Enough about that, what about …

me-restaurant1001002… Me? As in the Me Restaurant and Lounge. We had a story about it earlier this week, and how the owners are seeing it become a popular spot with out-of-towners, but no so much with Haywardians.

They also told me that there was a nasty anti-Me campaign being waged on Yelp, the online review site, although it appears some of the comments have been removed. According to Traci Thompkins, negative feedback was posted before the Me was even opened.

The Thompkins, who own and are running the venue, come across as a smart, well spoken family who genuinely want to have a quality establishment that benefits the city. They have invested a lot of money into the venue and stayed the course when licensing costs went way above the estimate they’d been given. They’ve impressed city staff with their vision and police haven’t had any problems with their events.

However, it’s the out-of-town aspect that some residents find worrisome. When an event is promoted on the radio — such as the Me’s Champagne Life event with a KMEL DJ — it can bring people in from everywhere, and the fear is that there could be friction between groups.

There are worries that it could become another Kumbala, the Foothill Boulevard nightspot that drew more than its share of attention from police before being shuttered.

“There are a lot of reasons Kumbala was the way it was,” said Joe Thompkins. “We are no Kumbala.”

Has anyone checked out the Me? I’ve only been in there off-hours, although I may try to catch the Taco n’ Tequila Thursday after work one of these days.

Just throwing it out there in case, you know, someone wants to talk about something other than the school board.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Would love to go there, but my oxygen tether is slowing me down. On other subjects, though, once Cal State opens next week, Mission is going to be a nightmare with the Carlos Bee repair AND the beginning of the roadwork in downtown Hayward at the same site. How about the city opening Highland Drive again for awhile? The realigning Cal State parking lots to funnel down Carlos Bee is about to become a BIG Bobo in my opinion.

  • Michael Moore

    The negativity about ME is really a tragedy. There is so little of interest going on at night in downtown, whether it is insiders or outsiders, I think the business is good.

  • teachermama

    hahahaha, Eric. Get the tequila flowing and you’ll really get an earful about the school board. “Bad element”, huh? People from (minimally) fancier areas think Hayward is home of the “bad element.” Shows how much they know. How ironic that we are snubbing an imported “bad element”. Sheesh. No room for racism, right?

  • teachermama

    Great idea, Qodrn. I didn’t know Cal State wasn’t in session yet. I would love to see Highland opened up!

  • ME Thursday Street Fair

    Was there when they opened for the Thursday Street Party. Nice venue. Took a long time to get food. It was good and simple when we finally got it. Not the most organized place. Hopefully they will do better. Time will tell. I won’t rush in there to see though.

  • Just a note to your readers that the owners of this new fancy downtown spot have put up this resturant on the backs of numerous UNPAID CONTRACTORS who are owned thousands of dollars in construction costs to make this location a fine addition to the City. Now, taking this into consideration…how would you like to spend your hard-earned money lining their pockets?

  • Priceless thought

    I was there for the first street party. For you to think that they were unorganized, you are clearly ignorant to their history. That was their first day open and they received the “GO” from the city @ 5:30. They did just fine for the opening. Clearly you believe your perfect, if not, you should then understand people do the best they can and continue to try and improve. Try them out this street party. I have faith, as should you .

  • Alex

    i passed by it alot. it looks like a nice, chill place. hope it goes well in downtown.

    we do need a place for teens/young adults in downtown. hope that comes someday…

  • Monica

    We attended the last Downtown Street Party this past Saturday, which was so much fun with the addition of wine tasting & arts & crafts booths. We were very hungry and decided to check out Me Restaurant. Unfortunately the kitchen was backed up and after a forty five minute wait we decided we had waited long enough. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and had a liquid lunch so needless to say we were ready to eat.

  • qodrn

    All I know is the Raiders substituted quarterbacks and won a football game. I am going to spend the rest of the evening in shock and amazement, along with a little wine. If the above can happen, maybe this blog can survive too. Once, I would come over here to calm down after the sports blogs. Now, I do just the opposite. Go Raiders!

    New agenda is out on-line for this week’s school board meeting.

  • Alex

    I was at yesterday’s street party too. I liked how the farmers market and the reading rodeo festival were all happening at the same time.