUSD in it’s crisis! However, there are a few who might jump on the idea of a TOWN HALL MEETING at which a sufficient number of folk will come up with creative as well as productive ideas TO AID SOLUTIONS TO HUSD’S PROBLEMS BY ‘COPY CATING’ THE USE OF Commissions as seen making effective contributions to operation of the City of Hayward.

    Of course, finger pointing, accusations etc would be banned….only those with a positive. mental attitude and willingness to ‘physically‘ take a role need attend. An idea which does not eliminate all blog folk….. But just those who are unable to discern the difference between ‘license’ and ‘freedom’ of speech!

    This is my last entry to the Hayword blog at least for quite a few weeks as I move on to other tasks etc.

    We celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary next week….a fling at something besides HUSD !

  • Justwatching

    If indeed the present and past Hayward Unified School Board Members have received stipends that were more than specified by law then I believe all must pay restitution as far back as the statute of limitations allows.

  • To Jon Kile and all:

    once again I will restate, the boards of education prior to the year 2000 received $400.00 per month as is allowed by law. Additionally, any repayment to HUSD for overages is limited to a 3yr statute of limitations.

    It is my understanding that sometime in 2000 or 2001 the district, as allowed by law, caounted all student population for which they received ADA(average daily attendance) monies. With that in mind the superintendent, business manager caounted all students K-adult school which made the total over 25,000. If and when the numbers dropped it was the FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY OF THAT SUPERINTENDENT AND BUSINESS MANAGER, AS WELL AS ANY THAT FOLLOWED TO THE PRESENT TO KNOW THAT THE BOARD WAS BEING GIVEN EXCESS COMPENSATION. YES THAT’S RIGHT, JANIS DURAN, DALE VIGIL, BARRY SHIMMEL AND THOSE OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER PAID FISCAL ADVISORS…SHIRKED OR VILOLATED THEIR FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY TO LAWFULLY MANAGE THE FUNDS OF HUSD.
    Should board members have been more aware? Most certainly, however we pay excessively high salaries to HUSD district office administration to be on top of it all. Hmmmmmmmm maybe they are over paid and under qualified.

    The BOE’s bylaws specifically refer to the education code that provides a stipend and ANY member of the board should have been aware of it and perhaps Mr. Armas should have checked it out before he suggested taking 100.00 less per month.

    I wish Mr. Kile a good rest, and assure him that I have other things to worry about than his insistance that somehow I cannot focus on anything that is not related to my finances, my health, my mental state and what Mr. Reynoso says during board meetings. BTW I am not in contact with Mr. Reynoso sooo sorry to disappoint you.

    For Ms. Rocchio;

    As far as I could tell there were no candidates present at the meeting. Then again, there were less than 10 community members present. Interestingly enough maybe more than your child’s school had back to school events conveniently planned for a board meeting night. I think you will find the meeting interesting, that is if it is not edited to remove some of the curious behaviors of the superintendent and other board members.

  • John W. Kyle


    Good sleuthing ! Larry is off the Hook?

    Bock ducked out but the lady from the Adult SWchool covered her fanny by reading someting unrelated to the goings on.

  • MR. KYLE:

    No sleuthing on my part just the law, which by the way has been in the Education Codes for MANY years. Of course it is just like you to try to focus on me rather than the big picture.

    The ultimate responsibility rests on the shoulders of past superintendents, Kohl, Totter, Duran(#1) Vigil, Duran(2) and their respective business directors and the fiscal advisors (time 1 and presently). It is their abusolute responsibility to monitor and protect the funds that are provided for our students. For your information it is their, in legal jargon, FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY AS EMPLOYEES OF A PUBLIC SCHOOL. Clearly they thought over compensation for board members was something that nobody cared about or they had bigger fish to fry. In either case THE TRUTH IS THEIR NEGLIGENCE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN.

    Again Mr. Kile, get the spelling of my name correct, both first and last, and I will honor you with doing the same.


    Re: The Lady from the Adult School; she read a letter under items from the community. The last time I checked comments need not relate to any agenda item to be spoken. But perhaps you have a different interpretation of it. However, I do recall a number of times when you addressed the board under this part of the agenda when nothing you had to say pertained to any part of the meeting. Are the rules different for you?

    Enough sniping Mr. Kyle; have a good break, enjoy your time with your wife.

  • qodrn

    Sometimes I can’t quite follow, but maybe the afore mentioned superintendents and other employees should share in the reimbursing of the district if it was there job to know what is going on.

  • To Qodrn:

    You are exactly right, the board is constatntly reminded by the district office that there job is not to micromanage the day to day affairs of the district. They are told the job of the board is to make policy that benefits students and to leave the management of the district to the trained professionals.

    So, the superintendents and their business directors are ultimately responsible for all expenditures in HUSD. It is and was their job to make sure that the board was being paid only what the law provided.

    I don’t know if there is any recourse against those administrators and superintendents but it would sure be nice to find out.

    To K. Rocchio:
    Would love to hear your take on the events of last night regarding the ASES grant in particular, but also the costs of legal fees for the year.

  • John W. Kyle

    Kathy Bouth

    A sniper is sniping at me but the shots are too wide fot her to ever improve. Fortunately, there is no injury when considering the source.

    Question: Which trustees went to Florida in attempt to ‘vet’ Kohl?

    Are you germanic? In Deutscheland They have a 25 letter
    alphabet….y (ipsilon) is excluded…… you have permission to use it!

  • Mr.Kyle:

    Who cares besides you who went where or when? My name is Kathi Booth. Get it right or don’t bother, just refer to me as your nemisis. Aren’t you on vacation yet???

  • K Rocchio

    It appears they no longer replay the HUSD Board Meetings on the Thursday afternoon following the Board Meetings. I will wait until the edited version is posted on-line.

  • To K. Rocchio,

    Sorry you couldn/t see the meeting. I have sent an inquiry to the First Amendment Coalition asking if School Boards may “bundle” action items, thus avoiding public comment, board discussion and deliberation on any individual item in the bundle. Hopefully I will get a response from them Monday or Tuesday.

    Have a good weekend.

  • John W. Kyle

    Miz Booth,

    Vacation delayed by need for organizational work on my Town Hall Meeting idea.

    Behave! I nught let you attend !

  • Lisa G Brunner

    I am running for HUSD School Board and would like to apologize for missing the first HUSD Board Meeting for the 2010/2011 school year.
    My husband and I are presemtly attending paremt orientation and getting our daughter, Colleen, who just graduated from Hayward High School, Jume 2010, settled at St John’s University im New York. She received am Academic Scholarship in Business.
    I am running for HUSD School Board because I believe all students in HUSD should have the same educational opportunities as my children. I do sincerely believe in education as the great equalizer in life; and that each individual gets out of an education what they put into it.

  • Ms. Brunner,
    so you have a website for people to view? You missed an “interesting” meeting. Hope your orientation and your daughter’s new challenges are nothing but positive. I look forward to watching/hearing you speak at the board meeting(s), your thinking and viewpoints are very stimulating.