Update on former Mervyn’s HQ

mervynsThis story will be in tomorrow’s business section. The real estate company that bought the mortgage for the huge building and parking garage on Foothill is still considering what to do with it.

“It could be a mixed-use property,” said Marco Chavez , principal executive with Burlingame-based Chavez Management Group. “There could be some other uses. We haven’t decided. We only own the note so far.”

It’s an important piece in revitalizing the Foothill strip. Even as office space, it brings a lot of potential customers to the area.

And in case you missed it, we ran this roundup on recent downtown developments over the weekend. Also, had a recent piece specific to the new Mexican supermarket and taqueria downtown.

Eric Kurhi

  • Alex

    hope the Foothill strip looks great in the next few years. it would be nice if those people were still intrested in reopening and fixing up the City Center…

  • qodrn

    Speaking of things to do, don’t forget to visit the Hayward zucchini festival this Saturday and Sunday. Free parking is available at the school behind Kenneday Park. This parking lot is run by Boy Scout Troop 819, so please be kind to your young parking lot guides. The Troop has openings new members for the fall, talk to any adult if you would like to sign up. Living in Hayward is not required, just convenient.

  • qodrn

    Troop 819 is also having a fund raiser at Riggatoni’s near Target on August 31 if you would like to help out the troop, especially if you are eating there anyway. Thanks.