Zorba’s deli closing on Friday

Heads up, in case you want to get one of your favorite sandwiches or Greek cuisine over at the popular Zorba’s Mediterranean Deli: You have until 2 p.m. Friday to do so.

zorbasZorba’s hasn’t been doing very well. There’s the economy, of course, and then construction on the interstate near the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge prevents people from coming over from the Peninsula.

“Oh yeah, I’d get customers from all over,” said cofounder Berc Maner. “We’re not just a Hayward place. I’d have people coming over the (San Mateo-Hayward) Bridge every day for lunch.”

Maner wanted to work with the property manager to get a break on their rent, but nothing doing.

We’ll have a story, but I wanted to let anyone know, who might be a fan. While I was down there earlier today, I talked to a couple people who were almost in tears over the impending closure. And if you are not a fan, or haven’t been there — I had my first Zorba’s sandwich today, a pastrami reuben, and boy was it tasty — maybe you can suggest an alternative sandwich shop or Greek deli.

There still will be a Zorba’s in Fremont, and the San Ramon location will be open for another year, Maner said.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, this is indeed dreadful news. This sandwich shop is easily the best in the Hayward Area. I think it is equal to or superior to Lucca’s in Castro Valley, Joaquin’s in San Leandro and City Bistro in South Hayward. This is a loss to all of us. I certainly wish him well.

  • Where will all the people on jury duty at the courthouse go to eat on lunch break? Zorba’s was a good place to take a break.

  • K Rocchio

    Great place, sorry to hear we are losing out on this one! I will have to try to get in there before it closes the doors after so many years of service to our community.